Monday, October 22, 2007

Mutual Masturbation: Art Bell w6obb and Jim Watkins ki6gu

I have been listening to 3.720 here and there. I must have really bad timing because when I have caught the show, it has been only art bell w6obb, and Jim Watson ki6gu.

They take turns complimenting each other, agreeing with each other, comparing audio, and (warm fuzzy here!), sharing the events of their day (awwww).

Didn’t they get enough ‘kiss & make up’ during Jim’s recent 2 day trip to visit artie at the Temple Of The Loop in Pahrump?

Where, oh where, are the Hams that artie said would follow him to 3.720? Could it be that many do not want to talk to a...a... (fill in word of your choice).

Perhaps artie should start an on air group of NAMBPIG (North American Men Buying PI Girls)? It could include such upright and moral men as, Ben Gardner kd7bcw, Carl Richardson kb5fjx, Martin Szymanski w7ru, , perhaps vr2hf, and of course, artie!


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ Evvy,

If your going to write this crap at least try to get the spelling correct. It is not that hard to use a spell checking program. Of course, you will need to read it before you publish because the mistake below would not be caught by a spell checker.

In your last paragraph at the very end ". . . and of cause, artie!" should read ". . . and of course, Artie !"

Also you got the call sign wrong on Ben Gardner. You seem to have a real problem with that particular area. This is just plain poor sloppy work.


r. f. burns said...

Most P.I. girls are HOT! You can't blame those guys for their purchases. It looks like Ben and Martin have better taste than Art and Carl. Art Bell likes Dogs Playing Poker and Carl likes NASCAR, so it's no surprise that neither of them has any taste. That goes for their choice of friends too.

Billy said...

I think you're correct, Evvy: Jim and Art seem to be the only ones left on 3720. Scott had to get a third (or fourth) job in order to pay his bills (he's totally controlled by his possessions: Scott, read Thoreau's "Walden"!; apply!) so he now works during the wee hours, and I think maybe I've been making some progress in trying to convince 'BNQ to choose his friends more carefully (I'm referring to Jim, not Art). Chris, K6PIC, gets on only occasionally, but you can tell he's very tentative about it because he's afraid Jim will bite his head off if he's in one of his bad moods. Steve, K6TXH, is also on only very sporadically because we have a lot more fun on 3810 and 3740 earlier in the evening, and I think Steve has better things to do than worry about what kind of reception he'll receive on 3720 from evening to evening, depending on what kind of mood Jim is in.

I tried to tell Jim that this was going to happen, but he was too emotionally insecure to accept it.

There is just no need for 3720 anymore. Nobody wants to get on a frequency where Jim insists on dominating the conversation with his wide signal and irritatingly overbearing demeanor, where he unpredictably berates the other stations on frequency, and where the QSO doesn't begin until midnight or 1:00 A.M. 3810 and 3740 are just a lot more fun earlier in the evening, many more stations participate, and nobody tries to dominate the conversation.

Billy said...

Jeez, Bill ('BNQ), why don't you respond to the SUBSTANCE of the Grudge, rather than nibbling at Evvy's ankles? And besides, you don't seem to know the difference between "your" and "you're", so aren't you being a little hypocritical? Sorry, pal, but you're just not as good a writer as you want to believe you are.

What's the matter; are you afraid that, if you DID respond substantively to the Grudge, in all candor you would have to agree with Evvy, and then Jim might get angry with you? Oh, yes, I forgot, incurring Jim's wrath is a fate worse than death. Bill, when are you going to quit worrying about what a dumb shit thinks of you? That's no way to live your life!

Anonymous said...

These P.I. girls don't have a clue who these men really are. Why would any man go all the way to the P.I. to find a woman? How many "HOT" good looking American woman are there? They go simply because no American Woman in their right mind would want any of them. They are unable to fool American women. Even if they had good looks, underneath they are loopy, nutty as fruit cakes. Ben & Martin living with elderly mothers, taking advantage of innocent girls, creating a person that does not slightly exist. Wait till the mail order brides find out about their American Fake Husbands. Anti-Social & totally full of themselves. Great Examples of Narcissistic personality disorder.
Evvy, don't worry about a mistyped letter or number, you got the message loud & clear.

Anonymous said...

It is such a shame. My mother forced me to go to the Philippines as a Mail Order Male American.(MOMA) If not, she would kick me out of the house. I was black mailed.
Please send me money.

Anonymous said...

I heard of kids relying on their parents but 40 & 50 years later still living at home? Can't blame those momma's for wanting their son's to grow up....whatever it took.

N6UGY said...

Hi, I'm 54 and living with my ex-girlfriend now land-lady and I'm waiting to bring my PI sweetie to the states just as soon as I can raise the money to bring her over. She's 40, round-faced and as homely as can be but by golly, she loves me! I know this is true because she tells me every day. Dennis N6UGY

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am sure all of them love any 'american' men they meet. After all, round face and all, they are 'hot' in bed, lots of experience. Don't forget Dennis, good time to having some babies to.
Ellie Mae.

Dan said...

Hello Evvy,

I just read your Oct 22 post which included the following comments:

"Perhaps artie should start an on air group of NAMBPIG (North American Men Buying PI Girls)? It could include such upright and moral men as, Ben Gardner kd7bcw, Carl Richardson kb5fjx, Martin Szymanski w7ru, , perhaps vr2hf, and of course, artie!"

First of all, I believe what you have said is highly defamatory to all concerned. You have opened yourself up to a potential lawsuit by those who are not "celebrities." I think it might be wise just to delete the whole post.

Your mention of me is totally inappropriate as my situation is totally different. First, I have lived in Asia a total of nearly 10 years. I married a lovely Chinese lady name Zane from Singapore. She is a highly educated professional woman who worked for IBM before moving to Hong Kong. We dated for a year before we decided to get married, then tied the knot nearly a year later. Zane is 37 and has a young son, Thomas (6 years old) who has never had a "daddy" in his life. Now he does. We are enjoying a delightful life together here in Hong Kong. Both Zane and Thomas want to eventually get their ham tickets too!

At a minimum, how about removing the "perhaps VR2HF" from the above post so that what you say reflects reality instead of "perhaps." I assume accuracy and truth are important to you as a writer.

Beyond this one issue, I don't understand why the personal lives of others is of any concern or importance to you. Why do you waste your time with such matters?

Wishing you well, nevertheless,

Dan Van Hoy, VR2HF

Anonymous said...

Dan effectively demonstrates that his situation is different. Pointing out flaws in the critic's argument is the appropriate way to handle criticism. Mention of lawsuits we can do without. I think it is reprehensible when corporations and wealthy individuals (do the letters 'OBB' ring any 'bells') use threats of, and sometimes actual, civil action in order to stifle free expression by the common folk.

At least Dan is puts a little more thought into his remark this time, as opposed to when he simply quoted Proverbs 18:2 as an insult to Evvy. It seems he forgot about this little gem from the Book of Matthew, "Whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire".

In his conclusion, Dan questions why Evvy would concern herself with these people’s marriage decisions. Get real, voyeuristic peeking into the lives of fictional, and real, people has been the staple of entertainment throughout history. 80 meters has contained some of the best soap opera material to ever hit the airwaves.

Gary, KD7RTO

Anonymous said...

Hello Dan,
I wouldn't get too upset over any of it. It's obvious the grudge report is designed to create controversy and then get re-actions. I've had some pretty good slams on here myself. It's kind of like the National Inquirer and w/ so many hams having unusual lifestyles and then broadcasting and/or posting it - she ends up getting a wealth of fodder. I think the best a lawsuit would do, would maybe get you a couple of half smoked Camels, a used bag of catfood, and a private concert of Evvy singing "I Want Money" - more punishment than reward if you ask me. 73,
Jim N7JS


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