Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hollingsworth’s Recent Announcement

Riley Hollingsworth, Special Counsel for the FCC's Enforcement Bureau, has decided not to retire

And just why would this be of interest to readers of The HamFanz Grudge Report?

Because Hollingsworth said, "After spending the entire weekend thinking about the decision [to retire], it became more and more clear to me that it just isn't the right decision for me right now. There are several issues on the table that I want to continue to work through with the amateur community."

(Wow, he thought this through for an entire weekend? )

Could this be a reference to Bill Crowell w6wbj, and/or Steve Wingate k6txh who both have FCC issues pending?

Perhaps. But the REAL question is: What kind of ‘perk’ or how much did Art Bell w6obb PAY Hollingsworth to stay and deal with these ‘problems’???

Perfect timing also, as he announced this the day before Halloween, proving once again that many (not all!) Hams do not need a spooky costume, as they already have two faces!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Someone is listening to 3.720

Because I received this GREAT audio clip of artie w6obb and Jim ki6gu discussing MONEY, the parody I did with Bill Crowell w6wbj. This was apparently recorded on 10.22.2007.

Seems artie listened and didn't like nor approve of my voice or lyrics. He calls it 'old lady rap'.

Well jeeze, for one thing, I AM an old lady (lady being the key word), and I admit it. Unlike artie, (who is NOT a gentleman), I don't dye my hair, need someone to cook, do my laundry for me, or an almost child to provide sex. In 61 years of life, I have learned to take care of myself, do my own dishes, laundry, and live without a mate, as have MANY others in their 60's!

Besides, there are many that think the 'pap' he puts out on air is 'OLD MAN RAP'. (And he IS an old man!)

Not only that, but since the penis/money driven marriage to the young PI girl, Airyn, there are many that think his drivel is: FOOLISH, OLD MAN RAP! His constant on air praise of the PI's and it's culture? So just MOVE there! Take your bought and paid for wife and baby and just go already (Then Aisia Bell can put up her own 'ads for an american man' when she is 20.)

And that is the attitude of artie's 'pals', IF they are loyal members of the Cult of the Loop or other NAMBPIG's (North American Men Buying PI Girls), or in some way needing his money. Otherwise, artie aficionados, pals, admirers, indeed, even fans are dropping to the wayside in droves.

It is obvious by now that artie, the NAMBPIG's (North American Men Buying PI Girls), and some 'artie pals' have definitely chosen the 'low road' in life. (Easy to distinguish, the 'right thing' is always the hard way to go, whereas the 'wrong thing' is always the easy and self-serving choice. )

My opinion of artie's opinion (or his sicko pals) of anything NOW: a laugh and a loud RASPBERRY!

And come on! This is supposed to be a HOBBY, it's supposed to be FUN, (have artie and his NAMBPIG's furthered that in any way lately?).

So where IS artie's (your) sense of humor???

I not only had FUN doing the parody MONEY, but enjoy listening to it, and hearing the comments. (Still laughing at all you 'naysayers', and those that just didn't 'get it'!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mutual Masturbation: Art Bell w6obb and Jim Watkins ki6gu

I have been listening to 3.720 here and there. I must have really bad timing because when I have caught the show, it has been only art bell w6obb, and Jim Watson ki6gu.

They take turns complimenting each other, agreeing with each other, comparing audio, and (warm fuzzy here!), sharing the events of their day (awwww).

Didn’t they get enough ‘kiss & make up’ during Jim’s recent 2 day trip to visit artie at the Temple Of The Loop in Pahrump?

Where, oh where, are the Hams that artie said would follow him to 3.720? Could it be that many do not want to talk to a...a... (fill in word of your choice).

Perhaps artie should start an on air group of NAMBPIG (North American Men Buying PI Girls)? It could include such upright and moral men as, Ben Gardner kd7bcw, Carl Richardson kb5fjx, Martin Szymanski w7ru, , perhaps vr2hf, and of course, artie!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Move over Mrs. Miller!

Yes, well, Mrs. Miller could sing, kinda sorta. For her bio please see:

Trish Ray k4ze, a 'SWL turned ham, 3840 used to be', composes and sings. She even sells her own CD's on her site, or at least she did at one time. I can't seem to find her page at the moment; she updates her sites so often even the search engines can't keep up with her!

Bill Crowell w6wbj, can't sing, but he does not let that stop him! He really belts 'em out when he's in the mood, or has something to say. (Wonder what he sounds like in the shower? ) Not only that, but he can play that piano! And work with music on many levels.

I, on the other hand, can not sing. I can not carry a tune in the proverbial hand basket! I may not have the 'broadcasting voice' that art bell w6obb, n7js, ki6gu, or wg6k, have -- but I have a great deal of experience with 'literary readings' and poetry.

It was something that was fated to happen someday, and today is that day! A melding of great talents if you will. So for your enjoyment, MONEY, by Bill Crowell & evvy garrett...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, is Not Getting Enough Attention

I guess artie has not been getting enough ‘space’ in The HamFanz Grudge Report lately, so last night he baited his Elite buddies on 3.720 by starting a conversation on air about the last Grudge Report, “A MAN’S WORD.” (It would seem that artie, among other things, is ‘reading comprehension challenged, as he claimed to not understand the article.)

Being the manipulator he is, he deftly led ki6gu and k6mix into saying what artie wouldn’t, but wanted to hear. Most of them followed his lead, like Lemmings off a cliff; wb6bnq stayed out of the fray, ki6gu really did try to sidestep, and k6thx in his usual ‘altered’ state was, well, was SteveO.

artie starting the conversation:

And it more or less ended like this:

As the evening progressed, they went on to discuss the 'new generals' and 3.840:

(There are further clips available on HamFanz/current clips, and the full recordings are available on the Secret Page, if you have the url and password, and the stomach to listen to them!)

Now some would think, that artie 'manipulated' me into responding. NOT! I decided to do this Grudge Report, and post the PUBLIC DOMAIN recordings:
1) in the hopes that the 'sheep' would realize how artie is using them, and how 'sickly needy' they are,
2) that someone will send copies to their mothers, they ought to be really proud of their sons.
3) that those who still don't know will understand that the ELITES, really do believe, deep down inside, that they are indeed, the ELITE!

So artie, you wanted the attention and another HamFanz Grudge Report; here it is!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A man’s word?

EVERYONE has the option of changing his or her minds. So why is it anyone’s business who talks to whom, where?

The current degree of animosity about the latest, most recent re-grouping (that we all knew was going to happen; come on, we knew, didn’t we?), on 3.720 is at record high, and I just do not get it. Haven’t we been there and done that? (A jillion times?) Did we not know that there are those who would flock to artie w6obb, at his slightest indication?

The ONLY high crime and misdemeanor I see here is that this bunch of middle-aged (and older!) MALES (fools?), insist on ‘marking’ their territory – and at their age and experience, they should know better. They just end up pi**ing on themselves. Again! And as with stale urine from any animal, anywhere, it soon stinks!

Changing your mind is no big deal, not keeping your word, once given, is a completely different matter! And that is where the problem arises, many think that these Hams are not simply changing their minds, but have given their word, and are now not honoring, not standing behind, what was said.

So which is it; did they change their minds, or not honor their stated stance? Are they just silly old lonely, male fools, randomly marking their territory without thinking? Or are they men of no honor, who’s word you can not count on? On which side do you weigh in?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The HamFanz Archives

In case you had not noticed, The HamFanz Archives are now complete up through 2006! Order yours before the prices go up! (Thanks k6fej!)


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