Monday, October 24, 2005

A Question Answered

For years now, various people have asked me why I haven't gotten my 'ticket'.

I've replied with the logical: not enough time, not enough money (it IS an expensive hobby), not enough energy. I'm NOT technically oriented.

Then too, I love being a SWL of 3.840. I love that voice in the night. I love being a 3.840 'commentator' (They may not admit it, but I enhance their 'group'). I love radio in all it's forms.

But after listening to 3.840 tonight and the conversations about:

1) cow farts
2) oil changes
3) signal strength
4) cholesterol meds
5) and some old coot asking Trish if her hubby 'let her' stay up all night to talk!
6) The Burrow Motel
7) eating at Denny's

It came to me in a flash! The real reason I don't get an amateur radio license became very clear; obviously I'm not stupid enough!

Monday, October 10, 2005

3840HamFans has a new Banner!

Graphics by: Carl Richardson kb5fjx, who won one of my poetry eBooks, (of his choice), in last month's 3840HamFans banner contest.

It is felt that this 'banner' truly reflects the interests and functions of 3840HamFans...

Feel free to put on your websites! Please link the banner to . Contact me for a 'better' copy than can be imported and posted here! I'll be glad to email the .jpg to you!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Radio Bothell Online

Provided by Kent Nyberg, wm7o, it’s back; and better than ever! Radio Bothell is a full-featured online tuner.

The tuner is password controlled, (you can get a password by contacting Kent - see the site for email addy). So there are none of the hijinks common to ‘open’ tuners.

This tuner is on a ‘first come’ basis. NO booting you out after a period of time. If you can get in, either to the tuner OR the stream, you can stay as long as you like.

A really neat thing about the Bothell Radio Online tuner is that there are ‘presets’; some great AM, FM, and SW frequencies (including 3.840) to listen to easily, just click with your mouse.

There is an on site chat, and simple info on how to use the tuner, which is NOT smeter associated.

And there’s an accompanying Yahoo List you can join where you can ask questions, etc.

As usual, there are a limited number of ‘tuner’ spots, but even if the Bothell Tuner is full, it IS streamed, both on the site, and on

Add to all the above; good, clean, crisp audio, and you have a superior online Tuner.

Thanks and welcome back Kent!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Delilah!!! (Oh My! )

I was listening, almost intently, as the HAMS on 3.840 last night walked Trish k4ze, through exactly what she needed/wanted in a transceiver.

Glenn kn6z was particularly helpful, though I have no natural interest in the speed of light, etc, I was listening and learning from him (It's so nice to have a legit professor on air - but doesn't the guy have a pic more current than 1998 to put on QRZ?)

When Trish was finally able to articulate what, exactly, she wanted, there was a moment of utter silence. But the HAMS on air, accepted her answer with aplomb.

Trish wants a Transceiver that will make her SOUND LIKE Delilah!!!!

The on-air Hams treated her gently, and went off to Google Delilah (Click on link above to find what we all found.). Only Sue k7so, had what may have amounted to some sarcasm in her voice. Me? I was falling off my chair laughing! And, oh yea, I want a mirror that makes me LOOK like I'm a size 12...


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