Saturday, October 08, 2005

Radio Bothell Online

Provided by Kent Nyberg, wm7o, it’s back; and better than ever! Radio Bothell is a full-featured online tuner.

The tuner is password controlled, (you can get a password by contacting Kent - see the site for email addy). So there are none of the hijinks common to ‘open’ tuners.

This tuner is on a ‘first come’ basis. NO booting you out after a period of time. If you can get in, either to the tuner OR the stream, you can stay as long as you like.

A really neat thing about the Bothell Radio Online tuner is that there are ‘presets’; some great AM, FM, and SW frequencies (including 3.840) to listen to easily, just click with your mouse.

There is an on site chat, and simple info on how to use the tuner, which is NOT smeter associated.

And there’s an accompanying Yahoo List you can join where you can ask questions, etc.

As usual, there are a limited number of ‘tuner’ spots, but even if the Bothell Tuner is full, it IS streamed, both on the site, and on

Add to all the above; good, clean, crisp audio, and you have a superior online Tuner.

Thanks and welcome back Kent!

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