Sunday, October 29, 2006

Art Bell w6obb, is at it again

I actually get tired of reporting on arties antics, when there are so very many other HAMS saying and doing idiotic things to report on, but artie does such stupid stuff (very publicly). And The HamFanz Grudge Report readers want to know, so here he goes, again...

On , scroll down to the post of 10.23.06, where you will see the title: Art Bell Threatens Lawsuit Over Weblog Comments.

Apparently, Art Bell is now threatening Cadenhead with his ‘atty’ because of comments various posters left on the blog. Seems artie doesn’t like being called a murderer. (ahh, what’s that saying about protesting too much?)

While you’re there, be sure to read the entire series of emails between artie and Cadenhead:, well worth the read! Note that artie, though currently living in the Philippines is still using his KNYE email addie. The man just has NO class.

Wonder when artie’s going to turn his attention, and his ‘atty’ to The HamFanz Grudge Report?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Steve Wingate’s k6txh, Rants

By now I’ve heard hundreds of them, one too many in fact. Usually when it becomes apparent that he is again drunk (and yes, he is a drunk), I try to find another frequency to listen to, or just go to bed.

Sometimes, there IS no other ‘game’ on frequency, and I’m not sleepy. So I listen, as do any other HAMS on the band, till one by one, they give up and leave; or till Steve finally runs out of steam (or passes out), whichever comes first.

As most know, I believe in free speech, and freedom of expression. But Steve Wingate’s sexist, profane diatribe when he’s under the influence (which is most of the time) is neither. He continues even in the face of his peers asking him to ‘lighten up’, or trying to remind him that vulgarities (and that in no way describes what Steve says, especially about women) are not appreciated.

This is a ‘sick’ man; a 40 something, single male who is in deep denial about his ‘substance abuse’; a drunk in other words. And not even a common drunk, but a mean drunk, who needs to hurt others (with words anyway) with far flung, reaching brush.

He also seems to have a deep and abiding contempt for everyone (including himself) and everything. Even when ‘sober’, he does not play well with the other children...

I’m no teetotaler. I have nothing against Steve, or anyone else recreating with their drug of choice. But I do object to folks that inflict their illness on others (the keyword here is ‘others’) by spewing forth insults, sexist statements, profanity, delusions, typical drunk repetitions, loudness, rudeness, and demanding the total attention of those present.

Now I’ve certainly heard Steve on air when sober (which is all too seldom), and at those times he can hold up his side of the conversation, contribute, and even be witty. But always he remains in denial.

I think it is a tribute to those HAMS that stay on frequency, try to steer any current ‘Steve’ situation into an ‘un-explosion’. I think it’s a wonder that any of them still acknowledge, talk to Steve at all. Perhaps this goes to show how committed (pun not intended) some HAMS are to their hobby.

It’s obvious to all by now, that the FCC and Riley Hollingsworth are impotent; they have all the reality of Santa, or the Easter Bunny.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Richard Hoagland Does It!

And he charges 3.95 per month for entry into his ‘Enterprise Mission’ Discussion. Check it out at: Enterprise Mission

The HamFanz Grudge Report certainly has far more interesting things to say about REAL PEOPLE, folks that you actually know, than all that fanciful Hoagland BS about ‘faces’ on Mars and Cover-ups at NASA (which is not to say it’s NOT true; I just naturally question these kinds of things.)

The HamFanz Grudge Report is not even setting a minimum fee; you may pay what you can afford! Although I think Hoagland’s 3.95 per month is probably reasonable, considering what he is ‘reporting’.

Richard Hoagland is not the only one. All around the ‘net, folks are starting to charge for their various products and ‘services’. Sometimes direct sales pays for what you’re used to getting for ‘free’. But for most sites, advertising no longer carries the day.

I certainly ‘pay’ for things that even 5 years ago were free: AVG anti-virus, web-site hosting, and comprehensive stats being some of them.

So, get real, and get over it. Get used to it, and ante up! And if you really can NOT afford even one buck a month to read The HamFanz Grudge Report, please email and we’ll see what we can do...

Personally, I’ve given this ‘fee for service’ a great deal of thought over the past year or two. I’ve even consulted with others about it. I finally came to the conclusion that I’d rather ‘report’ and write for 3 people who felt it was worth paying for, than 300 that didn’t.

The HamFanz Grudge Report will continue, as long as there are 3 people out there who subscribe!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

HamFanz Grudge will be off and on line!

While setting up to be a 'subscription only' blog, there will be times when 'The HamFanz Grudge Report' will be unavailable as settings are being changed and tested. These periods could last several hours.

On 11.1.06 only paid subscribers will be able to read/post/participate. Please consider subscribing during this time. (There have already been 3 subscribers.)

More information on subscribing to 'The HamFanz Grudge Report' is available at

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Major Change in ‘The HamFanz Grudge Report’

Effective 11.1.06:
You will need to ‘subscribe’, on a monthly basis, to Read and/or Post to the HamFanz Grudge Report.

This can easily be done by using the PayPal Button on THIS page only! ANY amount of donation will get you ONE full calendar month of The HamFanz Grudge Report.

When I receive notice of your ‘subscription’, I will then put your email addie (that you used on PayPal-so use the one you want to ‘post/log in with!) on the ALLOWED list for one month. Unless you re-subscribe’ one month later, you will be removed until you ‘subscribe’ again.

You can subscribe on one month, and not another, your choice! If no one subscribes, The HamFanz Grudge Report will close, and that will be that!

All Original Materials on The HamFanz Grudge Report are the property of evvy garrett, and may NOT be reproduced, copied, emailed, forwarded, etc without my permission.

Comments by subscribers are the sole property of the poster and may NOT be reproduced, copied, emailed, forwarded, etc without their permission.

Those found ignoring basic copywrite laws will be banned from ALL HamFanz venues. Further copywrite infringements could lead to legal action.

Why the change to a subscription service?
• The HamFanz Grudge Report has been in existence for 21 months
• 127 articles have been written and posted
• Averaging 6 articles per month = approximately 6 hours per month
• Plus another 4 hours per month spent in administration activities
• The HamFanz Grudge Report gets about 1,500 hits per month = 250 reads per Article
• I am a professional writer, why should I not get paid for my work
• If people aren’t interested enough to subscribe, then it’s a waste of time

I may change my mind on this, but I doubt it! Comments are welcome!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Last Saturday night, on the Coast to Coast AM show, when Art Bell announced Airyn’s pregnancy, another of his statements caught my attention.

Art Bell said, (referring to his current wife Airyn Bell) and I quote “and she actually had a little bit of a problem. I rushed her over to the (unintelligible) Medical Center. They did an ultrasound. And she’s been taking it easy since then.”

Now, you can check an audio clip of this yourself. But that is what he said, word for word, on broadcast radio on October 7, 2006.

So apparently Art Bell IS capable of recognizing an emergency. He is 61 and has those years of adult experience. He was once a trained Medic in the Air Force. He worked as a 911 dispatcher at one time.

So the question is: Why didn’t Art Bell rush RAMONA to an Emergency Room when she was dying?? Just hours before Ramona’s death, they’d driven through Las Vegas; he could have sought help for her from any number of hospitals there. Or at least found an RV camp close to Vegas, knowing she was ill, rather than driving on to an isolated camp in a small community.

Art Bell taking his new wife, who was experiencing a non-life threatening emergency, to a hospital, and ignoring his first wife, Ramona, who was having a life threatening emergency, and indeed died, smacks to me of choice, perhaps even conscious choice.

Art Bell wants young, child like, Philippine’s born, and probably servile, Airyn to live (and retain her pregnancy).

He obviously didn’t want Ramona to continue to live, or he would have ‘rushed her’ to a hospital (as he did Airyn). Had he wanted Ramona to live, he would have sought immediate medical attention for her. He wouldn’t have had an asthmatic out roving around dusty desert roads in an RV while she was having symptoms of her disease in the first place.

I would hope to see criminal charges filed by the state of Nevada brought against Art Bell, the moment he steps foot back in this country, (and he will), at least negligent homicide. (Do we have ‘extradition’ agreements with the Philippines?) At the very least, I would like to see Ramona’s remaining family file civil suit for wrongful death, and I would think they could do that no matter in what country he was hiding.

I admit, I've held these views since the day Ramona died, have shared them privately only with a few others. I have been waiting for Art Bell to 'make a mistake, a slip' before I said anything publically; I think last week end, he did just that...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Art w6obb, and Airyn Bell Expecting

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, the very first thing Art Bell did was to announce the pregnancy of Airyn. He filled us in on all the gory details, more than most of us wanted to know:

-She’d gotten pregnant on September 13, 2006 during their three day trip to Hong Kong.
-That they were “hoping” she was pregnant, but the first home test (the totally out of touch with the ‘real’ world man seemed to think this modern test was only available in the Philippines) came back negative.
-But a week later, (last week) since ‘nothing had happened’, as he was broadcasting Coast to Coast AM, Airyn went to the drugstore and purchased another test, came home and ‘took’ it. (The idiot even told us HOW, by putting a little urine on the test strip. He must be the ONLY male who calls himself American who does not know this. And he must think WE are really stupid.)
-As soon as the broadcast of Coast to Coast AM was over, she showed him the test results (“two lines” had appeared) and they ‘jumped up and down’ with happiness.
-That if it was a girl, (and he wants a girl) they will name her ‘Asia’ because she was truly made in China.

If you haven’t already heard this ‘announcement’ I’m sure you will find an audio clip available through various HAMS and Ham Sites (Like HamFanz Yahoo Group).

The most immediately interesting thing about this news is that it proves artie a liar once again. Around the time of his marriage, he informed his ‘former’ friends that he had taken Airyn to a doctor and ‘got her on the pill’.

Some of the conversations going on in the email groups (posted mostly by women), were openly derisive, along the lines of:

-It is a wonder he didn't tell us what hotel they were in, and the hour... Smug old...
-I don't think he ever put much into being a father the first time.
-In a few years, Airyn could have two or three in diapers, including the father.

I did catch some of the HAMS on 3.765 shortly after Artie’s announcement, and the comments were short, and on the negative side. Similar in content to ‘there’s no fool like an old fool’, but it’s his life.

During the wee hours of the morning, the Real Folks of 3.840 (who had to move to 3.846 due to contesters), had some discussion of artie’s announcement, and a LOT of laughs. But the discussions encompassed many non-artie topics. There was a phone patch, compliments of Jim Watkins ki6gu. I called in, (more $$$ out of my pocket!) and I don’t remember for sure, but I think I pointed out that I made the ‘call’ on this ‘baby’ months ago...which I did, to many.

Now if all this isn’t enough to make you puke, or laugh, or both, do ‘stay tuned’ dear readers, and check back often, as the HamFanz Grudge Report has sooo much more to report regarding this latest Art Bell folly!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Melba Mac w7lw may no Longer be Melba Mac

Heard last night, on an unknown frequency as I was listening through smeter, and frequently changing receivers.

Melba Mac and wife are moving back to Boise, ID. They are going to rent, not buy.

Now, I just heard the last few minutes of his transmission, and he was not loud, and sounded ‘tinny’, unlike his former transmissions on 3.840 and 3.765. In fact, I did not even recognize his voice, but did ‘tune in’ to his ‘content’. So I’m probably missing info.

Seems like there are some health issues now, and they want to live ‘closer in’ to civilization. (My assumption from what I did hear.) I do not know if this move is just for the coming winter, or a permanent move. I do not know if he’s going to sell his Melba digs. So if anyone has further info on this item, please post...

It was absolutely great hearing him again (no matter how poor the audio)! And getting caught up on his life, his wife, his grandsons (he has them for the next 4 days), and his dogs!

Melba Mac w7lw, was always one of my favorite HAMS, since the first day (night?) of his arrival on 3.840. And he still is. He is an interesting person, has and does lead an interesting life. (Perhaps one I even envy: family, basic good health, financial stability, one long-term spouse, morality that he’s not afraid of discussing and living.)

My complaint about Melba Mac? Perhaps he’s too rigid. He tends to judge others too harshly, eliminating them from his life (radio that is), painting all with the same brush. He doesn’t seem to tolerate differences, ie play well with ALL the other kids, and obviously, takes his toys and goes to play elsewhere. Even his web site is gone, gone, gone. When he could be part of the ‘solution’, be a stabilizing factor, on ANY frequency. Not only our loss, but his (some of these nuts could help expand Mac’s personal ‘growth’.) And my guess is Melba Mac would be welcome on any frequency...

I am curious though, if Melba Mac now regrets his decisions to follow artie’s w6obb insistent suggestions to move ‘into the wilderness’. He spent all that time, energy and money on property, a pre-fab, digging wells, putting in drives, and trying to put up a loop. For what? And why – to emulate arties life style? Jeeze, if he’d have just waited, perhaps he could have purchased the Pahrump Compound at a bottom-line price...

(Hey Mac! We’re all still here! We like ya! And we didn’t go running off to Manila to remarry! Well, most of us didn’t!).

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

World’s Biggest Jammer w6wbj May be in a Jam

Hot off the wire! In an FCC Enforcement letter dated 9.20.06, copy to be found at the ARRL enforcement page, Bill Crowell is notified of intended action.

Bill Crowell w6wbj is, informed that because of complaints against his station, (n6ayj), alleging deliberate interference, the renewal of his license will be reviewed in a hearing to be held before an Administrative Law Judge in Washington, DC.

So perhaps old Billie was NOT out getting buff on his bicycle, as he’s claimed, but spending all his extra time preparing legal briefs and arguments? We’ve all seen how good he is at doing that, legendary even.

Wonder if he will actually have to go to Washington, DC, or if it will all be done via phone or video conferencing. Sure hope he’s going to seek permission to audio/video record that hearing so that we can all share. Though, as with any hearing, a personal appearance makes more of an impression.

On the other hand, knowing how SLOW the feds are to get anything done, we may all be over 80 before such a hearing takes place, or before there is a decision resulting from that hearing. Not to mention appeals, which I’m sure Billie is preparing as I write this Grudge Report. Anyone looking for Billie to lose his license anytime soon, is probably day dreaming...

However, March 12, 2007 looms closer every day though (the date n6ayj’s license expires), hearing or no hearing. And if his license isn’t renewed, will Bill Crowell walk away from shortwave radio as he claims he will do? (To the cheering from many a HAM, no doubt.)

I have heard Billie state on air, that all he has to do is go back to n6ayj, that it’s the vanity call w6wbj that is in question. This enforcement letter doesn’t ‘read’ that way to me; but then I’m not a lawyer.

This may be an interesting ‘game’ to watch. It was good when it was Crowell vs Hollingsworth. Surely it will be even better when it is Crowell vs the Feds.

Monday, October 02, 2006

HamFanz Site is Being Downsized!

There are several reasons for this. The main one being I am starting on a new book-length project (yes!), and doing booklet content for two other sites. I just don’t have the time to maintain the way it’s set up.

Other reasons are:
• No one is making donations and I just don’t have the funds to carry it myself.
• Participation and interest are down (that’s a whole Grudge Report in itself!)

I am (perhaps temporarily) removing the sections that are my largest time ‘eaters’. They are all items that are fairly easily to reinstate, if/when my ‘other’ projects allow me the time or get completed earlier than anticipated.

Knowing for two months that this was coming, in a final push of time expenditure, (I spent hours and hours and hours sorting, naming, etc) I posted all HamFanz Pics in a new Yahoo Photo Site Format You may go add comments (I may delete!) or tags to your pictures. Knock yourselves out!

HamFanz Yahoo Group remains as is, as does the HamFanz Grudge Report!


Legal fine print:

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The statements or opinions posted in The HamFanz Grudge Report are solely those of the author, who assumes no liabilities for those statements or opinions.

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