Saturday, December 31, 2005

Resolutions THEY should Make!

I resolve….

k4ze, Tennessee Trish, – to accept my OWN voice and diction, and be proud of it!
kd7bcw, Big Ben, – to find somewhere else to put my heart other than my sleeve!
kd7kau, Carey, – to stop saying that I’ll be back, cause I won’t.
kg6thx, SteveO, – to stay ON that wagon! That’s all I’m gonna say about that.
ki6gu, Burbank Jim, – to buy & read Etiquette for Dummies by Sue Fox, just for fun!
kn6z, Glen, – to find something ELSE to take pics of!
ks7o, Sue, – to read: Antenna Theory & Design by Robert Elliott
n5mza , Timmie, – to find something to do AWAY from the radio!
n6ayj, Billie the Vile, – to stop defecating in my own back yard.
n7js, Utah Jim, – to learn to rock the boat when I think it’s needed.
w6ezv, Greg the goon, – go to anger management classes and never threaten anyone again!
w6mku, Joanne – to remain always haughty.!
w6obb , artie, – to stop being so bossy, or un-retire, or both!
w7mag, Paul, – to put in writing what’s acceptable or not on HamCams.
w7lw, Melba Mac, – to send a few of those extra cow pies to some 3840 extra HAMS.
wq6i, Moody, – to intervene with sanity and a soothing voice instead of slinking away.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Time Out!

The testosterone levels are way out of control! At this point, there are just far too many males, far too angry. So, everyone to a corner! Not to prepare for another ‘round’ of the same, but to prepare for producing some ‘peace & order’ from chaos!

I’m serious! Get yourself a chair and take it to a corner. Sit there for at least 10 minutes! No external stimuli; no radio, magazine, TV, music, drink, or talk with another person. Just sit there on that chair and stare at the wall for at least 10 minutes. Clear your mind.

When the 10 minutes are over; put into practice whatever techniques YOU use for stress control, deep breathing, exercise, meditation, prayer, cursing, or beating your thick head against the wall.

After you’re stress is reduced, your mind clear, take the vow!

Today, I will not say anything that isn’t ‘nice’.

If it’s not nice, I won’t say it (I’m sure your Mother taught you this, you’ve just forgotten how to put it into practice!); no matter how upset, angry, goaded, or provoked I am. If someone calls me a ****, or whatever, I’ll respond with, ‘your audio is good tonight’, or whatever! I will NOT say anything to anyone on air, that isn’t nice.

If you let yourself be provoked, immediately revert to the ‘nice’ mode. In fact, try to put some kind of visual reminder of your VOW on or near your radio. Have you gentlemen (ahem), never heard the phrase, ‘kill them with kindness?” It works! (ANY mother will tell you so.)

And the jammers; positively, absolutely totally, ignore them! Eventually they will go somewhere where they’ll have some success pushing people’s buttons.

Now I can hear the ‘comments’ already: “‘evvy, why don’t you practice what you preach.” Well, the fact is, I am NOT A HAM, I am not on air! I give my opinion, and folks get mad, no doubt, but usually one at a time. I don’t disrupt an entire frequency night after night! Filth and threats of violence do NOT spill from my mind to my mouth! I do not endanger long term friendships (often, I cement them-you against me!). I don’t have a hobby or license at stake. You do.

If just 2 – 3 HAMS would do this tonight, be dedicated and persistent about it, not allow themselves to be dragged down to the lowest level NO MATTER WHAT, not allow themselves to be driven off frequency, and another couple pick it up tomorrow night, and another couple the night after, we’ll soon be back to signal reports, audio reports, loops (heaven help us all!), and Tim’s Travels…

This works (again, ask any mom)! Just do it, even if at times you don’t feel ‘like’ being nice to some ‘jerk’! And keep on doing it! Tell other HAMS what you are doing, your 'plan of action', maybe they will start doing it too.

Chose to ‘act’ not ‘react’, (nothing 'unmanly' about that!), take back your frequency and your self-control.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Twas the Night

Happy Holidays to all (& that means EVERYONE!) from the staff of HamFans…

Twas the Night before Christmas
Variation by Jim Southwick, N7JS, 12.2005
Published with permission of Jim Southwick N7JS

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the air
Was the sound of some fools
All jamming with care

They cued up the music
All snug in their group
While sitting there waiting
For the Cult of the Loop

They laughed and they giggled
And gave a high five
For their signal was strong
But their audio was nigh

On ego, on cliquish
On rich and on poor
My audio is great
But my life is a bore

I can't read a book
And I can't write a poem
I'll marry my radio
Just let me be known

So they fondled their Icoms
And caused such a sight
They fondled their cables
Hell, they fondled their mikes!

I'll buy the new toy
The whole damn caboodle
I'll eat nothing but
Some Top Ramen noodle

They spoke with aplomb
They spoke with delight
While feeling intelligent
All into the night

The listeners all clamored
All fraught with a glee
For they could get meaning
Vicariously, you see

They kissed off their fate
And drank till once soused
They pissed away future
Who needed a spouse?

The drama was strong
And the timing was right
The ass kissing heavy
Well into the night

One night your best friend
And one night just a pain
Then back in the group
No loss and no gain

The drama goes on
But the story the same
It keeps up the interest
It keeps up the game

So I fight to stay aside
And I fight with my might
And to all a Merry Christmas
And to all a good night!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Last Nights Show

Last Night’s Show

When thinking about Last Night’s Show, words do not fail me. The words that come immediately to mind: craziness, sadness, unbelievable, loss, emotional, schism, knives in the back, and friends and foes.

One thing that struck me the hardest; there was more than enough culpability to go around to all but a handful of hams.

If it weren’t for the fact that I know most of these folks through email or on air, I would have walked out of this one long before the end.

As it was, I stayed up doing my ‘duty’; I listened, and recorded. If anyone wants the complete, unedited, 6 mp3’s of this 3 hour group flagellation, email me. (I was going to post them to the HamFans site, but didn’t have enough MB’s – I’m thinking about buying more, just to post these.)

Are we having fun yet??? This is a Hobby???

It would have been a lot easier to go out on the busy intersection I live by, and watch a car wreck. I’m sure there would have been less blood and gore…

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I made !!!

And the sub-title is 'wannabe ham'. Actually, this woman, whomever she is, looks a great deal better than some of the old coots who are part of the 3840 group.

But I am NO longer a 'wannabe' ham. I admit I used to be, but no longer. I LIKE being a SWL and commentator..

Far from insulting me, or making me angry, this parody made my day guys!

I may not be 'the happiest person on the planet, but I'm as close to it as anyone can get this side of Bill Gates! Any day I wake up breathing, I am happy! Any year I go through without still one more cancer surgery, I am thrilled. Here is a 'real' last year pic of me! So you wimpy suckers can laugh at me all you want. I can take as well as dish it out! BTDT!

This guy, on the other hand (notice lighter at hand!) is a wannabe WRITER!!!

And artie, I STILL know what your next book should be!

Sunday, December 18, 2005



The ‘detectives’ of didn’t take long to find out that it was artie who slammed the site polls in August/Sept. of this year.  Proving once again how small and mean spirited artie is.

Last night, on air, Art Bell w6obb, not only admitted that he had been the ‘slammer’, but seemed proud of it.  Sounds like bragging to me!  If you missed it, you can hear it at:

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Politics of Ego

The Politics of Ego in the Cult of the Loop

Earlier today I dropped by to see if there might be some new pictures (yea, sure) posted.

Imagine my non-surprise to find that Jim Watkins ki6gu’s long standing slot had been dropped from the second row down to the last third of the page.

Of course, he’s never sat at the right or left hand of the Lord of the Loop; those spots are taken by Paul Bowman w7mag, and Big Ben Gardner kd7bcw (since Karen w6so’s voluntary withdrawal when there was MUCH jockeying for that coveted slot) respectively.

But for a very long time, Jim Watson’s ki6gu, spot has been featured prominently on the second row, right beside Burbank Gregg’s w6ezv, slot.

So, it would seem, according to the politics of artie’s ego, that Jim Watson ki6gu, has indeed lost favor with the power that is. But the good news is that Jim Watson ki6gu didn’t tick artie off so badly that his slot was dropped totally from the page, as was Steve Wingate’s kg6txh a few months ago.

This obvious type of political maneuvering with the slots on has been denied repeatedly. Artie and his minions say, “Oh, we just shuffle the slots randomly once in awhile.”

Isn’t it strange that when this ‘random shuffling’ occurs that only one or two slots of specific HAMS get rearranged? And usually only when artie is ticked at one of ‘his group’?

They can deny the politics of it all they want; ANY long time Cult of the Loop observer can tell you immediately who’s in favor and out, just by looking at the ‘position’ of the slots on!

Jim Watson ki6gu’s position is currently quite far down the ladder…it would seem that the once dubbed, Bad Boy of Burbank, has been very very bad indeed!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mature Adults? Right!

I was taught that it was immature when you were losing, or didn't like how the game was going, to grab your toys and go home, thereby ending the game. For everyone!

But that's exactly what Paul Bowman w7mag has done with his site. And what artie w60bb is doing with his tuner. Punish all for what a few have done that they didn't like. Paul w7mag, posted this message on the HamCams site:

HamCams is not a forum for people to
air out their laundry, dirty or otherwise.
HamCams is not going to allow bickering via
photos or clever phrases.
If you feel the need to do that,
might I suggest newsgroups where
they seem to like that sort of thing.
I don't care for it.
Since I pay for this site,
and maintain this site,
I'll allow and disallow whatever I see fit.
Call it censorship if you like.
I really don't care.
This site is supposed to be FUN.
Radio is supposed to be FUN.
I feel better now.
Thank you for your time.
Paul - W7MAG
We will return to our regularly scheduled program soon...

Actually, I don't call it censorship; I call it infantile. And one wonders whose idea this really was, to shut down the site & punish everyone, Paul of Pahrump or artie's who seems, at times, to pull Paul's strings?

So congrats to all you MATURE ADULTS for not only acting like children, but for publicly showing everyone just how childish you really are: no pics on HamCams and who know what on the 'famed' Pahrump receiver.

When a service is provided, even if it is a free service, it carries a certain amount of public obligation, no matter how angry, hurt, sick, etc. you may be. At least to reputable people...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Logo & w6mku

Listen nightly (see below for online tuner links) as the HAMS feud, then make nice with each other. Catch up on their lives. spouses, ills, and new toys.

Drama decades in the making, featuring REAL characters, including Art Bell w6obb. Better than any afternoon soap; listen more than once and you'll be 'hooked'!

This site is to guide beginners and aficionados (&HAMS) alike into the world of Online Short Wave Listening starting with the 3.840 group. Wander through the many pages & features of this site, and enjoy!

So goes the new intro to the main page of the site. And that is just the 'shot over the bow'.

I have some power and speed in my computer now, and will be able to 'report' in the 3840GrudgeReport more often. Not to mention keeping the site updated!

Also, wanted to reassure all that I am not 'bitter' or 'sniping'. Nor do any of my activities 'cheapens your art, too' as Joanne w6mku, has said behind my back. (And what would she know about art?). At least when I say something, the person knows it, and they have many ways to contact me, including posting a reply to this blog...

So be sure to watch for those 3840GrudgeReport notices, and/or check the site out often!


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