Monday, December 31, 2007

HamFanz 2008 Predictions

Here is your chance! Enter your ‘predictions’ about HAMS & SWLS for all posterity!

HamFanz Grudge Report may not be Coast to Coast AM, nor Art Bell, but…

This was actually done for a couple of years on The HamFanz Yahoo Group. But folks did not like clicking through to a database. Besides, they could only enter a few words, which was a BIG turn off to our bloviates! So almost a year ago, I decided to do this every December 31 on The HamFanz Grudge Report!

Please post YOUR 2008 predictions concerning the HAMS & SWL! ONE AT A TIME PLEASE. (If posts come through with a BUNCH of ‘predictions’ all lumped together, I will reject them; though you can certainly post MORE than one prediction (unlike Coast to Coast AM).

artie w6obb, isn’t the only one with psychics in his pocket! So sit quietly for a few minutes, still your mind (but DO NOT leave your body!), have a beer or a toke, some dark chocolate, or all, and revelations about the HAMS & SWL you deal with in your ‘hobby’ will come to you!

Suggestions: (Try to keep each ‘prediction’ short and succinct!)

In the coming year:

w6xxx will ? in 2008
Short Attention Span network will ? in 2008
The FCC will ? in 2008
k7xxx arrest record will be revealed
Who will get a new rig/antenna?
Who will be the NEXT to marry an almost child?
Who will start Streaming (or put up a dxtuner)?
Where will Timmie’s ghost appear next?
Who will post the BEST parady on HamCams?
Which Little Person will win a 'Barny'
Who will join the 'NAMBPIG' club?

Well, you get the idea!

Let’s make this a GREAT HamFanz yearly EVENT! Have FUN, and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Steve Wingate k6thx Unleashed

If there is ANYONE who has not yet seen this video, do go check it out:, then come back here and give your comments!

I have watched it twice because I could not believe what I was seeing the first time. My email box was stuffed with the above url sent by various folks. Then there were the phone calls. Sigh...

This video just proves what many have known for about 5 years now; Steve Wingate is a loose cannon, he is apparently a substance abuser, has no respect for others, and is ‘socially impaired’ (he does not play well with other children).

The question is why would anyone be surprised by this, anyone that has been exposed to him for more than a week in any manner, that is?
I had one report that Steve was arrested for this little escapade, I do not know if it is true or not. If not, he should have been...

I find it so sad that an apparently (physically) healthy, educated, white affluent male can find nothing else to do with his life other than fight (literally!) with his neighbors. My guess is, he is not capable of much else.

I am supremely happy that Steve Wingate is NOT a neighbor of mine; he is not next-door, not down the street, not even in the same city!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Steve Wingate k6txh, Sometimes ya gotta like the guy!

Today on RadioWingnuts SteveO again took on Art Bell w6obb. He did this by posting links to OLD websites that questioned how Ramona Bell died, as well as artie’s ‘quick’ remarriage to Airyn Bell.

I would not want you to miss it! So, in case you have not yet read this entertaining, though old, stuff:

Then lower down on RadioWingnuts, in the picture section, he posted a ‘picture’ of a text titled: 'Ramona Bell Murdered by Reverse Speech'...

This brings a couple of items to mind!

1) What did artie DO to Steve recently to bring on this ‘attack’? Or vice versa?
2) Or is SteveO just thinking, remembering things past?
3) Don’t you wonder what is going on in the ‘background’; the phone calls, email, messenger threats, etc?

I have ‘heard’ that artie is ‘livid’ about this stuff being posted on Radio Wingnuts. That may or may not be true. NOW it is also posted on The HamFanz Grudge Report (in case Radio Wingnuts should disappear). Artie can now have something else to be ‘livid’ about! But hey, if it is out there...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This subject came up in 'comments' on the HamFanz article: Art Bell w6obb, One picture... In the interest of continuity these comments are 'copied' below:


Anonymous said... Evvy, I appreciated the comments someone left in your name at the "GLP Noory Sucks" thread. I think Noory sucks, but Bell does also. Glad you're an old lady, as opposed to Bell and Irene (Sorry, I meant Airyn), who are both quite young. Even if someone is taking your posts to put there- I'm glad to see them.

evvy garrett said... Well, I'm curious, what IS "GLP Noory Sucks" thread???

Anonymous said... It's the website Godlike Productions.The thread is "George Noory Sucks". Someone has been giving your name, and posting the ham radio inside info. . Not a link, sorry. If you check out the postings before and after this, you will see your name multiple times. I don't want to bother you, just wanted you to know.

Edward Haskell, Esq. said... >>It's the website Godlike Productions.The thread is "George Noory Sucks". Someone has been giving your name, and posting the ham radio inside info. . Not a link, sorry. If you check out the postings before and after this, you will see your name multiple times. I don't want to bother you, just wanted you to know.

>>What a helpful post. There are 562responses in that thread. That "shore do" narrow things down a lot. Yuk-yuk.


I was intrigued, so I did some checking...

To the best of my memory, I have never posted on (I am busy enough with all the HamFanz endeavors!) Nor do I have such an inclination! (Just looks like another place where people who need a gazillion different ID's can mentally masterbate themselves.)

BUT, thanks to 'Frank' (and we all KNOW 'Frank' - prob another 'artie w6obb ID), HamFanz has even MORE readers!

Here are the exact QUOTES and their links, so you do not have to go 'searching' for them. The links DO give you the entire page, and you have to scroll down, but it is not difficult to find.

The "OFFICIAL" George Noory Sucks Thread! - Page 550 knows how many others, all of them are Evvy Garrett who is a bitter old lady who runs some ... Evvy Garrett who is a bitter old lady who runs some kind of ... The "OFFICIAL" George Noory Sucks Thread! - Page 546 Just thought EVERYBODY should know that we have busted the IP number and Anonymous Coward # 335770 is Evvy Garrett who is on a mission to write trash ...

I would MUCH prefer that you read and post here, but if you do post there (under whatever ID!) please mention HamFanz and!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, One picture...

One picture may well be worth a thousand words.

Ahhh, but two pictures can tell the entire story...yes?

But just WHAT kind of story is this? It ain't 'Love Story', that's for sure!

Ramona Bell ___________________________________ Airyn Bell

Note: same man, same pose, same grin, same 'hold' on woman, same RV, same couch, same blinds, same, same, same. Just one woman (object) replacing another.

A different year but "It's all the same f...n' day, man!" --Janis Joplin

PS I should get paid LOTS O BUCKS for being out front and SAYING what everyone else is THINKING. Besides, now I might need to hire security!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gentleman Jim ki6gu

Still another nick for Jim Watkins! He is going though 'nicks' faster than many of us go though Halloween Candy, or beer depending on your 'bent'!

Truthfully, I have no clue as to where this one originated. But, he claims to be in a better mood, now that his legal issues are over and done with.

After hearing Gentleman Jim ki6gu, and the rest of the 'Elites' PLOW into Chris Knight k6pic the other night on 3720, I am sure about either the ‘better mood’ or the 'gentleman' descriptive! (The full-unedited recordings and clips of this event are on the HamFanz Secret Page.)

The legal issues that 'Gentleman Jim' was involved in, through no choice of his own, might be interesting, as they seem to involve Amateur Radio. Since few heard any of it the other night when he reportedly read from the court transcripts, we really do not know the full story. (Apparently, it was not recorded, due to 'timing', as the Pahrump Tuner does not transmit/record after a certain hour, or it was not tuned to whatever frequency they were on. Either that or artie w6obb, just had not bothered as he did a c2c show that night.)

At any rate, Gentleman Jim, is spoon-feeding us this info one scanned page at a time, which makes it more than a little difficult to track...

And, Chris k6pic, is probably off somewhere wondering what the hell he did wrong, (after all, the Elites are 'trying to avoid confrontation') other than trying to be friendly with the Elites, while he temporarily retreats into the safety of being a SWL!


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