Sunday, March 26, 2006

The still mysterious missing artie

It’s been a week since artie w6obb, disappeared; a week since the last Grudge Report on the same. Indeed, we had to listen to a replay of his last night on c2c, and tonight George Noory is ‘sitting in’ for artie.

Rumors have quietly slid back and forth on the net; most unbelievable, silly or wild, like:

  • he has joined a monastery, is going to become a priest (I thought he was already a Lord?)

  • he is going to sell his Pahrump Spread and if off looking for a buyer

  • he’s being treated for depression in an in-patient facility (wouldn’t SteveO kg6txh love that?)

  • he’s off setting up the legalities of his new ‘pay’ radio program

  • he’s with his Mother who is very ill

Some say they’ve heard from him, some say they haven’t, and some say ‘give a shit’. Me, I’ve heard nothing that could be legit, AND tracked down.

I would like to point out though, that Carl Richardson kb5fjx, who has been a frequent poster to this Blog, and to date has always been a truthful person, hasn’t uttered one word of denial that artie went with him to the Philippines to wife shop! And yes, he has a laptop with him…

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Whats Art Bell up to

What’s Art Bell up too now?

Last week-end on Coast to Coast AM, artie said that he was going to be doing something radical. On the HamFanz List,, there was some conjecture; everything from an Art Bell program on Satellite Radio to artie selling his Pahrump spread.

Then last night, Saturday, on Coast to Coast AM, artie announced, and I quote, “And don’t think I’ve been abducted, I’ll be missing for a couple of week-ends after this, a change of scenery is coming up.” This in itself is kind of surprising, as after Ramona’s (his wife of 15 yrs.) passing, he couldn’t get back to broadcasting fast enough.

Tonight, Sunday, on Coast to Coast AM, artie announced, “I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks or so. Doing some world tilting myself.”

Can’t help but wonder if this has anything to do with Carl Richardson kb5fjx, of Smithville, Arkansas. A few months ago, Carl kb5fjx, met a Philippine woman, Sharon, on the internet through one of the ‘match’ services.

Without ever having actually met each other, he asked her to marry him, and she accepted. (Carl has posted her picture to occasionally over this time period.) For Carl kb5fjx, and his bride to be, this has been an international law and visa nightmare that included much paperwork and long periods of waiting.

Up until last month, Carl was going to wait out the 8 months or so, for Sharon to get her visa and come here. Suddenly, last month, he decided to go ahead and go to the Philippines and marry here there. They even made reservations for a beach cottage for a honeymoon. Unfortunately, Sharon will have to remain there when Carl returns to Arkansas due to visa requirements.

NOW, here’s how these two items intersect!

Carl kb5fjx, is now on his way to Los Angeles International Airport, then the Philippines via Pahrump!!! Art Bell’s w6obb, favorite place in the whole world (as he’s told many of us over and over), the Philippines!!! Art Bell’s w6obb, favorite women, seem to be Asian.

Is all this just weird coincidence? I think not! I think artie and Carl are off on a 15 hour plane trip to the Philippines together.

Carl kb5fjx, is going to meet and marry Sharon. artie w6obb, is he going to look up old friends, start shopping for a new digs, or a new wife???

Monday, March 13, 2006

Wallowing with the HAMS

See, I come by it naturally! These are actual pictures of me at age 9, on the farm, with my two favorite things in the entire world (at that time); kittens and hogs!

That old sow was my best friend for a couple of years, she followed me around like she was a dog. She even let me get into her pen when she had piglets, and pick them up. Only my Aunt’s insistence kept her out of the house!

It’s only natural, once I found the world of HAMS (most of them swine – though not nearly as ethical as that old sow), that I’d take to them like a hog to a wallow!

btw, note the KC 'A's hat!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement

In case there is ANYONE in the HamFanz community that hasn’t heard, and I doubt that, but I fell compelled to report that the FCC has finally taken action against Steve Wingate k6txh, with this letter dated February 22, 2006.

Since I truly like Steve, and always have, I can only hope he takes this two year opportunity to clean up his act, for his own benefit, if not for his license. And that he returns two years hence, if for nothing else but to wipe a few noses in it!

The sad thing is, even if he does lucidly, make the decision to comply with the FCC ruling, I’m sad to say, that I think there will be times, and soon, when he’ll not even remember his decision and will be on air.

And I can’t help but wonder if the HAMS who taunted Steve so unmercifully, who threatened Steve in so many ways (and I have hours and hours of recordings of THIS – wonder if Riley Hollingsworth would like to hear them?), and who made the ‘fake’ recordings, and filed ‘fake’ or exaggerated complaints are not themselves under investigation. I certainly hope so! Perhaps we’ll see an ‘advisement’ letter to them from the FCC and posted on the ARRL site one of these days soon. You know who you are…


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