Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Jim just wants to have fun!

As he himself said on air last night; he just wants to relax, have a couple (???) of beers, have fun, and enjoy his hobby. Poor Baby!!!

I must say, the sound of a forty-something man whining, at length, on air about something so inane, is unpleasant at best, stomach turning at worst! And when Jim whines, that southern accent breaks through, his voice goes up a notch or two, and the actual, physical sound of it is grating to the human nervous system!

I haven't heard Greg whining about changing diapers. Nor Ben about his antenna being cut, and I must say, I don't think I've ever really heard Art whine about anything (if so, his professional 'voice' hid it well, besides Art tends to sarcasm rather than whining)!

And poor Jim doesn't want all those folks bothering him by IM'ing him. I guess that as a broadcast engineer, he hasn't yet figured out how to turn off MSMessenger. (I have, I was so disgusted with him last night that I blocked him immediately at the end of our brief chat, not wanting to take the chance of him IM'ing me anytime soon. I unblocked him this afternoon though!)

That was long before he gave his 3 minute warning! "If you have anything important, IM me now, because in 3 minutes I'm gonna shut off Messenger". Then came a countdown; by minutes, then seconds!!! My guess is that no one was IM'ing him during that 'countdown' because they were laughing too hard. I know I was!

By the way, 'cause I KNOW you all are wondering, it was not me 'bothering' poor Jim! Jim and I had a fairly brief IM chat early on; Jim said 'he didn't want to talk about it' in a very terse, unmannerly way. I accepted that. But despite asking nicely WHEN we could talk about it; I was unable to pin him down. No wonder he's not married! He can not commit to even a chat! So I honestly don't know WHO was IM'ing him (if it was YOU, please email me and tell me all about it!).

But I think I know WHY!

Does anyone remember this year's on air event titled: 'The First Annual Woodshed Hall of Shame Induction Ceremony'??? Where Greg & Jim claimed to be: "Working to Combat Bad Manners & Poor Operating Practices"? During which they said they would: fight injustice wherever they found it????

Well, injustice was dropped right into Jim's lap last night and he chose to ignore it. He acknowledged it and made it public that he chose to ignore it; not deal with it later, or in another way, but IGNORE it. Not exactly 'combating bad manners or injustice', huh?

Jim has probably changed his mind as to exactly what constitutes 'injustice' since he was invited to Pahrump to make Demo Tapes and visit a couple of times recently...

Jim obviously has an extremely short memory! My guess is the folks who were IM'ing him didn't! Maybe Jim Watson - ki6gu should be inducted to next year's Woodshed Hall of Shame?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Art Bell & Karen Larimore

6/29/04 11:25 pm 3.840 usb
Art Bell "Well, I heard what happened to Karen when she tried to give evvy something."

A couple of minutes later: "Too bad, because I have some computers to give away, but I just don't want to chance it."

The question is: What did Karen EVER give to me???

She once bought an old partially functioning Yeseau transceiver she bought for $35 on eBay (she said).

I purchased a pizza. I loaned her hundreds of dollars worth of software for her computer.

When the Yeasu DID NOT work for me; I called Karen Larimore. She came and picked it up. I again bought us a pizza.

So just WHAT did the liar Karen GIVE to me??? Let Karen come forward and state otherwise!

And just what kind of relationship do these two have: the worshiper and stalker Karen, and the worshiped, Art Bell?

Art does not want to see Karens' lies, face the reality of her seeking him out. If he did, what would that make him look like?

The emperor is definitely naked. Not only naked, but a mean-spirited egocentric, AFRAID of finding out and dealing with the truth.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

'The Voice of Reason' stolen?

Seems like someone at KABC radio is Los Angeles was recently heard to use Greg's/w6ezv
self-chosen nick: The Voice of Reason. Wonder who copied whom? Wonder if either of them actually IS a Voice of Reason??? It remains to be seen...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

RoboLon Upgrading?

Word is going around that RoboLon/wb6ezd is going to be 'testing' in July for his license upgrade...

Good luck RoboLon!!!

Friday, June 11, 2004

A Rose by any other name...

Last night there was much discussion of WHAT to call Steve. There were a number of suggestions! None of them kind. But nics seldom are. (Wonder what they call ME?)

However, the thought occurs to me that giving someone a nic shows acceptance, acknowledgement, and even validates them.

Could this possibly be a step (the first, tiny, one)of Steve becoming one of the group???

I would think that if he's such a problem to everyone as they claim he is; they would IGNORE him, not name him!

Perhaps they just like having someone to HATE???

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Where has Trish been? She seems to have just dissappeared! She doesn't post to the list and is seldom seen on MSMessenger.

Has she forsaken us for her music???


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