Sunday, September 02, 2007

Jim Southwick n7js, Looking for EVERYTHING in the wrong places!

It would seem that the ‘Rev’ is lost, can no longer find his way around the net!

Yesterday, I received several emails containing this quote (apparently from the 3840net chat):

Hamfanz Supporter

Sure hope she writes a new Grudge Report soon. I'm
starting to get the Grudge Report D.T.'s.
1:24 AM
hope she does too, because that one about me sounds like nothing but sour

“Nothing but Sour Grapes”? In what way? Sour Grapes, or the truth? It is not my fault if Jim does not like what he has become! I had no input in his choice of ‘roads’.

What I find most interesting is that Jim did not comment on this blog on the article referenced, where he might have been able to enter into discourse with folks about his views. He chose to comment in a place were only a very few of his cohorts hang, even then, no one stepped up to agree with him.

Not only could Jim have posted to this blog, but he definitely has my email, knows where the HamFanz Chat room is, and probably belongs to the HamFanz Yahoo Group.

Those whom ‘hit & run’ or ‘hit and hide’, as in this case (on frequency or someplace where ‘hitting back’ is impossible), quickly lose my respect! Add to that, if they are of the male gender, certain parts of their anatomy shrink each time such an ‘unmanly’ act is committed.

People, people, I am not difficult to find! And neither are you...


Rene Requiestas said...

"...ask not what your country can do for you, but what Houlne can do for your chatroom..."

Anonymous said...

2 articles in a row on yours truly?? Cmon Evvy, is the material that slow out there right now??
Jim N7JS

Billy said...

"2 articles in a row on yours truly?? Cmon Evvy, is the material that slow out there right now??"

Au contraire, James, I think you are endlessly fascinating! And just remember, when you get really, really rich you are going to need a jamologist.


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