Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Pimp kb5fjx, and artie w60bb’s, Cat

In the last few months, we have seen a number of pictures in Carl Richardson’s kb5fjx slot.

(And, sorry Carl, but if you post to ‘public domain’ sites, then the material is then in the public domain; so why don’t you quit posting stuff ALL over the net and claiming that it’s under copywrite??? Look up the info, it’s easy enough to find.)

We have seen ducks:

We have seen deer:
(By the way Carl, calling yourself ESQ??? Are you ‘high European royalty’ or a practicing attorney in the US? You really should check this stuff out BEFORE putting your foot in your mouth!)

And we have seen dogs:

So the question is: Where is Dusty the cat that you so obligingly took home from Art Bells Pahrump digs? You posted ONE picture of a cat sitting on a bed months ago.

I searched the web, found out some interesting things about you, and quite a few pictures. But none of the cat you adopted.

I think we would all like an update on Dusty.

Interesting Carl kb5fjx links: His My space Blog – where he claims his income is under 30, 000 then lists thousands of $$$ worth of photography equipment! (Sure wish I could budget that well!) Did your brother-in-law Art Bell buy this stuff for you? Since you have so much photography equipment, can’t you take a picture of one little cat???

A List of mA List of my equipment is as follows:

HP 310 Digital Used for proofs
Sony Alpha 100K Digital 10.2 MP
Minolta 800SI with vertical Grip
Minolta 700SI
Minolta 5000
Minolta 7000
Minolta 3000I
Minolta 2000I Flash
Minolta D314I Flash
Minolta 20 Flash
Sony 75-300 Lens
Sony 35-70 Lens
Vivitar 100-300 Lens
Prospec 28-80 Lens
Sigma 70-300 Lens

Where he posts messages regarding what a great friend artie is, among other things! A must read...

But back to Dusty; will someone tell Carl to take a picture and post it on Or to tell us how Dusty is doing on his web site

(Why is he on anyway, I’ve only heard him on air ONCE, and that was the night he was parked in arties driveway!)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flip Flop Or the Latest in the Trish k4ze, Saga

Admittedly, Trish k4ze has a long history of changing sides dramatically and often. She has a tendency to change allegiance more often than some of those grungy old HAMS change socks. And mostly, even knowing of this ‘womanly’ habit, we don’t usually see it coming. But I wonder, if this time, Trish is giving us some signs of still one more change of allegiance?

The other night, she spent some time on 3.765 with some of the ‘Little People’. She even recorded this and for a couple of days this recording was available on her web site,

It has since been taken down, as she adds and subtracts content to her site almost daily. A small audio clip of this exchange can now be found at:

Now this is really a complicated and multi-sided issue as:

1) Some are truly tired of Trish ‘switching’ sides at the drop of a hat.
2) Some don’t understand WHY she’d even want to visit, even for a few minutes on 3.765.
3) Some are unaware of her history (hell, sometimes SHE is unaware of her history!)
4) Some are expecting another ‘switch’, whatever that might entail.
5) Some could care less.

But, this time, I do have an opinion and observations on this (surprise, surprise) to that goal, let me recap:

Trish k4ze left ‘the little people’ on all their various frequencies to escape the ‘little dictators’, and there are many among that former Lord of the Loop (Art Bell w60bb) group.

At first, being newly licensed, Trish accepted being told by the ‘Little People’ what to do; which frequencies, and ‘approved’ HAMS, she could ‘associate’ with, both on and off the radio. Soon however, she balked at being bossed around as a condition of her acceptance in the group. Lastly, she tried to diplomatically instill some sense of ‘freedom of choice’ into the ‘little dictators’, without any luck.

Then came the day when the ‘little dictators’ chastised her publicly and privately, for content she had put ON HER PRIVAT WEB SITE! There was some thought that she should have first gotten ‘permission’ to post whatever it was!

That was it for Trish; she told all the ‘little dictators’ off and left in a huff to re-join what was left of the 3.840 group. She was welcomed with open arms, though she had to listen to many an ‘I told you so’. Trish settled into the 3.840 group whole-heartedly. And she tried; she truly tried, to be open-minded and accept the craziness that is now rampant on 3.840.

It didn’t take long though, before the honeymoon was over. In the first place, Trish likes to interact with other HAMS (aduh!); and these days it’s hard to find anyone on 3.840. And what HAMS are there are almost never there before 12AM PT, whereas in prior years, there were often people on air from 9 – 10 PM. Now, poor Trish often found herself with no one to talk too, a terrible thing to do to ANY woman!

The honeymoon was barely over, and Trish hadn’t even been kissed, before one of the HAMS that frequent 3.840, Bill Crowell w6wbj, fucked her up but good.

Bill Crowell w6wbj, deliberately put her in a lose-lose situation by posting socially unacceptable material on her . Material she was OBLIGED, just by current standards of common decency, to remove (I have seen the images-I can’t believe he did that).

When she removed the material, in typical Bill Crowell w6wbj fashion, he claimed that if he couldn’t do exactly what he wanted to do ON HER WEB SITE, then he wanted to be totally removed. What else could she do? She honored his request and removed him.

This leaves Trish in an uncomfortable situation on 3.840, there aren’t many there to talk to anyway. Is it any wonder she wandered down the band, before midnight, and had a pleasant conversation with the ‘little people’ there?

Oh My! What IS a girl to do??? Well, we will all have to wait to see what Trish is going to do next. But no doubt, it will be both interesting and entertaining...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

O.J. Simpson and Art Bell w6obb?

Today’s news is that O. J. Simpson has a new book out "If I Did It," published by ReganBooks, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. In this book, he apparently tells how he WOULD have murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, in Los Angeles, over a decade ago, in 1994.

Check out these current news page links for the full story.
CNN story
Yahoo story

As if that isn’t outrageous enough, there is a two-part television interview, titled "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened," which will air Nov. 27 and Nov. 29 on Fox. (Yes, I’ll probably be watching!)

What I’m wondering is if we will see a similar book from Art Bell w6obb, in about 10 years or so? He has books ghost written, he likes to be in the lime-light, and he likes to make oodles and oodles of money.

Such a book is not as far fetched as might be thought. Perhaps he will title it: How I set my Wife up for a Fatal Asthma Attack or I like very young Asian women!

The difference being that O. J. Simpson stood trial and was found ‘not guilty’. No charges have been brought against Art Bell. Though of course, we have no idea of what the Nevada District Attorney’s office might like to discuss, if anything, with artie.

After all, the Unites States DOES have an extradition treaty with the Philippines. So if the state of Nevada, really wanted him, they could get him. Though I do not think there is any ‘time limit’ on murder charges and they may just be ‘biding their time’.

However, they may be time limitations on civil litigation, should Ramona’s family wish to pursue a ‘negligent death’ lawsuit. And they should...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Around and ‘round they go on 3.840

Last night was what SWL is really all about, a bunch of people showing us their all! All the silliness, accusations, paranoia, personality defects, unrealistic expectations, and disappointments in each other ad nauseam! Far better than years worth of ‘Days of our Lives’!

Bill Crowell w6wbj apparently posted a pic to that Trish k4ze, (the owner of the site), felt was inappropriate to post. She not only removed the pic, but blocked his slot.

Billy took unsubtle umbrage and requested to either have his ‘slot’ removed from the page, or to leave the current pic Trish posted of him at about age 16 up forever. At the time, she honored his request to remove his slot. Then she demanded an apology from Billy w6wbj. (For what, I’m not quiet sure; I never got that straight in my head. Because he posted a pic many would find offensive but there were no rules against?)

After this, emails (to which I’m not privy as Billy, for whatever reason, dropped me from his private email list a few weeks ago) and phone calls went back and forth; the usual drill.

And it got worse from there with Billy w6wbj citing artistic license, and Trish claiming she needed to protect her website. And by the way, I was unaware that HAD any RULES. Wasn’t that why it was started in the first place, to escape the repression and censorship of ?

Trish k4ze might find it in her best interest to MAKE & POST some basic ‘rules’. I know I eventually had too, (though I disliked doing so – but kids will be kids, spoiling the fun for everyone else.) with all the HamFanz endeavors. Yes, some raged for awhile, but eventually...

On the other hand, it’s a known fact that Billy w6wbj, does NOT play well with the other kids. Many of the Hams have legitimately come to hate him (or so they say) such as Art Bell w6obb, and Big Ben kd7bcw. I don’t have enough fingers to count the numbers of groups, sites, he’s been kicked from. And when he isn’t tossed (like from HamFanz), he left the group quietly, whimpering that there were too many contentious and or just plain stupid folks there! (In other words, people that might disagree with him.)

Without much enthusiasm, having both been there and done that in many like situations, both the Rev n7js, and Gu ki6gu, got involved in the ‘critique’ of the situation – which went on to include Billy’s personality and life-style.

Gu ki6gu, and the Rev n7js, went on and on about how everyone would make a big deal out of this latest 3.840 disagreement for weeks or even months, that people were listening and recording. You know what? I don’t think so; someone else will do something stupid far sooner than that!

Late in the game Bill wb6bnq, entered, perhaps the only participant with a sense of humor (albeit a supercilious one) about it all.

The game closer was when Billy w6wbj, got back on air after listening to all of the above, and accused ki6gu and the others of picking on him. Oh my!

So, there was still one more big hassle on 3.840 last night. If you didn’t listen and want to, a recording can be found, titled “2006_11_13_W6WBJ_Im_Not_Going_To_Apologize” at: . Scroll to bottom of page; right click to download to your computer. Warning, contains ADULT language and stupidity!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Picture Proof of

The Brother-in-laws in moral decay; Carl Richardson kb5fjx, and Art Bell w6obb, unwittingly left tell-tale records of exactly when their involvement with the Philippine internet ordered brides began.

From Wikipedia
The amount of facial hair on a man's face varies from individual to individual, and also between ethnic groups. For example, men from many East Asian, West African or Native American backgrounds typically have much less facial hair than those of European, Middle Eastern or South Asian descent, with Native Americans typically having little to none at all.

According to the above links, one might ASSUME that women born and raised in the Philippines would insist their men be clean shaven. So the future brother-in-laws to be, shaved off facial hair that, in my opinion, greatly improved their looks. See the before and after pics below.


Here is the earliest published picture of Art Bell, sans mustache (and black shirt!). Note the date: 2.4.06, less than one month after Ramona died. Airyn must have let him know in video conferences that facial hair was unacceptable to her.

If anyone wanted circumstantial evidence of WHEN artie started getting serious about Airyn, well, the proof is in the pictures! (And dang! Why would anyone walk around looking uglier than they had too?)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yahoo Groups that may (or may not) interest you

Artie related groups:

1) artandairyn – is a new group started 4.06 in response to all the ‘congrats art’ callers to Coast to Coast AM and posters to various forums. This is a small group of mostly former artie fans that now aren’t! They don’t think art’s recent behavior is all that great. Sometimes days go by without messages, then a few will appear, usually in response to a Coast to Coast AM broadcast, or to something someone found on the net. You can find them at:

2) Disciples_of_JC – was started in August of 2005. So it’s not new, but not old. It has about three times the members that artandairyn has. Not many messages, but the files contain many JC audio clips and are worth grabbing.

3) IUFONEWS - An old group, founded in July 2001. Small membership, not many current messages. Notable in that you can find old messages from our very own WingNut, Steve Wingate k6txh, going back all those years.

4) artbelltalk – A ‘really’ old group, started in May of 1998. A ‘tightly moderated’ group, it was and remains one of the foremost artie ‘fan’ sites with over 600 artie fans. In recent years the group has focused more and more on the Coast to Coast AM broadcast, sliding easily into including Ian Punnitt, and George Noory, Coast to Coast AM guests, and subjects. It now claims to be based on the SHOW. Seldom an unkind word heard here!

Do a YahooGroups search on Art Bell and you will get 35 hits! Amazing.

Radio related groups:

1) Ham-Radio-History – Another old group, founded in 1998. Not many current messages (though it boasts a membership of over 600); approximately 100 per month, but the emails you receive are almost always of interest, if you’re a radio history/trivia buff. Files contain some great pics and texts.

2) Kent Nyberg’s list – a new list, started May 2004, with only a few members, and it would seem, currently inactive. But you never know when it will pop up.

3) It has been rumored that Steve Wingate k6txh, has a YahooGroup focused on UFO’s, but I haven’t been invited, nor have I found it!

Do a YahooGroups search on Ham Radio, and you will get 992 hits!
Do a YahooGroups search on HAMS, and you will get 2 -3 groups about breeding/raising hamsters!

And do you have any fav Yahoo Groups to add to the list?


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