Sunday, October 29, 2006

Art Bell w6obb, is at it again

I actually get tired of reporting on arties antics, when there are so very many other HAMS saying and doing idiotic things to report on, but artie does such stupid stuff (very publicly). And The HamFanz Grudge Report readers want to know, so here he goes, again...

On , scroll down to the post of 10.23.06, where you will see the title: Art Bell Threatens Lawsuit Over Weblog Comments.

Apparently, Art Bell is now threatening Cadenhead with his ‘atty’ because of comments various posters left on the blog. Seems artie doesn’t like being called a murderer. (ahh, what’s that saying about protesting too much?)

While you’re there, be sure to read the entire series of emails between artie and Cadenhead:, well worth the read! Note that artie, though currently living in the Philippines is still using his KNYE email addie. The man just has NO class.

Wonder when artie’s going to turn his attention, and his ‘atty’ to The HamFanz Grudge Report?


n7js said...

I can tell you the outcome of this one. Because it's an internet issue making it completely convuluted and subject to the laws of "the wild west" - it's most likely an exercise in futility. However, it will serve to bring much attention and publicity to the blogger/media person (which will make him jump up and down in joy). On the other hand - the person bringing the suit get's even more scrutinized and brings even more attention to an issue that he is trying to avoid publicity on in the first place. On top of that - he ends up paying for it w/ attorney fees.
It's always best to research and think these things through. Threatening a lawsuit out of the chute is probably the last way you want to approach a situation in your favor.
Jim N7JS

Billy said...

But it's just as wrong for anyone to say that Art killed Ramona as it was for Moody and 'NZL Art to say that Jim and I killed her. She died due to a confluence of events which nobody could have predicted; none of which, or even any two or three of which, could have caused her death by themselves. Her death only resulted when she was inadvertently simultaneously exposed to 5 or 6 separate risk factors for asthma. I am not going to go into any more detail because I don't want to offend anyone, but the point is that of course nobody exposed her to those risk factors intentionally. Hindsight is always 20:20.

evvy said...

billy wrote:
>>>but the point is that of course nobody exposed her to those risk factors intentionally.

We don't know that. And it would be any easy enough thing to do...

evvy said...

n7js wrote:

>>>It's always best to research and think these things through.

One would think so.

However when a person seems to feel (has been taught by experience with his 'friends') that anything he asks for he will get; that anything he wants, he can have... Well this is the result!


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