Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bell's w6obb, 'Anchor' Baby has arrived!

Today, Airyn Bell cemented her relationship with the USA by giving birth to her 'anchor baby', in Las Vegas, NV.

She could leave artie tomorrow, for a younger, better looing man (if she's smart she will wait till she has her hands on more of his assets) and NOT be deported; she is now the mother of a United States Citizen.

Wonder when Sharon Richardson, wife of Carl kb5fjx is going to follow suit? And will Ben Gardner kd7bcw become a father again? (It would seem that artie, and Big Ben weren't the world's best fathers the first time around.)

And forgive me if I'm not remembering correctly, but aren't all of these men, somewhat conservative, claiming to be 'morally superior', and 'made in America' types?

Amazing how one's morals and political views go out the window when the dishes need to be washed and sexual satisfaction becomes a #1 priority.

All of this, of course, just goes to prove what 'most' women know; (including the Filipinos - who have developed a 'market' economy on this knowledge) 'some' men's brain reside in their penis...

Monday, May 28, 2007

You would think a ‘happily married’ man, Carl kb5fjx, would look happy...

I have said all along that these old/young, marriages with women who only wanted a green card were tragedy in the making. It would seem that we are seeing the very start of the 'tragedies'. Has marriage to a Philippina been good for Carl? Judge for yourself!

(BEFORE Marriage to Sharon)

Here is Carl Richardson not quite two years ago. Looking fat, sassy, and with life in his eyes!

(AFTER: about a year and a half, Marriage to Sharon)

Carl Richardson finally got up the nerve to put a picture of a person (himself) on He's seen here, rubbing elbows in Pahrump, NV, with his brother-in-law artie w60bb, and other guests (not pictured). The 'family' must be gathering in celebration of the new, soon to be born, 'Bell' (wonder if artie's adult son is there, or was even invited?)

Carl, in his white shirt (with pen in pocket!), suspenders, capped tooth, and no facial hair, looks ill, and sad!

At any rate, we now know WHY Carl hasn't been posting any 'people' pics on HamCams; it would seem that marriage isn't agreeing with him! Of course, should he die from one of his various ailments, newly immigrated Sharon Richardson , from the Philippines, will get it all. (But is 'it' anything most of us would want?)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

HamFanz Grudge Report: 'Comments' Filters Changed

To make it easier and more accessible to post comments, after many, many months, I have changed The HamFanz Grudge Report 'filtering' back to: ANYONE may post comments.

HOWEVER, The HamFanz Grudge Report will REMAIN on 'moderation' status; I will get notice of all comments prior to publication. I can and will delete objectional (multiple ID'S, non-pertinent, obscene, etc) comments.

If this becomes too problamatic, I can again reset the filters! So have at it, but try to play nice...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Still One More Sign the Hobby is Dying

I was really stunned the other day when I logged on to DX Tuner to find this message:

“We have closed the Dx Tuners network after 10 years of service.”

I was surprised as I had been in touch with them via email just months ago.

DX Tuners still has a Google listing, so its unheralded demise must have been recent. From Google:

Listen to Shortwave, Ham Radio, Air
traffic control, Airband, ACARS

Web controlled receivers. Listen to Ham
radio, Tune Shortwave radio, Listen to Air traffic control, experience Airband
receptio including ACARS and Airports - 7k - Cached
- Similar
- Note

Listen to Ham
radio, Shortwave, Air traffic control, Airband ...

Tune over 50 remotely
controlled receivers around the world with your browser and get live - 11k - Cached
- Similar
- Note
[ More
results from

As far as I know, DX Tuners was the only service where you could tune to the frequency you wanted. (I ‘cut my teeth’ there years ago.)

At one time, DX Tuners was completely free. Then it went to a limited free trial, subscription only service. Sadly, instead of a reasonable monthly fee, they went from free to pricey. Obviously, they priced themselves right out of business!

I was also surprised that DX Tuners was not ‘sold’ or turned over to someone else, rather than just closing shop (wonder why Google or Microsoft did not buy it?)

When I was going there nightly to tune into 3.840, it was still named ‘Java Radio’ (The name was changed due to proprietary concerns of Sun Java, etc.) and the 50 tuners were kept busy all the time! Folks were there listening to SW, Airport traffic, and programming from exotic places.
The closing of DX Tuners is just one more signal that Amateur Radio has one and a half feet in a grave...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Chaos Reigns

I know there is not a full moon; are we not just barely past a full moon, or was it a new moon? Could it be sunspots? Something has ‘triggered’ absolute chaos across the bands! Is it a conspiracy of some type? Or did 'they' think I was just not busy enough to keep those donations coming in...


1) Jim Southwick n7js was removed for the second time from , allegedly for posting a ‘pornographic pic. Paul Bowman w7mag, said the stick figure with the gas
nozzle was offensive to his daughter. I would assume the pic of a very pregnant Airyn Bell in only a bra was not, since artie’s pics are still present.

1A) Scott Baris n6edv, was ‘demoted’ on the page. Was there a reason? Did he also post a pic that Paul’s daughter found offensive? Could it be that he can be heard on 3.840 (as is Jim n7js)?

1B) Which goes a long way to prove that artie w6obb, still, ‘owns’ Paul Bowman and HamCams.


2) 3840 was jammed for HOURS starting with traditional ‘call to battle’ bagpipe music. (Find audio clips: 2007_05_16_KI6GU_Bagpipes_Are_Overwhelming_Here.mp3 & 2007_05_16_WB6BNQ_W6WBJ_All_Done_Jamming_Now_Greg.mp3 Bill Crowell w6wbj, on air, claimed that Greg Sousa w6ezv was the source. Others were wondering if Billy was doing the jamming himself. Why would the ‘world’s biggest jammer’ be upset by a little jamming anyway? (Again, a case for the fact that Billy w6wbj, can dish it out but not take it!)


3) Steve Wingate k6txh, again deeply under the ‘influence’ and losing it on 3.840 for HOURS in the wee hours of 5.18.07 (Clip: KI6GU_W6EZV_K6TXH_Steve Goes Nuts (again).mp3 ). When Steve was asked, fairly nicely at first I might add, to shut up or leave, and he chose to do neither, it was revealed that he was growing marijuana for sale, at his Northern California home. (Which, I may add, was alluded to here, in The HamFanz Grudge Report earlier. Click on the k6txh link!). Will law enforcement soon be visiting SteveO? Will the FCC take any action? I will believe neither until I see it.

3A) Greg Souse was on air on 3.840 via a phone patch, compliments Jim ki6gu.

3B) In retaliation for the above, Steve Wingate w6txh, banned Jim Watkins ki6gu, and Scott Baris n6edv (after reposting a pic of ki6gu), from his site. (Like the police knocking on your door and a felony conviction are equivalent to not having a place to post personal pics!) This doesn't seem to leave much of a web site.


4) There is gossip that ‘Sawyer’ is still one more of billy’s w6wbj, multiple ID’s! As Jim’s Tuner remains off line, yet ‘Sawyer’ (whose only email is at his 3840aa site), and who claims he is a SWL, is recording and posting audio clips. BTW, ‘Sawyer’ (which rhymes with lawyer), never chats about his radio, antenna etc. as do most SWL’s.

...So many of these Hams have ‘fallen’ so many time, from so many things, that they not only have the properties of dominos, knocking down the next in line, but I suspect some (like SteveO), are actually developing spots on body and soul, white, yellow, or otherwise!

My phone and email has been ‘hot, hot’ hot’ the last few days and I have been trying to sort out fact from wishful thinking! As I get more background on these events, I will follow up! If you have MORE information, let me know...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It’s been over a month now since Jim's Tuner n7js, went down and I'm still suffering withdrawal symptoms.

I sorely MISS listening to the Short Attention Span Network of an evening! I do not even know how my 'god-dog' Cookie is doing or his pal Tony ae6qv!

Off and on, (and when someone is there), I do listen to the 'Little People' on the Pahrump Receiver. All I can say about that is it is better than nothing. (Why do so many of the 'Little People' have the same ‘voice’? Glenn kn6z, Moody wq6i, and Ben kd5bcw being the exceptions.) I must try to remember to tune in Saturday nights to hear the 'Little People' rendition of the 'Barny Song'. Right...

Actually, much has happened during the month since Jim's tuner has been down, in the background so to speak, some of it Grudge worthy, some not! (I WAS right about Ben kd5bcw, yes?).

Do not worry, dear readers, by the temporary lack of HamFanz Grudge Reports (I have been busy with other things!) as I have made note of it all; have ‘reports’ I am working on, stuff in process. I will not forget and all will eventually be revealed...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ben Gardner kd7bcw, following the ‘yellow brick road’

Pic 2.3.06
As of today, Big Ben is following ‘the yellow brick road’ to the Philippines in search of a sweet-young-thing bride. He is on the plane for the trip half way around the world right now.

Ben was instructed, or enticed into this quest by the ‘munchkin’ better known as the ‘Lord of the Loop’’ cult leader, Art Bell w6obb – who it is said, also paid for Ben’s trip! artie made his trip down this same road just over a year ago, and has ‘publicized’ it in many ways and places.

Big Ben is going to be gone for three weeks. In the Philippines, he plans to meet, face-to-face, Cherry, (NOT a Ruiz), and perhaps marry. Ben was introduced to Cherry who was a classmate of Airyn Ruiz Bell’s, via computer, by Airyn, no doubt at the behest of artie. (Pimps all?)

The fact that Cherry was a ‘class mate’ of Airyn Ruiz Bell, means that she is also very young. In fact, on March 24, 2007, I received a ‘message’, in a very public place, on one of my sites from Ben’s adult daughter, Liz. I entered into a short email dialog with her, to confirm her identity. In her publicly posted message (which, for the sake of all involved, I immediately deleted), she stated:

“...You know I didn't know my dad growing up. Not really anyhow. I knew who he was, but I only seen him a few handful of times. Not his fault just worked out that way. I know he is marrying the young woman from the Philippines. I am not crazy about the idea myself. For goodness sakes she is a little younger than I, but he did ask if it was alright with me and I said yes. He said he would not marry her if I wasn't ok with it and I am. Do you know why? I am ok with it because they are both adults, it is what will make them both happy...”

Ben Gardner is just another old geezer who blew his chances at relationships when he had them, and is now seeking the impossible. Ben, and others, are trying to evade sleeping in the bed they made so many years ago. In their current quest for Lust & Power, they are hurting family members all over again. (Too bad we have not heard publicly from Ramona Bell’s family nor arties adult son or mom regarding these events.)

I must admit that I do not feel the same about Ben’s Quest on the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ as I did about Carl kb5fjx, and artie. Carl was pimping artie for money, the cost of the trip. Artie was replacing a wife, as one would replace a worn rug, only faster. Ben is doing none of these things, though he IS following artie’s lead, as usual.

I sadly predict much pain and ultimately, disaster in all three of these marriages, for all involved. It will be like watching the proverbial car wreck (many a wreck on that Yellow Brick Road!) only in slow motion, and coming from three directions. My ‘Prognostications’ (“To predict according to present indications or signs; foretell. –Houghton Mifflin) have been accurate. It is not hard to read the writing on the wall in the ‘Emerald City’ at the end of the Yellow Brick Road!

Ben’s on air audio comments, from the night before his trip, can be found at: Audio Archives/Current.

Finally: Posted by billy w6sbj on 3.30.07 on chat.

“Gang; let's recall evvy's prediction that Ben was going to marry another of the Ruiz sisters. I don't think he ever did, did he? Does this mean that evvy The Great Prognosticator was wrong? Maybe she needs to take some prognostication lessons from Orv!” (It is amazing how often Billy is wrong, yes?)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Orv Dalton k6uey, off to the Philippines for a wife?

For the last several months now, I have gotten conflicting information on this one, yes, no, yes, maybe, so I have hesitated ‘reporting’ on it in The HamFanz Grudge Report.

But the very latest information, which seems solid, intimates that Orv will be accompanying Ben Gardner kd7bcw to the Philippines. Like Ben, he has obtained his passport, is all packed, ready and even eager for the long journey to commence. (Too bad he can't work up as much enthusiasm for getting back on frequency!)

We know, of course about Cherry, Ben’s intended. We do not yet have a name of the young woman Orv is courting; I did hear that she was a nurse.

Now I can see some sweet young thing taking up with artie w6obb, after all there is $$$, and material goodies immediately available. Even Carl kb5fjx, had his relative youth to offer. But what do either of these two old codgers have, other than the possibility of a ‘green card’?

Hmmm, perhaps I should import a ‘house-boy’. Or at least add a new link to this blog 'Philippine Wives'!


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