Monday, December 31, 2007

HamFanz 2008 Predictions

Here is your chance! Enter your ‘predictions’ about HAMS & SWLS for all posterity!

HamFanz Grudge Report may not be Coast to Coast AM, nor Art Bell, but…

This was actually done for a couple of years on The HamFanz Yahoo Group. But folks did not like clicking through to a database. Besides, they could only enter a few words, which was a BIG turn off to our bloviates! So almost a year ago, I decided to do this every December 31 on The HamFanz Grudge Report!

Please post YOUR 2008 predictions concerning the HAMS & SWL! ONE AT A TIME PLEASE. (If posts come through with a BUNCH of ‘predictions’ all lumped together, I will reject them; though you can certainly post MORE than one prediction (unlike Coast to Coast AM).

artie w6obb, isn’t the only one with psychics in his pocket! So sit quietly for a few minutes, still your mind (but DO NOT leave your body!), have a beer or a toke, some dark chocolate, or all, and revelations about the HAMS & SWL you deal with in your ‘hobby’ will come to you!

Suggestions: (Try to keep each ‘prediction’ short and succinct!)

In the coming year:

w6xxx will ? in 2008
Short Attention Span network will ? in 2008
The FCC will ? in 2008
k7xxx arrest record will be revealed
Who will get a new rig/antenna?
Who will be the NEXT to marry an almost child?
Who will start Streaming (or put up a dxtuner)?
Where will Timmie’s ghost appear next?
Who will post the BEST parady on HamCams?
Which Little Person will win a 'Barny'
Who will join the 'NAMBPIG' club?

Well, you get the idea!

Let’s make this a GREAT HamFanz yearly EVENT! Have FUN, and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Steve Wingate k6thx Unleashed

If there is ANYONE who has not yet seen this video, do go check it out:, then come back here and give your comments!

I have watched it twice because I could not believe what I was seeing the first time. My email box was stuffed with the above url sent by various folks. Then there were the phone calls. Sigh...

This video just proves what many have known for about 5 years now; Steve Wingate is a loose cannon, he is apparently a substance abuser, has no respect for others, and is ‘socially impaired’ (he does not play well with other children).

The question is why would anyone be surprised by this, anyone that has been exposed to him for more than a week in any manner, that is?
I had one report that Steve was arrested for this little escapade, I do not know if it is true or not. If not, he should have been...

I find it so sad that an apparently (physically) healthy, educated, white affluent male can find nothing else to do with his life other than fight (literally!) with his neighbors. My guess is, he is not capable of much else.

I am supremely happy that Steve Wingate is NOT a neighbor of mine; he is not next-door, not down the street, not even in the same city!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Steve Wingate k6txh, Sometimes ya gotta like the guy!

Today on RadioWingnuts SteveO again took on Art Bell w6obb. He did this by posting links to OLD websites that questioned how Ramona Bell died, as well as artie’s ‘quick’ remarriage to Airyn Bell.

I would not want you to miss it! So, in case you have not yet read this entertaining, though old, stuff:

Then lower down on RadioWingnuts, in the picture section, he posted a ‘picture’ of a text titled: 'Ramona Bell Murdered by Reverse Speech'...

This brings a couple of items to mind!

1) What did artie DO to Steve recently to bring on this ‘attack’? Or vice versa?
2) Or is SteveO just thinking, remembering things past?
3) Don’t you wonder what is going on in the ‘background’; the phone calls, email, messenger threats, etc?

I have ‘heard’ that artie is ‘livid’ about this stuff being posted on Radio Wingnuts. That may or may not be true. NOW it is also posted on The HamFanz Grudge Report (in case Radio Wingnuts should disappear). Artie can now have something else to be ‘livid’ about! But hey, if it is out there...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This subject came up in 'comments' on the HamFanz article: Art Bell w6obb, One picture... In the interest of continuity these comments are 'copied' below:


Anonymous said... Evvy, I appreciated the comments someone left in your name at the "GLP Noory Sucks" thread. I think Noory sucks, but Bell does also. Glad you're an old lady, as opposed to Bell and Irene (Sorry, I meant Airyn), who are both quite young. Even if someone is taking your posts to put there- I'm glad to see them.

evvy garrett said... Well, I'm curious, what IS "GLP Noory Sucks" thread???

Anonymous said... It's the website Godlike Productions.The thread is "George Noory Sucks". Someone has been giving your name, and posting the ham radio inside info. . Not a link, sorry. If you check out the postings before and after this, you will see your name multiple times. I don't want to bother you, just wanted you to know.

Edward Haskell, Esq. said... >>It's the website Godlike Productions.The thread is "George Noory Sucks". Someone has been giving your name, and posting the ham radio inside info. . Not a link, sorry. If you check out the postings before and after this, you will see your name multiple times. I don't want to bother you, just wanted you to know.

>>What a helpful post. There are 562responses in that thread. That "shore do" narrow things down a lot. Yuk-yuk.


I was intrigued, so I did some checking...

To the best of my memory, I have never posted on (I am busy enough with all the HamFanz endeavors!) Nor do I have such an inclination! (Just looks like another place where people who need a gazillion different ID's can mentally masterbate themselves.)

BUT, thanks to 'Frank' (and we all KNOW 'Frank' - prob another 'artie w6obb ID), HamFanz has even MORE readers!

Here are the exact QUOTES and their links, so you do not have to go 'searching' for them. The links DO give you the entire page, and you have to scroll down, but it is not difficult to find.

The "OFFICIAL" George Noory Sucks Thread! - Page 550 knows how many others, all of them are Evvy Garrett who is a bitter old lady who runs some ... Evvy Garrett who is a bitter old lady who runs some kind of ... The "OFFICIAL" George Noory Sucks Thread! - Page 546 Just thought EVERYBODY should know that we have busted the IP number and Anonymous Coward # 335770 is Evvy Garrett who is on a mission to write trash ...

I would MUCH prefer that you read and post here, but if you do post there (under whatever ID!) please mention HamFanz and!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, One picture...

One picture may well be worth a thousand words.

Ahhh, but two pictures can tell the entire story...yes?

But just WHAT kind of story is this? It ain't 'Love Story', that's for sure!

Ramona Bell ___________________________________ Airyn Bell

Note: same man, same pose, same grin, same 'hold' on woman, same RV, same couch, same blinds, same, same, same. Just one woman (object) replacing another.

A different year but "It's all the same f...n' day, man!" --Janis Joplin

PS I should get paid LOTS O BUCKS for being out front and SAYING what everyone else is THINKING. Besides, now I might need to hire security!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gentleman Jim ki6gu

Still another nick for Jim Watkins! He is going though 'nicks' faster than many of us go though Halloween Candy, or beer depending on your 'bent'!

Truthfully, I have no clue as to where this one originated. But, he claims to be in a better mood, now that his legal issues are over and done with.

After hearing Gentleman Jim ki6gu, and the rest of the 'Elites' PLOW into Chris Knight k6pic the other night on 3720, I am sure about either the ‘better mood’ or the 'gentleman' descriptive! (The full-unedited recordings and clips of this event are on the HamFanz Secret Page.)

The legal issues that 'Gentleman Jim' was involved in, through no choice of his own, might be interesting, as they seem to involve Amateur Radio. Since few heard any of it the other night when he reportedly read from the court transcripts, we really do not know the full story. (Apparently, it was not recorded, due to 'timing', as the Pahrump Tuner does not transmit/record after a certain hour, or it was not tuned to whatever frequency they were on. Either that or artie w6obb, just had not bothered as he did a c2c show that night.)

At any rate, Gentleman Jim, is spoon-feeding us this info one scanned page at a time, which makes it more than a little difficult to track...

And, Chris k6pic, is probably off somewhere wondering what the hell he did wrong, (after all, the Elites are 'trying to avoid confrontation') other than trying to be friendly with the Elites, while he temporarily retreats into the safety of being a SWL!

Monday, November 26, 2007

dxtuner Returns!

Terrific news! Though there is no info on the how or why of it, Kelly Lindman has apparently changed his mind (YES!), or found some way to continue dxtuners which folded in April 2007

You can find the RIP here at Shortwave Central Blog:

Or here in The HamFanz Grudge Report:

I have already 'signed' up (though they must still have the old records, as I was assigned my 'old' password).


"We are now accepting new users. Just use the application above. Then wait for approval or email Sincerely
Kelly Lindman Founder"

"Share your receiver with DxTuners and become an admin on our network.
Have you a spare receiver that you wish to share with our ever growing network? You will meet lots of new friends, as well as contributing to our ever growing worldwide network. You will find it great fun and educational.
For more information on how to set up your own DXTuner Node, then just follow
this link"

This GOOD NEWS courtesy of 'SAWYER'...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

One NAMPIG Speaks Up!

Since Ben Gardner kd7bcw, saw fit to share our private emails with Art Bell w6obb, at his private email address:, why I feel no compunction to not also share our recent communications with those of my choice, The HamFanz Grudge Report Readers!

It all started with a simple ‘invite’ to join me on Yahoo Chat (which many of you received). Big Ben was the only one to reply with an email, opening a discussion.

Do note the projection, the ‘rationalization’ process the NAMPIGS use, as well as the ‘defensiveness’. Ben’s unfounded and undocumented, accusations soon deteriorate into ‘threats’ of a legal (and other?) nature.

BTW, it was nice of Big Ben to put this all together, in one document, for me. It was also nice of him to supply Art Bells new email addie...

----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Friday,
November 16, 2007 10:27 PM Subject: Join evvy garrett on Yahoo! Messenger!

evvy garrett wants to talk with you using Yahoo! Messenger:

Accept the Invitation

From: Ben

Evvy, I am confused as why you would desire, or care, to talk to me, being a person you repeatedly proclaim has so many terrible traits. Perhaps you will enlighten me, as to any "hidden" agendas, or specific information you care to extract from me. I may respond as per a "need to know basis", or depending on the information, I
may reply accordingly. Regarding Yahoo IM: I am reserving my list primarily for
video conferencing to my so-called "mail order bride", and related family and
friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgivings Day, and Holiday. ~

From: Evvy

>>>I may respond as per a "need to know basis", or depending on theinformation,

Exactly, Ben. Many find they are more comfortable in 'chat' than email(though I don't know why).

>>>I am confused as why you would desire, or care, to talk to me, being aperson you repeatedly proclaim has so many terrible traits.

Ben, I absolutely think that what you (& others) have done is wrong, wrong, wrong. Morally, ethically, in all kinds of ways. And I have said so, andwill continue to say so. And unlike some others, I will say it publically,and to your face (and remember, the Grudge often reports what everyone elseis saying, behind your back!).

AND this is ONE of the major reasons so many of the 'Little People' won'tvisit 3720, or so I have heard.

It literally 'turns my stomach' to think of you old coots with those young girls. And I believe it is just a legal form of pedophilia.

That being said, up front, does NOT mean, that I wish you ill in any way. I never have and never will (ditto the others). But I will continue tofollow these 'stories'. And I will continue to state my feelings on the subject.

In a way it AMAZES me that you thought you could do this, and that therewould be no 'flack' or 'backlash' from it. If you can't stand the 'heat',why did you even consider going in the kitchen? You sought out, created,went public, with your current situation, now you have to live with the consequences, (ALL of them), as we all do with the decisions and choices wemake in our lives...though most of us aren't nearly so public with them!

And yes, I do wish you a great thanksgiving!

Evvy Garrett
From: Ben
Ms. socially confused Evvy,

You have told me privately about your daughter's desire not to communicate with you. Why? Do you suspect in part it may explain your bitterness toward other people's happiness? You do not seem to cultivate any romantic frienships. I suspect you are ashamed and attempt to hide your personal life, and your faults, by targeting others to distract yourself, and others, from your demons. You do have unethical publishing traits powered by tainted concepts. You are hypocritical, and
boorish about people you have not met, or know, and most likely will never know on a personal basis. You have your rights to say and write what you currently think is correct, or even knowing is false, however remember that so do the people you offend. There are also some legal matters which you may over step. Wise up, as
they say, "paybacks are..." . It is impolite for a male to publically censure a female, therefore I am sure that you are somewhat shielded from much negative rebuttal, abuse, or encountering what you unashamedly, if not proudly, web-publish about

You obviously were not taught proper etiquette, or misunderstood childhood lessons, regarding correct social behavior, such as: "keep your unkind, and negative opinions, and comments to yourself". It is much wiser to spend your time and concerns upon your own life issues, considering you are not employed, or competing with any well-known "scandal magazine", publications, or tv info-tainment, news
organizations. I find some of your drivel postings to be comical non-sense at best, although, I seldom go to your site. It appears that you solicit income by propagating lies, inuendo, and your narrow-minded standards of morality. Not to mention the selling of freely copied public domained materials. Even more strange being you are not a ham operator.

Yes Evvy, I did infact, knowingly, planned and expected to endure whatever misguided flack, when I made my choice regarding marriage. I am very happy, and
have no need to justify for the sake of my faith, family, or self. I do not owe anyone any explaination. I spent much time in consideration in regards to a marriage proposal. I did have my Euro-Occidental concepts regarding the age differences. You say, there are those who may avoid me, or 3720 khz, as a result, of my actions. If so they only confirm their Asian cultural ignorance. I am aware there are childish people who make foul bigoted remarks, but ho-hum such is life. A responsible adult of social etiquette does not behave in the manner that you have centered your existence, and subject people. You should be responsible for your lack of ethnic
knowledge, and your crass conjecture. I do not care to join any gossip chat rooms", as they seem to produce nothing but bitterness. You have your trashy gossip website, please do not expand your empire, as the internet already has too many wacko domains!

I have found that if a person is generally kind, and treat people with what is often called "common respect"(courtesy), the same will be reflected.
finis "Burma Shave"~Ben (sic)

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Obviously, SteveO k6txh, was stoned when he chose a new name for

I mean, why not WingnutRadio (which is available). Radio Wingnuts? Why the plural? (Ohhh, lordee, lordee, don't tell me there is more than ONE SteveO!)

And he has made no other changes to the site. Wouldn't you think he'd scatter a few wingnuts about here and there? Change the background? Something???

The pictures remain stale, seldom changed, and often posted by WingNut himself, to fill the slots of people he's kicked off the site.

I guess, there is a 'new' chat. There is a message asking you to download a Java application. I haven't bothered. The old chat is still present (though of course, I am still banned from it).

WingNut should have just closed the page. But then HOW would Bill Houlne wb6bnq 'suck up'?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

B.B. Watkins ki6gu

One wonders why Jim Watkins ki6gu, has given himself the on air 'nick' of BIG BURBANK BASTARD?

Could it have something to do with the very visible displeasure of Bill Crowell w6wbj, at Jim's recent recanting of his disgust and hatred of Art Bell w6obb?

If that is the case, then why be so 'heavy-handed', insulting, derisive, and surly with the other Hams on 3720 that have basically made the same self-serving decision, that is, to hang with artie?

Often, when we have made ‘bad’ decisions we then have to live with, we get so angry at ourselves that it spills over. Perhaps this is what has changed Jim’s personality so drastically in the past year.

Or maybe Jim ki6gu, was just ‘hiding’ his true self all along, and THIS (shudder), is the ‘real thing’. Just listen to 3720 for a few minutes during the wee hours of most mornings, it will not take long before Jim ‘goes off’ about something, anything, anyone!

Such sudden personality changes, in the form of irritability, can also be caused by ongoing stress, and worry. There can be physical causes too, including simple things like reactions to medications and electrolyte imbalances.

Whatever the cause, I enjoyed listening to the ‘old’ GU, so much more than the new BIG BURBANK BASTARD. What about you?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Little People Packing up and Moving

I did hear it announced on air recently, but I also just checked out the LITTLE PEOPLE website And sure enough, just a couple of paragraphs under the EGO GRID (Fun! Dontcha just love it?) was the announcement: "In less than two weeks WE ARE MOVING to 3670 or thereabouts."

I don't know WHY they are moving, don't listen enough to really know, and Glenn Thurman, kn6z doesn't say on his log.

But wouldn't this be a great time to CHANGE THEIR NAME???

After all 'THE LITTLE PEOPLE' is a moniker that Jim Watkins ki6gu, coined and applied to that specific group of Hams. Yes, this would be a fortuitous time indeed, for that group to PICK their own name!

All in favor, raise your hand!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Please renew my amateur license, w6wbj, pleads

A 'copy' of a communication sent by William F. Crowell w6wbj, to Riley Hollingsworth. (I have no idea if this was sent BEFORE Hollingsworth retired, after, or when Hollingsworh 'un-retired' from the FCC. However I thought it interesting and wondered if you might also...

Re: Enforcement Case No. 2006-176 Dear Mr. Hollingsworth: Since I have denied all of the complaints which you have alleged against me in the above-entitled amateur renewal case, and since the applicable statute of limitations [47 U.S.C. Sec. 503(b)(6)(b)] pertaining to the acts complained of has long since expired, kindly renew my vanity callsign W6WBJ at this time for its normal 10-year term. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. William F. Crowell

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hollingsworth’s Recent Announcement

Riley Hollingsworth, Special Counsel for the FCC's Enforcement Bureau, has decided not to retire

And just why would this be of interest to readers of The HamFanz Grudge Report?

Because Hollingsworth said, "After spending the entire weekend thinking about the decision [to retire], it became more and more clear to me that it just isn't the right decision for me right now. There are several issues on the table that I want to continue to work through with the amateur community."

(Wow, he thought this through for an entire weekend? )

Could this be a reference to Bill Crowell w6wbj, and/or Steve Wingate k6txh who both have FCC issues pending?

Perhaps. But the REAL question is: What kind of ‘perk’ or how much did Art Bell w6obb PAY Hollingsworth to stay and deal with these ‘problems’???

Perfect timing also, as he announced this the day before Halloween, proving once again that many (not all!) Hams do not need a spooky costume, as they already have two faces!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Someone is listening to 3.720

Because I received this GREAT audio clip of artie w6obb and Jim ki6gu discussing MONEY, the parody I did with Bill Crowell w6wbj. This was apparently recorded on 10.22.2007.

Seems artie listened and didn't like nor approve of my voice or lyrics. He calls it 'old lady rap'.

Well jeeze, for one thing, I AM an old lady (lady being the key word), and I admit it. Unlike artie, (who is NOT a gentleman), I don't dye my hair, need someone to cook, do my laundry for me, or an almost child to provide sex. In 61 years of life, I have learned to take care of myself, do my own dishes, laundry, and live without a mate, as have MANY others in their 60's!

Besides, there are many that think the 'pap' he puts out on air is 'OLD MAN RAP'. (And he IS an old man!)

Not only that, but since the penis/money driven marriage to the young PI girl, Airyn, there are many that think his drivel is: FOOLISH, OLD MAN RAP! His constant on air praise of the PI's and it's culture? So just MOVE there! Take your bought and paid for wife and baby and just go already (Then Aisia Bell can put up her own 'ads for an american man' when she is 20.)

And that is the attitude of artie's 'pals', IF they are loyal members of the Cult of the Loop or other NAMBPIG's (North American Men Buying PI Girls), or in some way needing his money. Otherwise, artie aficionados, pals, admirers, indeed, even fans are dropping to the wayside in droves.

It is obvious by now that artie, the NAMBPIG's (North American Men Buying PI Girls), and some 'artie pals' have definitely chosen the 'low road' in life. (Easy to distinguish, the 'right thing' is always the hard way to go, whereas the 'wrong thing' is always the easy and self-serving choice. )

My opinion of artie's opinion (or his sicko pals) of anything NOW: a laugh and a loud RASPBERRY!

And come on! This is supposed to be a HOBBY, it's supposed to be FUN, (have artie and his NAMBPIG's furthered that in any way lately?).

So where IS artie's (your) sense of humor???

I not only had FUN doing the parody MONEY, but enjoy listening to it, and hearing the comments. (Still laughing at all you 'naysayers', and those that just didn't 'get it'!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mutual Masturbation: Art Bell w6obb and Jim Watkins ki6gu

I have been listening to 3.720 here and there. I must have really bad timing because when I have caught the show, it has been only art bell w6obb, and Jim Watson ki6gu.

They take turns complimenting each other, agreeing with each other, comparing audio, and (warm fuzzy here!), sharing the events of their day (awwww).

Didn’t they get enough ‘kiss & make up’ during Jim’s recent 2 day trip to visit artie at the Temple Of The Loop in Pahrump?

Where, oh where, are the Hams that artie said would follow him to 3.720? Could it be that many do not want to talk to a...a... (fill in word of your choice).

Perhaps artie should start an on air group of NAMBPIG (North American Men Buying PI Girls)? It could include such upright and moral men as, Ben Gardner kd7bcw, Carl Richardson kb5fjx, Martin Szymanski w7ru, , perhaps vr2hf, and of course, artie!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Move over Mrs. Miller!

Yes, well, Mrs. Miller could sing, kinda sorta. For her bio please see:

Trish Ray k4ze, a 'SWL turned ham, 3840 used to be', composes and sings. She even sells her own CD's on her site, or at least she did at one time. I can't seem to find her page at the moment; she updates her sites so often even the search engines can't keep up with her!

Bill Crowell w6wbj, can't sing, but he does not let that stop him! He really belts 'em out when he's in the mood, or has something to say. (Wonder what he sounds like in the shower? ) Not only that, but he can play that piano! And work with music on many levels.

I, on the other hand, can not sing. I can not carry a tune in the proverbial hand basket! I may not have the 'broadcasting voice' that art bell w6obb, n7js, ki6gu, or wg6k, have -- but I have a great deal of experience with 'literary readings' and poetry.

It was something that was fated to happen someday, and today is that day! A melding of great talents if you will. So for your enjoyment, MONEY, by Bill Crowell & evvy garrett...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, is Not Getting Enough Attention

I guess artie has not been getting enough ‘space’ in The HamFanz Grudge Report lately, so last night he baited his Elite buddies on 3.720 by starting a conversation on air about the last Grudge Report, “A MAN’S WORD.” (It would seem that artie, among other things, is ‘reading comprehension challenged, as he claimed to not understand the article.)

Being the manipulator he is, he deftly led ki6gu and k6mix into saying what artie wouldn’t, but wanted to hear. Most of them followed his lead, like Lemmings off a cliff; wb6bnq stayed out of the fray, ki6gu really did try to sidestep, and k6thx in his usual ‘altered’ state was, well, was SteveO.

artie starting the conversation:

And it more or less ended like this:

As the evening progressed, they went on to discuss the 'new generals' and 3.840:

(There are further clips available on HamFanz/current clips, and the full recordings are available on the Secret Page, if you have the url and password, and the stomach to listen to them!)

Now some would think, that artie 'manipulated' me into responding. NOT! I decided to do this Grudge Report, and post the PUBLIC DOMAIN recordings:
1) in the hopes that the 'sheep' would realize how artie is using them, and how 'sickly needy' they are,
2) that someone will send copies to their mothers, they ought to be really proud of their sons.
3) that those who still don't know will understand that the ELITES, really do believe, deep down inside, that they are indeed, the ELITE!

So artie, you wanted the attention and another HamFanz Grudge Report; here it is!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A man’s word?

EVERYONE has the option of changing his or her minds. So why is it anyone’s business who talks to whom, where?

The current degree of animosity about the latest, most recent re-grouping (that we all knew was going to happen; come on, we knew, didn’t we?), on 3.720 is at record high, and I just do not get it. Haven’t we been there and done that? (A jillion times?) Did we not know that there are those who would flock to artie w6obb, at his slightest indication?

The ONLY high crime and misdemeanor I see here is that this bunch of middle-aged (and older!) MALES (fools?), insist on ‘marking’ their territory – and at their age and experience, they should know better. They just end up pi**ing on themselves. Again! And as with stale urine from any animal, anywhere, it soon stinks!

Changing your mind is no big deal, not keeping your word, once given, is a completely different matter! And that is where the problem arises, many think that these Hams are not simply changing their minds, but have given their word, and are now not honoring, not standing behind, what was said.

So which is it; did they change their minds, or not honor their stated stance? Are they just silly old lonely, male fools, randomly marking their territory without thinking? Or are they men of no honor, who’s word you can not count on? On which side do you weigh in?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The HamFanz Archives

In case you had not noticed, The HamFanz Archives are now complete up through 2006! Order yours before the prices go up! (Thanks k6fej!)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Calling Greg Sousa w6ezv

(Pic from 4.9.04 HamFanz Archives)
Where oh where is ‘The Voice of Reason’? Once a nightly presence, perhaps even a high-up member of the ‘Cult of the Loop’ now he is almost never heard from.

No doubt he is busy with job and family (Hey, we miss the pics of the kidlet too!), but Greg, can’t you set aside ONE evening a week to get on that radio? 3.720, The Elites, are waiting for you! Or if you can no longer do the ‘after midnight’ gig, how about The Short Attention Span Network on 3.740, you would be welcome there. Or how about 3.840, lots of new Generals there now, you might find someone to ‘relate’ too. Greg, you are missed (even if you were seldom ‘reasonable’)!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ben Gardner kd7bcw, Wishful Thinking, or Reality?

Is the posting of this picture on reflecting how Ben feels about women in general? Or about his new bride, Cherry? Or about all the recent brides ‘purchased’ and imported by the Hams? My guess would be that it’s ‘all of the above’.

Is Ben happy that he now has a S.L.U.T. of his own to ride? (Thanks to artie’s w6obb, generosity.) Or he will soon, and wishes it were even sooner?

Either way, the posting of this pic reveals much about Ben Gardner kd7bcw. Not that many of us did not know it anyway...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Art (w6obb) of Domination

“I really am a strong personality, and it is not unusual for me to dominate other people.” This is a quote from THE ART OF TALK by Art Bell, published by Paper Chase Press, 1998.

So is this what artie did to ‘rid’ himself of his Amateur Radio headaches? And just how did he do it?

After a month’s long hiatus, during which he may have taken the back seat, perhaps trying to wait out the solution to all the thorns in his side (Hams), artie stepped forward to solve his Ham woes.

For awhile artie hung with the Little People on 3.678. He was accepted, welcomed even. Ahh, but another thorn in artie’s side; he was not worshiped, nor the leader (though he tried a coup). After month’s of being left to their own devices, The Little People had formed a fairly cohesive ‘group’ of their own; they had a format, and each had a role with Glenn Thurman kn6z being the glue. So artie wisely moved on (as was predicted in The HamFanz Grudge Report as early as July 2, 2007

Now 3.720 is ‘his’ and it is pre-stocked with the chosen. (A sub-cult of the Cult of the Loop?). The elite, Hams that artie enjoys talking to, AND who could be manipulated, bought (in one way or another), or blackmailed into complying to artie’s domination. The starting line up for 3.720 consists of: Jim Watkins ki6gu, Scott Barris, w6edv, Bill Houlne wb6bnq, and Jim Southwick n7js. (With w6wbj and w6txh dropping in just because they cannot resist it once in awhile, but not to the point of vexing artie!) Most are former acquaintances/enemies, or Hams that artie himself alienated in recent years.

But how exactly did artie ‘dominate’ all these Hams, bend them to his whim, to accomplish the forming of the 3.720 Elites? Does no one else think it odd that in about one month’s time:

-ki6gu left 3.840 something he swore he would never do
-n7js shut down his online tuner, thus 3.840 would have a much diminished audience, and there would be few recordings of the anti-artie rants floating about?
-w6wbj STOPPED all jibes, insults, verbal and written attacks on artie?
-w6wbj and w6txh seem to have stopped jamming the Elites

Well I think it is strange! Though I know that numerous phone calls, emails, and chats initiated by artie were the starting point, or the basis of arties domination of these Hams; I cannot help but wonder what else was involved.

I think a LOT more than calls and emails went on behind the scenes. Did he threaten some with litigation (w6wbj, k6txh)? Did he somehow ‘buy off’ the materialistic Rev n7js, into closing a tuner that had been his second hobby for 5 years? Did he offer ‘friendship’ and trips to Pahrump to the lonely ki6gu?

“When I decide to do something, I insist it be done my way. No exceptions. And if there are other people involved in what I am doing, they must conform to my direction”, still another quote from THE ART OF TALK by Art Bell, published by Paper Chase Press, 1998.

It would seem that Hams do not read books, which is really too bad, as THE ART OF TALK is nothing but an artie manual. Or they do not mind, or actually prefer, being ‘dominated’ and manipulated by artie...

Monday, September 03, 2007

What is with 3840Hams?

First of all, are they going to ‘rename’ this site to 3720Hams? Most of the major players that used to hang on 3840 seem to have migrated to the new Elite frequency.

What about that ‘signature logo’, you know the one, showing all the used to be 3.840 participants on a computer screen? Again, many of those Hams are now to be found on 3.720 with regularity Including Steve Wingate k6txh!

The picture slots! What is going on with the picture slots? Seems like the only pics that get changed (other than Bill Crowell w6wbj, who changes his offerings often) are the ones POSTED by Steve, including OLD pics of ki6gu, n6edv, etc. My guess would be that Steve does not want everyone to know how many Hams have jumped ship. The pic situation is so dire that Bill Houlne wb6bnq has even posted a common internet/postcard image of the Coronado Bridge to fill empty spaces – wb6bnq has never occupied a pic slot on 3840Hams.

For a couple of weeks every time you opened 3840Hams, there was ‘software’ you could download so you could view some type of ‘Steve Flying’ video. (Well, hell, we can HEAR him doing that any night of the week!). Yea, right, like I would trust a ‘software’ download offered by k6txh and wb6bnq?

Then there is the ‘chat room’; they have a chat room. With much fanfare, they install a NEW chat client (that does not work), so they re-install the OLD chat until they can get the ‘new’ one to work. Now there are TWO chat clients.

Why in the world would a ‘sinking’ (stinking?) site like 3840Hams PAY for a new chat client? Well the answer to this one should be obvious to all; wb6bnq, who has been the silent, co-conspirator of this site since day one, wants more behind the scene power! (Come on, you did not really think that Steve in his 20 hour a day altered state, RUNS 3840Hams, did you?). Once this ‘new chat client is up and running, do be careful, as Bill Houlne probably has it configured to collect all kinds of interesting information about you! (Not to mention the ‘banning’ and ‘allowing access to begin with’ features.)

Steve, do us ALL a favor, put something interesting on the site (like a copy of your reply to the FCC), ‘fire’ wb6bnq as your ‘webmaster’, or shut the site down...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Jim Southwick n7js, Looking for EVERYTHING in the wrong places!

It would seem that the ‘Rev’ is lost, can no longer find his way around the net!

Yesterday, I received several emails containing this quote (apparently from the 3840net chat):

Hamfanz Supporter

Sure hope she writes a new Grudge Report soon. I'm
starting to get the Grudge Report D.T.'s.
1:24 AM
hope she does too, because that one about me sounds like nothing but sour

“Nothing but Sour Grapes”? In what way? Sour Grapes, or the truth? It is not my fault if Jim does not like what he has become! I had no input in his choice of ‘roads’.

What I find most interesting is that Jim did not comment on this blog on the article referenced, where he might have been able to enter into discourse with folks about his views. He chose to comment in a place were only a very few of his cohorts hang, even then, no one stepped up to agree with him.

Not only could Jim have posted to this blog, but he definitely has my email, knows where the HamFanz Chat room is, and probably belongs to the HamFanz Yahoo Group.

Those whom ‘hit & run’ or ‘hit and hide’, as in this case (on frequency or someplace where ‘hitting back’ is impossible), quickly lose my respect! Add to that, if they are of the male gender, certain parts of their anatomy shrink each time such an ‘unmanly’ act is committed.

People, people, I am not difficult to find! And neither are you...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jim Southwick n7js, Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places

Last night, a lone, plaintive, (begging?) voice was heard in the wee hours. Jim n7js, was inviting (begging), Hams to come to 3.720;

"Come on up, we're open, we're receptive, we'll talk to you, listen to you. Is anyone on this frequency? n7js. You can't tell me no one is listening. Well tell you what, we're on 3720, come on up, we're open, we're receptive, the water's fine. n7js QSY 3.720"

No Jim, no one was listening. They might have been had you not taken your online tuner down, though!

But since you have to depend on the Pahrump Receiver now, as do the rest of us, may I suggest that you post such messages to the HamFanz Yahoo Group, and to the HamFanz chat - you might reach more people that way...

This audio clip will be available for 24 hours at: Current Clips.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, and the Cryptic Message

This cryptic message appeared on artie’s picture slots on both and earlier this very evening.

Perhaps he thought he was communicating something to someone, and maybe he did, a private message so to speak. However, the cryptic message raises more questions than anything else.

“Those that will not forgive will end up victims of their own hate and become consumed by it.”

Is artie saying that HE forgives someone (perhaps Steve k6txh, Billy w6wbj, or Bill wb6bnq?) because he does not want to be a ‘victim’ of his own hate’? Or is the statement asking that some unknown ‘other’ forgive HIM for some wrong or disservice that art performed and should forgive artie so that the above does not happen to them? Interesting!

“Such hate will manifest itself in poor health either physical or mental”

Is this statement simply a part of some 12-step program artie is working? Or is it that perhaps in his new found Catholic Religion artie is getting ‘coaching’ from a parish priest? Naw, could not be that! He did not mention poor Spiritual health.

And how did the leap from ‘unforgiving’ to ‘hate’ occur? It would seem that there is an awful lot of territory in between the two that is just ignored; like forgiving yet hating someone, or being unforgiving yet without malice? Really, there are many miles between ‘unforgiving’ and ‘hate’ and a jillion other possible manifestations....

“The deepest wound you can have is the one you inflict on yourself.”

I am sure there are millions, like the Holocaust survivors, those mentally, sexually, physically abused by those they trusted, or the families of those lost in the war in Iraq, who would loudly disagree. (I can certainly think of some very large and much closer to artie’s ‘home’ examples, but see no point in listing them here.)

Perhaps this cryptic message is just another form of ‘projection’, and artie has hurt himself in ways we can never know and this ‘message’ is his way of telling everyone about it. Or maybe he has just been paying too much attention to his former C2C guests?

For myself, I would hate myself much worse for ‘selling’ myself out, than for not forgiving some nefarious ‘wrong’ done, though I would hope that BOTH could be accomplished...

“To Thine Own Self Be True” William Shakespeare

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ohh My! They 'boys' have been testy of late!

It would seem that they are not happy with the designation "white affluent males", especially Jim Watson ki6gu! What? Are there no mirrors in their abodes???

And artie w6obb finally admits to living in a trailer! Something some have been pointing out for years!

While Jim Southwick n7js is trying to get used to being hated, instead of loved...

The HAM version of Man-O-Pause for sure, after all, they are all about the right age, except of course artie, who has already been there and done that!

To hear this clip for the next day or so, go to and click on 'Current Clips'. There are now 14 recent audio clips on the 'secret page' (which is my version of the 'secret frequency'!)including a nice one of Cynthia kg6uhj (mark's k6fej wife) making a rare appearance on 3678.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How Many Hams does it take to use Windows Messenger?

In the wee hours of this very morning, the Elites, the ‘cream of the crop’ so to speak, the male, white, affluent Hams that are now meeting on 3720 after midnight, gave me my laugh of the week.

On air was: Jim Southwick n7js, Jim Watkins ki6gu, Scott Baris n6edv, Art Bell w6obb, and Steve Wingate in the background, so smashed he could not even pronounce the simple words.

They have kissed and made up, (well, not including Steve) and were trying to figure out how to add each other to their messengers. It was a riot!

I can only wonder if they added moi to their contacts as artie even mentioned that Kent Nyberg wm7o, was on his list... (Wasn’t it just a few months ago that Jim Southwick n7js told me he was far too busy to play around with an IM program?)

I would suggest that you follow their directions, and invite them to join your Windows Messenger list! Hmmm, wonder how many ‘invites’ they’ll get?

Get yourself something to drink, be prepared to have a good laugh, and go listen to the audio clip of Eaney, Meany, Miney & Moe (and it will only be there for a FEW days!), in “IM Hell” at: You will want to listen to it more than once!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, Should Not Have Bothered

upgrading his License. He sticks out like a sore thumb on 3.678. Sorry, but he just is not as boring or as dull as almost everyone else is there.

Is there a requirement that if you are mannerly and considerate of others, you have to be boring? I do not think so. That is what has happened to 3.678 since artie made his appearance. I liked it much better when Glen Thurman kn6z was in the ‘lead’.

On top of which, when artie is on 3.675, most of the other Hams involvement and participation is limited in the extreme. They are walking on eggs so to speak; it is the old ‘you could cut the tension with a knife’ situation.

Is it because they do not want to inadvertently touch on a topic, or say something to ‘upset’ artie, or that they are resentful of his intrusion on their frequency (which they worked hard to build up) and just will not say so.

Artie, stop trying to ‘fit in’, it does not suit you. Get back to 3.720, and let them come to you (those that want to, that is)! Let the Little People's Network be what they are...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Uneasy Alliance: Hams & SWL

Recently a Ham said to me, “You know, I don’t think anyone has put Hams and SWL together before; at least not to my knowledge. And you have, with HamFanz.”

Yet it seemed to me (5 years ago), to be a marriage made in heaven and the next logical step in the hobby. I have never understood those that cannot recognize that the two ‘hobbies’ are but different sides of the same coin.

The sentiment that Hams and SWL have no business walking on the same ground has come up many times before. Here are some quotes by Hams you might or might not know that have been posted in recent years at :

11.4.05 Bill Houlne wb6bnq
“There is NO MORAL or LEGAL requirement for ANY Amateur radio operator to provide ANY service of ANY kind to ANY party that is listening in ANY incidental manner of ANY sort. So your position that ANY said Amateur radio operator deserves a lashing or is a BUM is totally without ANY merit. The fact that some people provide receivers listening to Amateur radio frequencies in NO WAY infers ANY liability on the part of the unsuspecting Amateur Radio participants.This seems to be a common attitude of non-participating listeners. For some reason they feel they have a right to be included in an Amateurs pursuit of HIS hobby. Clearly, this is errant behavior on the part of the non-participating listener.If the non-participating listener desires to be included in such activities, then they are welcome to study the relevant material necessary and get their own license. This way they can PARTICIPATE in the hobby in any allowed manner as they so chose.”11.4.05 Bart Baily km6rf
“I agree totally that the participants in an ongoing QSO incur no obligation to parse and explain any QSY movements solely for the benefit of SWLers. I can also understand, and to a degree sympathize with theirfrustration at having their vicarious activities thwarted. Having once been a somewhat high profile rag chewer, as you well know, I can state that frequency changes are more often a matter of accommodating the vagaries of propagation and/or curious technical whimsy, rather than any efforts to cloak and obfuscate the content of the conversation.”

5.27.06 Pete Slagle k6xl
“SWLs can listen whenever they want, but, IMHO, that is unrelated to whatmakes ham radio unique and valuable.”

2.8.06 Carl Richardson kb5fjx
“...Well I have to respond to this one, and I want to make something very clear. Amateur Radio Operators are not on the air to entertain SW Listeners...”

What the above opinions have in common (other than being totally self-serving and niggardly) is that they do not take into account the fact that many Hams not only want to be heard, want an audience, but also want their own fans. Many (certainly not all) Hams found their way into Amateur Radio in because of thwarted, cut short, or fantasized broadcasting careers.

Many SWL’s found the world of Amateur Radio because they WANTED to listen to live productions. They craved the drama, and vicarious living that used to be a part of broadcast radio (talk shows?).

A number of these SWL are elderly, ill, disabled, poor, and perhaps even alone. Exciting or boring, there is nothing like that voice from the radio to help you get through the night.

Then there are the SWL’s who are actually licensed Hams, and just do not have the equipment or circumstances to currently be on air.
What many Hams (like those quoted above) do not realize, is that they too, could easily be in the position of being a SWL by any number of common life circumstances.

As one SWL stated recently in an email; "Do you know of any place online to hear 3840 streaming? Do you know where was getting it from, the URL or IP number? I think it was some HAM in Ogden, UT. is down and they usually have it. I have MS and I'm in bed a lot and up all night with pills. It's the highlight of my night to hear that crowd. LOL"

I had to reply that I did not. Since Jim Southwick n7js, has decided he has put enough time, money and effort into his online tuner, it is SWL like the one quoted above that suffer, with no choice except to listen to Art Bell w6obb, Pahrump Receiver (I for one, am grateful to him for streaming the audio of 3.678.)

The thing I do not understand is the uncompleted syllogism of 1) Hams like to talk 2) Hams want listeners 3) (uncompleted) Every frequency (Ham) or group streams their audio to listeners.

As one Ham (requesting anonymity) put it: “It really would be nice if someone just did a dedicated streamer for 3.840 (a fifth grader can figure that out although most hams probably can't unfortunately).”

So where ARE the audio streams for 3.740, 3.840, and other frequencies??? HamFanz is still trying to put Hams and SWL’s together!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Titles, Topics & Comments

More and more comments are being 'posted' that have absolutely nothing to do with the TITLE (or 'content' if you do not understand the word TITLE) of the article to which it is being attached.

Such 'comments' will NOT be published. Which is too bad as some are really well thought out and cogent. (And then some aren't!) Since I have no way to contact ANON comment posters, these comments are just left hanging in limbo.

This is a LARGE blog. If what you wish to comment on does not pertain to the stated topic or title of THE CURRENT ARTICLE, then look to the 'links' or 'tags', in all likelihood you will find an appropriate spot for your comment.

Some 'comments' read like a press release! If you have something that you think would be of interest to the readers of The HamFanz Grudge Report, then by all means, email it to: and it will be evaluated.

Lastly, some of these comments belong in the realm of 'chatter'. In which case, feel free to join the HamFanz Yahoo Group (link is on this page). Where your gossip and chatter will probably find at least one or two other interested folks.

If you post a 'comment' and find it did not get 'posted', (and it is not full of death threats, foul language, or is otherwise unacceptable) in a reasonable amount of time, you might want to try re-posting it, perhaps it did not 'go through'. Then look to one of the above solutions.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crash and Burn:

(The picture posted to got Jim Watkins banned from the site.)

It would seem that Steve Wingate w6txh, has banned what few posters of pictures he had left on his site. This reflects Steve’s constant, under the influence, on air antics. I would be surprised if the site itself will remain up much longer.

It is sad really, as the man (over 40!) is in dire need of help. But he has certainly worn out his welcome on more than one frequency. It is almost unbelievable that now, he is also not wanted when potted and ranting on 3.840, which has had a rep of ‘anything goes’.

I don't think anyone can tolerate Steve Wingate now, except perhaps Billy w6wbj, who perhaps finds too much entertainment in watching Steve crash and burn. And Bill Houlne wb6bnq, who is gratefull for any legitimate on air contact these days.

I knew the site would not last when it was unveiled in December of 2006. It was to be expected with Steve calling the shots and Bill Houlne wb6bnq, as his high-handed ‘enforcer’. Not to mention the basic poor content of the site (see the review in The HamFanz Grudge Report of 2.13.07) But it hasn’t even been a year...

I can only wish that Trish k4ze, whom Steve initially STOLE the idea from, then got her blessing, is sitting back laughing. Perhaps she will even bring HER picture slot site back. (Hey guys, it isn’t easy running a HAM web site!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Power of Bill Crowell w6wbj

Last evening Art Bell w6obb, the lord of the loop, and some of his top loopies, Ben Gardner kd7bcw & Robolon ke7bbx, and others gathered on 3.720 for some very mundane audio checks and chat. Artie magnanimously had the Pahrump Receiver changed to 3.720 so all could hear.

This did not last very long. It only took about 45 minutes for Billy w6wbj, to find them and call “Breaker.” Immediately, everyone left the frequency, after making one excuse or another. Not one acknowledged Billy’s presence. Whereupon Billy and some Ham named ‘Bob’ (I didn’t get his call), had a brief discussion of hiking & biking.

I am no psychologist, but doesn’t the above scenario encourage Billy to repeat the process? Success breeds repetition, yes? And success brings with it power...

Can you not see what glee he must feel when he successfully manipulates you, and runs everyone off? He has accomplished his agenda, what about the rest of you?

I can certainly see not acknowledging him (though I think a ‘Hi Billy’, THEN ignoring him would be more effective). No one should talk to someone they do not want to interact with.

To let him (or anyone) completely shut down a QSO? Isn’t that letting him win? Is such a reaction to Billy’s presence on frequency putting your tails between your legs and running away? Denying that there IS a problem?

Instead of ‘empowering’ Billy (or anyone else), why not take the wind out of his sails? It would take a few times, for sure, because his actions have already been reinforced, over and over again. If you would acknowledge his presence, then reply with ‘no comment’ or some such pre-agreed upon phrase, to any stupid question he may ask, NEVER engage him in a conversation, eventually he would tire of the unsuccessful ‘game’ and go away, unfulfilled.

Yes, I think Billy would continue to ‘try to play the game’, for a long time to come. But it does take more than one person to play! If you all were adamant, the problem would eventually be solved (but then, who would you ‘hate’?).

(Depending on when you read this, audio clips may be available at:

Monday, July 16, 2007

Next Professional Moves for Art Bell w6obb?

It will be Satellite radio, of course! My guess is he has wanted to do this for a long, long time. It would ‘cement’ his standing as a highly rated ‘Talk Show Host’. The only questions are when and what?

The ‘when’ will not be until he bores of playing checkers with his child bride and changing baby diapers. Art does not seem to tolerate ‘retirement’ well, having retired so many times, this is a given.

Will he do a ‘clone’ of Coast-to-Coast AM, or strike off in a new direction when he signs with Satellite? My guess is that he will stick with the ‘paranormal’ but only cover people and topics of HIS choosing, as in his early shows from Vegas. We shall see...

Then there are always ‘cameo’ TV & movie rolls. No doubt, the offers keep rolling in. (Or maybe they do not – now that his true character has emerged.)

Finally, it has been a long time since he has composed a badly written, ghost authored, book. I have been telling him for years that I know what his next book should be, but he has never contacted me! Wonder why? It is moot now, as the content of his next book should be obvious. I just hope that this time he contracts with a better ghost author.

If Art Bell wants to promote (brag) about any or all of the above, or get any valid American input from peers, he will have to get back on Amateur Radio – it just isn’t the same vicariously, though your newest wife, Airyn Bell, or your brother-in-law Carl Richardson kb5fjx.

As for the rest of you Hams and SWL’s, your professional lives might be of interest also if it in some way dovetails into ‘radio’! If so, at least post a comment.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Steve Wingate w6txh, and the FCC (continued)

I doubt that there is anyone who has not seen this (3 emails of this from 3 different folks in my inbox this afternoon).


Steve Wingate may get a ‘slap on the hand’ from Hollingsworth. Maybe, or perhaps Hollingsworth just did not have anything better to do that day...

Of interest to me would be the 14 (14!!!!) enclosures.

Note that SteveO has to reply within twenty days of receipt, and notice is dated 6.29.07, so he must have gotten it sometime during the week of 4 July.

No wonder SteveO and billy w6wbj have been absent from the bands and emails lately, the accused and his pro-bono attorney are probably holed up somewhere composting (yes, you read correctly, I said COMPOSTING) a response! Hope we get to see that, it ought to be good!

And, is my memory completely gone? It seems to me that the FCC already has an ‘un-enforced’ action against Steve already...



FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Enforcement Bureau Spectrum Enforcement Division 1270 Fairfield Road Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325-7245 CERTIFIED MAIL - RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED June 29, 2007 Steve L. Wingate P. O. Box 6741 2009 Munson Court Eureka, CA 95501 SUBJECT: Amateur Radio license K6TXH; Case #EB-2007-2548 Dear Mr. Wingate: Enclosed are complaints filed against the operation of your Amateur station. The complaints allege lack of station control and deliberate interference. Section 308(b) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C. S: 308(b), gives the Commission the authority to obtain information from applicants and licensees about the operation of their station and their qualifications to remain a licensee. Accordingly, you are requested to respond to this office within 20 days of receipt of this letter addressing in detail each of the complaints. You are directed to support your response with a signed and dated affidavit or declaration under penalty of perjury, verifying the truth and accuracy of the information submitted in your response. To knowingly and willfully make any false statement or conceal any material fact in reply to this inquiry is punishable by fine or imprisonment. See 18 U.S.C. S: 1001; see also 47 C.F.R. S: 1.17 (copy enclosed). Failure to respond appropriately to this letter of inquiry may constitute a violation of the Communications Act and our rules. In an inquiry of this type we are required to notify you that under the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S.C. S: 552a(e)(3), the Commission's staff will use all relevant information before it, including information that you disclose in your reply, to determine what, if any, enforcement action is warranted in this matter. Such action may include license revocation, suspension of your operator privileges, or monetary forfeiture (fine). If you wish to review the recordings referenced in the complaints, please contact me at 717-338-2502. Sincerely, W. Riley Hollingsworth Special Counsel Enclosures: 14 cc: FCC Western Regional Director See SBC Communications, Inc., 17 FCC Rcd 7589 (2002); Globcom, Inc., 18 FCC Rcd 19893, n. 36 (2003), forfeiture ordered, 21 FCC Rcd 4710 (2006); World Communications Satellite Systems, Inc., 19 FCC Rcd 2718 (Enf. Bur. 2004); Donald W. Kaminski, Jr., 18 FCC Rcd 26065 (Enf. Bur. 2003).

Friday, July 13, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, A Charitable Foundation?

Now that artie has ‘paid’ for three Philippine women to be wives of Hams (Carl kb5fjx, artie w6obb, and now Ben kd5bcw), I cannot help but wonder if artie is setting up a charitable foundation of some type?

If so, I wonder if artie is now formally taking applications for this service? (OK, fess up! Who is next?) Has he applied for the proper state and federal credentials? Tax Exemption Status?

Another thought, has N.O.W. contacted him regarding equality of opportunity? I mean, what about FEMALE Hams? Along the same lines, why has artie not sponsored SWL’s needing to find a woman of servitude? I am sure there are a lot of old sicko male pedophiles SWL’s out there; are they not eligible? (And, let’s face facts, a 60 something male marrying a 20 something female IS a pedophile of sorts.)

So in future months, are we going to see a .pdf application for a FREE Philippine wife available on the Coast-to-Coast AM website? Would the requirements be: An uneducated divorced white male who has nothing to offer any woman except a green card, been brown nosing artie for years, and whose only thoughts for a wife and companion are spurious and sexual?

Craig’s List would be a lot cheaper, simpler, and straightforward...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Addendum To: Jim Southwick n7js, Shuts Tuner Down

Would just like to add a couple of things I feel either were not included in the original article, or were not made clear enough (It was written on the ‘fly’).

1) Jim has every right to decided how he spends his time, money, and effort.
2) When you provide a service that folks depend on, it is better to NOT discontinue the service without notice. It is also preferable to set up an alternate if possible.
3) When you are in the ‘public eye’ of ANY circle, expect to take flack on ANY decision.
4) Perhaps if Jim had gotten support in the way of donations, the tuner would still be available. (How many of you have ‘donated’, even ONCE, to Jim’s Tuner during the last five years?)
5) If Jim reincarnates his online tuner (or if anyone else sets one up), I feel that it should be on a subscription only basis (affordable, of course!), and I have told him that many times.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Jim Southwick n7js, Shuts Down Online Tuner

Copied and pasted directly from Jim’s site

After 5 years and much thought and consideration - JimAndLeah's User Controlled Online Tuner is no longer. Due to increasing costs, equipment issues, age of computers (requiring eventual repairs and upgrade) and most of all - time debt, I have made a decision to take things down. I may re-visit the whole thing in the future, but I would like to tackle other learning curves at this time. The online tuner was fun, but I took it about as far as I could take it (including 2 major published articles). I simply don't find joy unless something is progressing and advancing. It is unfortunate that the whole hobby of user controlled online tuners has taken some massive hits as of late. With the demise of DXtuners, a great resource was lost and I am hesitant to throw more water on it. It is the technical aspects, costs, and upkeep that separate these unique mechanisms from mere audio streaming - hence the commitment level is much much greater. It's this aspect that frankly makes them overly abused while being under appreciated. I do want to say however, that I have appreciated those that have supported me over the years. This came in the form of encouragement, links, and financial support. I am grateful. I'm not one to just completely yank the carpet, so my site will still exist and will be a dynamic ever changing medium - depending on my whim. Within the next few days it will be converted to display live weather data from sensors around my home. I will also be streaming live police and fire for all you excitement fanatics. It may not be as entertaining as 75 meters, but it will have to do for now. I may expand this to include other audio streams from those interested in participating and ultimately push it all at my forgotten site - In the meantime, don't forget about which is probably one of the last (if not the last) site that has a focus on consolidating controllable radio's. I know that was his ultimate goal, and it is my hopes that the future holds more of these vs. mere audio streaming.

Well, it seems that is exactly what Jim has done “yanked the carpet” and added to the demise of both Ham Radio, and Short Wave Listening.

Though I have ‘sensed’ this was coming for a long time, as Jim just hasn’t seemed interested in providing this ‘service’, (and that’s what it was, a service) for quiet a period of time.

I did notice that the above statement is all about ‘Jim’, his costs, his time, his fun. There seemed to be no concern for others, or the effect such a move would have on anyone but himself. Is everyone involved in Ham Radio a clone of narcissistic artie, w6obb?

Wonder how many will be interested in ‘live police and fire’ from Ogden UT? Or weather data from Jim’s home? I guess Jim will...
Should we all just pack it in? (This includes both HAMS/SWL’s many of whom have equipment, but just get poor reception.) Or will there be folks out there who will set up dedicated, live streams of their fav frequencies?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

MORE on artie's w6obb Latest Retirement

Wow, it would seem there is an epidemic of ‘warm fuzzies’ going around.

Twenty-year Premiere Radio Networks veteran Kraig Kitchin announced he’ll leave the network as president/COO IMMEDIATELY (Charlie Rahilly is taking over for him on 7.11.07) and will exit the company later this year. Kitchin cited the desire to focus on “family, friends, and new challenges” as reported in TALKERS MAGAZINE

Rumors have it that Kitchin was involved in padding the ‘ratings’ for some of Premiere Radio’s shows, including arties. Which, supposedly was revealed AFTER Premiere Radio hired Arbitron, and the discrepancies were found.

It does seem to be strange that artie suddenly (rumor has it that he gave Premiere Radio ONE HOUR'S notice) decided to ‘retire’ almost the same day that Kitchin stepped down, or was asked to step down.

Both Kitchin and artie gave almost the same stated reasons for their actions. Artie specifically cited ‘that he had found love’ and wanted to enjoy whatever time he had left with his ‘family’. Did these two men confer and decide what they were going to say?

It would seem that artie has had 'love' and 'family' and has walked away from them many times before. He had love with his first wife, Sachiko Toguchi in the early 1960’s. He had a son, Vincent Pontius. He had a daughter, Lisa Pontius.

He walked away, from 'love' and 'family' leaving them to fend for themselves, according to a Philadelphia Weekly article by Steve Volk published online for the week of July 4-10, 2007

Then there is Art Bell IV, (Scooter) born to artie’s second wife. He walked away from that 'love' and 'family' also. (‘Scooter’ Bell is reportedly living in Las Vegas.).

Now he has AGAIN, walked away from his show, Coast-to-Coast AM, leaving a lot of people (listeners, fans, radio execs) in the lurch. Did he do this for ‘love’, or did he do it because he was implicated in a ‘ratings’ conspiracy, or simply because with much lower ratings, he would be making much less money for his few hours of work per week?

And, As all of us know too well, artie has walked away from his 'life long love' Amateur Radio, seldom being heard on the bands any longer. Dropping people that thought they were his friends like a rock, folks who came running when he needed their help after Ramona Bell died (and that death is still a question in my mind).

Does this sound anything like a man capable of ‘love’? Or does this sound more like an egotistical psychopath? An immoral one at that (or is that redundant?).

Monday, July 02, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, Retires Again

Last night on Coast-to-Coast AM, artie announced his immediate retirement from the popular radio program. I am not sure that anyone actually knows how many times he has done this now, I have certainly lost track.

Yep, he is retiring EXCEPT for ‘fill-in’ shows and ‘specials’ he may be called on to do. (Now I ask, is that retirement?)

This time, his STATED reasons for retiring were (paraphrasing here):
- he has ‘found’ love.
(uhhh, love is NOT turned off and on like a faucet)
- he wants to spend whatever time left that God grants him, with Airyn and Asia
(in other words to keep Airyn on her knees, and I don’t mean in prayer, artie needs to placate her with travel and other un-boring things)
- he is eligible for Social Security
(someone out there needs to find out what Airyn and Asia will be eligible for Social Security wise, as a wife and child)

However, reading between artie’s lines, I hear:
- they needed the medical insurance, but now that the child has been born
- the rumors of LOW weekend ratings may well have been true
- perhaps he proved more of an embarrassment and liability then an asset to Premier Radio
- perhaps artie was ‘asked’ to retire
- artie has lost his Coast-to-Coast AM ‘touch’, for proof, just listen to a couple of his old shows and compare them to current shows. Recent shows sound forced, and seem scripted
- Airyn is leading him around by the uhhh, nose
- artie is in dire need of an antidepressant

While listening to his ‘announcement’ of his ‘immediate retirement from the week end Coast-to -Coast AM, I was struck by a couple of things. First off, I did predict this ‘ending’ weeks ago. Secondly, his reasons were all about HIM. Indeed, in any of his retirements, he did not consider the results of his actions on anyone but HIMSELF. I cannot remember that he ever a voiced a thought about his fans, the show, or its producers or owners, only what artie wanted.

Also during this announcement, artie claims to have a ‘small circle of close friends’. (Are three people a ‘circle’ and do relatives, even if only by marriage, count?) I cannot help but wonder who those would be, (especially if you eliminate those wishing to spend his money) as many of the people who once called him friend are not only disgusted, but also done with him.

But, cheer up folks, all is not lost! Maybe Airyn will enjoy traveling her new country in the death mobile RV! (She does not seem to mind living in Ramona’s house, on Ramona’s furniture, or stepping into Ramona’s life. How very, very sad for her; expect more babies and perhaps a nervous break down for her within years.)

Then too, maybe artie and the other members of the new ‘elite’ group that seems to be forming will show up on 3.720 with more regularity to enlighten and entertain.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jim Watkins ki6gu, Hit the Road Jack

Today, in the wee hours of this morning, on 3.840 Jim (GU), had some thoughtful opinions about the ‘hobby’. He was talking with someone, so it was ‘off the cuff’, yet it felt ‘thought out’.

This included a ‘rethink’ on Hollingsworth, and the position he holds.

Jim pointed out the obvious, yet oft unpracticed philosophy that if you do not like a frequency, you could go somewhere else. That if you do not like what is happening on a frequency, just move on. He also, very sanely, opined that, “you do not try to change the whole world to be like you want it to be.”

Too bad GU did not follow his own advice last week when he totally lambasted Tom Gleeman ke6ynh, (who is a new general) for doing something that Jim did not like. So Jim, since Tom was there first, why didn’t YOU just hit the road and move to another frequency?

If you did not hear it, you can catch a clip of the evening (the first of 5 for the night) at:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ben Gardner kd7bcw, dumped!

But was it by Cherry, or artie w6obb?

From the rumors and hints of rumors I am hearing, artie took Big Ben kd7bcw half way to paradise, then dumped him.

It would seem that after leading ben down the rose petal covered path, towards marriage to a young, compliant, wanting a green card, Filipina, artie backed off, refusing to pay the final costs of Cherry immigrating to the US. Essentially, artie dumped Ben. Cold to say the least!

I have no idea what the exact arrangement was between the two hams, but my guess does not include Ben being in Salem, Oregon, and his lawful wedded wife remaining the Philippines, half a world away. (BTW, either party is welcome to comment here!)

Especially as Artie was the INSTIGATOR of all these Big life changes that Ben took on. My guess is that Big Ben would never have pursued this particular folly had not artie led him on. It was artie or airyn Bell that introducing Ben to Cherry via the net. It was art that paid for all Ben’s expenses (and I bet it was the ‘bottom of the line’, to the penny) to the Philippines. Now, artie is putting the kibosh on the whole deal (or whatever the agreement was).

Having not heard directly from any of the parties involved, we are left to wonder just who backed out, was it artie, unwilling to put out another few thou, or Cherry (telling Airyn Bell that she had changed her mind).
One thing is for sure, artie w6obb, never fails to fail his friends (or women)!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, Perhaps All is Not Well in Pahrump?

I listened to the first hour of Coast-to-Coast AM both this last Saturday and Sunday nights. The announcement on Saturday night, of Asia Bell’s birth was both complete and appropriate; in fact, artie sounded like the quintessential ‘new dad’.

Also on Saturday night’s show, artie thanked Carl Richardson kb5fjx, his now brother-in-law & Sharon Richardson, his now sister-in-law for making the drive to Pahrump and staying for TWO weeks, a week before and a week after the birth of Asia. Am I the only one to find such a long visit by relatives at such a ‘delicate’ time to be, uhhh, noteworthy?

However, here is the clincher, reading between the lines (or, reading between the non-existent lines!); as NOT ONE TIME, did Art Bell mention Airyn other than in a factual manner (she told him she was having ‘pains’, they showered, etc). Artie never once commented on how Airyn was doing, how Airyn tolerated and was healing from the C-Section, how Airyn was doing with the baby.

Most men are even ‘more’ attentive, enthralled, appreciative, and in love with their wives (if love even existed in the first place) immediately AFTER the birth of a baby. This does not seem to be the case with the Bells. I find this lack of Airyn ‘being in the picture’ during this week’s Coast-to-Coast AM intros, as strange as the two-week visit from in-laws.

There is an active poll (for June 2007) asking which of these ‘made in the Philippines’ HAM marriages will hit the rocks first at: .

Lastly, there was no ‘love’ bumper music this weekend on Coast-to-Coast AM. Is the Honeymoon (or the insanity) over?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

HamFanz Archives

The HamFanz Archives are now available on DVD’s. You can find them at: If nothing else, you should get them for the NEXT time Jim’s n7js, Online Tuner goes down (that is, if it ever gets online again!).

Once you have them, no one can take them away from you! I have to thank ‘Sawyer’ for being a jerk and listening to Billy w6wbj, and the Internet Audio Archives for being so unreliable. Without these two ‘happenings’ the HamFanz Archives wouldn’t exist! Another ‘BIG THANKS’ goes to a person who has advised me on all of this – you know who you are!

I would remind everyone that I am doing this all by myself! I only have one desktop computer, limited ‘up-front’ resources, two (unreliable) arms, and no staff! So depending on who wants what, when, it could take me awhile to get them made and in the mail (if unduly held up, I would email you).

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bell's w6obb, 'Anchor' Baby has arrived!

Today, Airyn Bell cemented her relationship with the USA by giving birth to her 'anchor baby', in Las Vegas, NV.

She could leave artie tomorrow, for a younger, better looing man (if she's smart she will wait till she has her hands on more of his assets) and NOT be deported; she is now the mother of a United States Citizen.

Wonder when Sharon Richardson, wife of Carl kb5fjx is going to follow suit? And will Ben Gardner kd7bcw become a father again? (It would seem that artie, and Big Ben weren't the world's best fathers the first time around.)

And forgive me if I'm not remembering correctly, but aren't all of these men, somewhat conservative, claiming to be 'morally superior', and 'made in America' types?

Amazing how one's morals and political views go out the window when the dishes need to be washed and sexual satisfaction becomes a #1 priority.

All of this, of course, just goes to prove what 'most' women know; (including the Filipinos - who have developed a 'market' economy on this knowledge) 'some' men's brain reside in their penis...

Monday, May 28, 2007

You would think a ‘happily married’ man, Carl kb5fjx, would look happy...

I have said all along that these old/young, marriages with women who only wanted a green card were tragedy in the making. It would seem that we are seeing the very start of the 'tragedies'. Has marriage to a Philippina been good for Carl? Judge for yourself!

(BEFORE Marriage to Sharon)

Here is Carl Richardson not quite two years ago. Looking fat, sassy, and with life in his eyes!

(AFTER: about a year and a half, Marriage to Sharon)

Carl Richardson finally got up the nerve to put a picture of a person (himself) on He's seen here, rubbing elbows in Pahrump, NV, with his brother-in-law artie w60bb, and other guests (not pictured). The 'family' must be gathering in celebration of the new, soon to be born, 'Bell' (wonder if artie's adult son is there, or was even invited?)

Carl, in his white shirt (with pen in pocket!), suspenders, capped tooth, and no facial hair, looks ill, and sad!

At any rate, we now know WHY Carl hasn't been posting any 'people' pics on HamCams; it would seem that marriage isn't agreeing with him! Of course, should he die from one of his various ailments, newly immigrated Sharon Richardson , from the Philippines, will get it all. (But is 'it' anything most of us would want?)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

HamFanz Grudge Report: 'Comments' Filters Changed

To make it easier and more accessible to post comments, after many, many months, I have changed The HamFanz Grudge Report 'filtering' back to: ANYONE may post comments.

HOWEVER, The HamFanz Grudge Report will REMAIN on 'moderation' status; I will get notice of all comments prior to publication. I can and will delete objectional (multiple ID'S, non-pertinent, obscene, etc) comments.

If this becomes too problamatic, I can again reset the filters! So have at it, but try to play nice...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Still One More Sign the Hobby is Dying

I was really stunned the other day when I logged on to DX Tuner to find this message:

“We have closed the Dx Tuners network after 10 years of service.”

I was surprised as I had been in touch with them via email just months ago.

DX Tuners still has a Google listing, so its unheralded demise must have been recent. From Google:

Listen to Shortwave, Ham Radio, Air
traffic control, Airband, ACARS

Web controlled receivers. Listen to Ham
radio, Tune Shortwave radio, Listen to Air traffic control, experience Airband
receptio including ACARS and Airports - 7k - Cached
- Similar
- Note

Listen to Ham
radio, Shortwave, Air traffic control, Airband ...

Tune over 50 remotely
controlled receivers around the world with your browser and get live - 11k - Cached
- Similar
- Note
[ More
results from

As far as I know, DX Tuners was the only service where you could tune to the frequency you wanted. (I ‘cut my teeth’ there years ago.)

At one time, DX Tuners was completely free. Then it went to a limited free trial, subscription only service. Sadly, instead of a reasonable monthly fee, they went from free to pricey. Obviously, they priced themselves right out of business!

I was also surprised that DX Tuners was not ‘sold’ or turned over to someone else, rather than just closing shop (wonder why Google or Microsoft did not buy it?)

When I was going there nightly to tune into 3.840, it was still named ‘Java Radio’ (The name was changed due to proprietary concerns of Sun Java, etc.) and the 50 tuners were kept busy all the time! Folks were there listening to SW, Airport traffic, and programming from exotic places.
The closing of DX Tuners is just one more signal that Amateur Radio has one and a half feet in a grave...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Chaos Reigns

I know there is not a full moon; are we not just barely past a full moon, or was it a new moon? Could it be sunspots? Something has ‘triggered’ absolute chaos across the bands! Is it a conspiracy of some type? Or did 'they' think I was just not busy enough to keep those donations coming in...


1) Jim Southwick n7js was removed for the second time from , allegedly for posting a ‘pornographic pic. Paul Bowman w7mag, said the stick figure with the gas
nozzle was offensive to his daughter. I would assume the pic of a very pregnant Airyn Bell in only a bra was not, since artie’s pics are still present.

1A) Scott Baris n6edv, was ‘demoted’ on the page. Was there a reason? Did he also post a pic that Paul’s daughter found offensive? Could it be that he can be heard on 3.840 (as is Jim n7js)?

1B) Which goes a long way to prove that artie w6obb, still, ‘owns’ Paul Bowman and HamCams.


2) 3840 was jammed for HOURS starting with traditional ‘call to battle’ bagpipe music. (Find audio clips: 2007_05_16_KI6GU_Bagpipes_Are_Overwhelming_Here.mp3 & 2007_05_16_WB6BNQ_W6WBJ_All_Done_Jamming_Now_Greg.mp3 Bill Crowell w6wbj, on air, claimed that Greg Sousa w6ezv was the source. Others were wondering if Billy was doing the jamming himself. Why would the ‘world’s biggest jammer’ be upset by a little jamming anyway? (Again, a case for the fact that Billy w6wbj, can dish it out but not take it!)


3) Steve Wingate k6txh, again deeply under the ‘influence’ and losing it on 3.840 for HOURS in the wee hours of 5.18.07 (Clip: KI6GU_W6EZV_K6TXH_Steve Goes Nuts (again).mp3 ). When Steve was asked, fairly nicely at first I might add, to shut up or leave, and he chose to do neither, it was revealed that he was growing marijuana for sale, at his Northern California home. (Which, I may add, was alluded to here, in The HamFanz Grudge Report earlier. Click on the k6txh link!). Will law enforcement soon be visiting SteveO? Will the FCC take any action? I will believe neither until I see it.

3A) Greg Souse was on air on 3.840 via a phone patch, compliments Jim ki6gu.

3B) In retaliation for the above, Steve Wingate w6txh, banned Jim Watkins ki6gu, and Scott Baris n6edv (after reposting a pic of ki6gu), from his site. (Like the police knocking on your door and a felony conviction are equivalent to not having a place to post personal pics!) This doesn't seem to leave much of a web site.


4) There is gossip that ‘Sawyer’ is still one more of billy’s w6wbj, multiple ID’s! As Jim’s Tuner remains off line, yet ‘Sawyer’ (whose only email is at his 3840aa site), and who claims he is a SWL, is recording and posting audio clips. BTW, ‘Sawyer’ (which rhymes with lawyer), never chats about his radio, antenna etc. as do most SWL’s.

...So many of these Hams have ‘fallen’ so many time, from so many things, that they not only have the properties of dominos, knocking down the next in line, but I suspect some (like SteveO), are actually developing spots on body and soul, white, yellow, or otherwise!

My phone and email has been ‘hot, hot’ hot’ the last few days and I have been trying to sort out fact from wishful thinking! As I get more background on these events, I will follow up! If you have MORE information, let me know...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It’s been over a month now since Jim's Tuner n7js, went down and I'm still suffering withdrawal symptoms.

I sorely MISS listening to the Short Attention Span Network of an evening! I do not even know how my 'god-dog' Cookie is doing or his pal Tony ae6qv!

Off and on, (and when someone is there), I do listen to the 'Little People' on the Pahrump Receiver. All I can say about that is it is better than nothing. (Why do so many of the 'Little People' have the same ‘voice’? Glenn kn6z, Moody wq6i, and Ben kd5bcw being the exceptions.) I must try to remember to tune in Saturday nights to hear the 'Little People' rendition of the 'Barny Song'. Right...

Actually, much has happened during the month since Jim's tuner has been down, in the background so to speak, some of it Grudge worthy, some not! (I WAS right about Ben kd5bcw, yes?).

Do not worry, dear readers, by the temporary lack of HamFanz Grudge Reports (I have been busy with other things!) as I have made note of it all; have ‘reports’ I am working on, stuff in process. I will not forget and all will eventually be revealed...


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