Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Orv Dalton k6uey, off to the Philippines for a wife?

For the last several months now, I have gotten conflicting information on this one, yes, no, yes, maybe, so I have hesitated ‘reporting’ on it in The HamFanz Grudge Report.

But the very latest information, which seems solid, intimates that Orv will be accompanying Ben Gardner kd7bcw to the Philippines. Like Ben, he has obtained his passport, is all packed, ready and even eager for the long journey to commence. (Too bad he can't work up as much enthusiasm for getting back on frequency!)

We know, of course about Cherry, Ben’s intended. We do not yet have a name of the young woman Orv is courting; I did hear that she was a nurse.

Now I can see some sweet young thing taking up with artie w6obb, after all there is $$$, and material goodies immediately available. Even Carl kb5fjx, had his relative youth to offer. But what do either of these two old codgers have, other than the possibility of a ‘green card’?

Hmmm, perhaps I should import a ‘house-boy’. Or at least add a new link to this blog 'Philippine Wives'!

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