Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Art Bell w6obb: a sad excuse of a man!

A few days after artie's tuner went on line, I emailed him with a few comments, complimentary and informative all. Probably not more that four sentences.

The next day I received a curt and unexpected reply: "I have read what you have written about me, please do not attempt any further communication."

And I didn't, haven't, and I won't unless artie initiates such.

His loss, not mine! I can remember his 'early' shows! I remember the night he turned 50! Most importantly, I KNOW what his next two books should be...

That email is STILL sitting in my INBOX. I wanted to be reminded, often, just what a sad excuse of a man he's become.

The thing is, I have never written anything about Art Bell - w6obb, that wasn't 'reporting' and the truth! I stayed away from personal opinion. (Till right now!) I've mimicked him, taunted him, made fun of some situations he's been in, etc. Can I help it if the man is without humor??? (What's that say about a person?)

I have frequently given artie the benefit of the doubt in situation after situation. Guess he never noticed that!

There have even been a few times when I've said some nice things about him! Guess he never noticed THAT either!

I've actually admitted to many, that I think he is a great 'showman' and broadcaster! That he has 'show business' smarts regarding his career. And so on... Guess he never noticed THAT either!

I've sided with him in many issues. He must not have noticed THAT either.

There are a lot of things he doesn't seem to notice. Like when Jim Southwick n7js provided artie with extensive info on how to set up a streaming tuner. Several days after art's tuner was up and working, there was a long on-air conversation between artie and Jim. I never, ever heard artie say 'thank you' or even anything close! In fact, the conversation was 'stilted' and artie was just short of rude to Jim. Jim Southwick is one of the good guys and did not deserve to be treated like that.

I can't remember artie EVER thanking or apologizing to anyone for anything. This kind of behavior probably evolved when artie decided he was a 'celebrity'. And it is not helped by all the folks around him that let him get away with acting in such a manner(or unmannerly, I should say). They aren't doing him any favors...

Doesn't artie know that many of the things I say out loud and to his face, his 'best HAM buddies' are saying behind his back??? And laughing about it??? How does he think I know, or find out much of this stuff. I never thought he was stupid, as he apparently thinks I am!

So, I guess the thing is: if you are not one of artie's worshipers, or flunkies, or if he doesn't 'need' you for something that will later turn out to be HIS idea, then you're just a piece of flotsom floating down the imaginary river of Art Bell's imaginary life. What a sad and fragile existence!



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