Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yahoo Groups that may (or may not) interest you

Artie related groups:

1) artandairyn – is a new group started 4.06 in response to all the ‘congrats art’ callers to Coast to Coast AM and posters to various forums. This is a small group of mostly former artie fans that now aren’t! They don’t think art’s recent behavior is all that great. Sometimes days go by without messages, then a few will appear, usually in response to a Coast to Coast AM broadcast, or to something someone found on the net. You can find them at:

2) Disciples_of_JC – was started in August of 2005. So it’s not new, but not old. It has about three times the members that artandairyn has. Not many messages, but the files contain many JC audio clips and are worth grabbing.

3) IUFONEWS - An old group, founded in July 2001. Small membership, not many current messages. Notable in that you can find old messages from our very own WingNut, Steve Wingate k6txh, going back all those years.

4) artbelltalk – A ‘really’ old group, started in May of 1998. A ‘tightly moderated’ group, it was and remains one of the foremost artie ‘fan’ sites with over 600 artie fans. In recent years the group has focused more and more on the Coast to Coast AM broadcast, sliding easily into including Ian Punnitt, and George Noory, Coast to Coast AM guests, and subjects. It now claims to be based on the SHOW. Seldom an unkind word heard here!

Do a YahooGroups search on Art Bell and you will get 35 hits! Amazing.

Radio related groups:

1) Ham-Radio-History – Another old group, founded in 1998. Not many current messages (though it boasts a membership of over 600); approximately 100 per month, but the emails you receive are almost always of interest, if you’re a radio history/trivia buff. Files contain some great pics and texts.

2) Kent Nyberg’s list – a new list, started May 2004, with only a few members, and it would seem, currently inactive. But you never know when it will pop up.

3) It has been rumored that Steve Wingate k6txh, has a YahooGroup focused on UFO’s, but I haven’t been invited, nor have I found it!

Do a YahooGroups search on Ham Radio, and you will get 992 hits!
Do a YahooGroups search on HAMS, and you will get 2 -3 groups about breeding/raising hamsters!

And do you have any fav Yahoo Groups to add to the list?

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