Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The GRUDGE Report Explained

Someone recently made this statement:

"Well, Evvy, so far you did not give my side of the head photo's narrative on your blog."

I've waited awhile to respond to this, debating even, if I should respond or not. I finally decided it was an important misconception and needed to be clarified.

As with all information and materials, I did say that I would comment on these pictures in The GRUDGE Report, IF I felt they were of interest or merit. This includes the unstated premise: space and time permitting (a big part of all such decisions!).

I DID NOT say that I would present 'any' side of 'any' story. And I never will!

I report on items of interest to the 3840 HAMS & FANS in The GRUDGE Report. I conceived of The GRUDGE Report; I produce The Grudge Report. I do all the work. It is totally 'my baby'. And The GRUDGE Report may eventually go 'subscription only', so that I'd get PAID for the hours and work I put into this very popular project.

BUT, the keywords here are: 'I' & 'report'.

NO ONE ELSE makes the decisions on what I include or exclude in The GRUDGE Report. I am the SOLE person responsible for all content (artie's lawyers probably love this!). ALL opinions, are just that, opinions, and are MINE alone.

NO one can tell me what my opinions are going to be! I don't know until I've evaluated a subject or situation.

ANY information that ANYONE might supply, IS checked with OTHER SOURCES, and in OTHER WAYS, to my satisfaction, and MAY or MAY NOT be used for content.

ANY materials or information that ANYONE might supply, even if used as a source for content in The GRUDGE Report, is reported in the way 'I' see fit. And WHEN I see fit. And IF I see fit.

When someone supplies info or materials to me, there are NO STRINGS attached, and certainly no guarantees (other than total confidentiality, forever!).

I consider that I have become 'owner' of said materials, to use at MY discretion, by having been given the information or materials and having them in my possession. This includes ALL information, and any physical materials i.e. pictures, audio clips, emails, url's, etc.

I do NOT 'pay', nor do I 'trade' for materials with ANY kind of promises, real or implied, of how that material will be used or in what context, or when.

Hope this clears up any misconceptions.



Saturday, December 11, 2004

The STEVE Marathon

It started early last night with Jim Watkins ki6gu rehashing everything Steve Wingate kg6txh has ever said or ever done since the first day Steve got his license. I'm sure this was interesting for those who only listen sporadically. Besides, it's 'easier' on the ears to hear Jim reporting the antics, than to listen to them 'live'.

It wasn't long however, before the 'show' began; Greg Sousa w6ezv & Steve Wingate kg6txh took up where they'd left off the night before. Well, let me back up; THEY also rehashed it all, starting at square one.

Only tonight, tempers flared earlier, and burned brighter. Steve insulted Greg's wife and child (doesn't Greg KNOW when his buttons are being pushed?), and Greg threatened to beat Steve to a pulp.

Believe it or not, it then ESCALATED. These two, supposedly adult men had to take the 'pissing' contest further. Greg said that he'd really been 'mobile' all evening and would be pulling up in front of Steve's house at any minute. Steve said HE had a gun.

It got even worse! Steve said he might have been shot in the head and was bleeding badly. Then, Robolon ke7bbx did absolutely the RIGHT thing in calling the authorities to check on Steve, for which he took much abuse from Steve.

The local police arrived and offered to take Steve to the hospital, or so Steve reports. (Was there an injury? And if so, from what???) Yo, Steve, don't you think the police are gonna get tired of playing these 'frequency' games???

I don't pretend to understand the dynamics of this specific situation, but I have my thoughts on the subject (you knew that, huh?).

Greg (and others), why would an adult even try to argue with or insult, a drunk? Or take what an obviously incapacitated person says as chapter & verse??? How can a grown man not realize that even the mentally ill, or the drunk, have feelings that can be hurt??? Don't you realize that the harder you try to 'push' him away, the more he'll 'clutch'??? Ask any Mother or psychologist!

I also don't understand why Steve so desperately needs the acceptance & approval of this group. (And I think that was what he was originally wanting!). And why Steve doesn't find a 12 step program, a good psychiatrist, a therapist and work towards getting a real life (there IS one out there for you Steve!)??? I don't understand why Steve is sticking around for the PAIN...
I don't understand WHY folks don't completely ignore Steve Wingate or go to another frequency (as some obviously have, Art, Ben, etc.), OR turn off their radios!!!

Back to the 'Steve Marathon'. I eventually went to bed, sad and sick at heart for all involved. And GLAD that with all my financial and physical problems, I have more sense & empathy than some of these folks!

Imagine my surprise, when at 6:15 AM, I awoke to hear Steve's voice!!! Sounding much more 'sober & sane' on 3.840, chatting with another HAM about equipment! Does this man never sleep (mania will do that, so will agitated depression, BTDT!). This has to be some kind of record...


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Testosterone Wars

First of all, let me tell you up-front, you are not going to agree with me!

It was a full moon and a Friday night, the prospects were ripe for the continuation of the Testosterone Wars (or male posturing, or the battle for territory)...

I listened for hours to Greg Sousa w6ezv and Steve Wingate kg6txh as they AGAIN battled it out. Last night the fighters were joined by Jim Southwick n7js and Robolon ke7bbx who often tried to either moderate or inject some sanity.

Today, after listening to the recordings of the BIG BATTLE, and giving it all some serious thought, these are SOME of the conclusions I came too (your view may be different & probably is!):

-Greg is RIGHT, Steve uses too much foul language that does not belong on air. AND Steve doesn't fight 'fair'; he often (for lack of better 'weapons'?) goes WAY over the line by insulting & attacking a HAMS family.

-Greg LIKES this as he continually BAITS Steve till he 'lures' Steve into 'performing' in the manner that Greg desires. No doubt to fulfill Greg's (& his backer's) own agenda's.

-Steve LIKES this, as he never withdraws, but plays the game. He allows himself to get angry to the point of 'loss of self-control', over and over and over again. Each outburst more vulgar & vile than the one before (and less lucid!).

-The OLDER & WISER folks may have been listening, but you notice that they DID NOT participate? Both participants are in their 30's would be my guess. Thus it may seem as childish as it IS to us 'older' folks.

-I have NO DOUBT that behind the scenes, each combatant had 'crews' in their corners (via email & messenger & phone), giving advice and wiping away the blood.

-Therefore, the battle rages! When the solution, for all, is not only known, but SIMPLE. Do not engage the person that is pushing your buttons. Without 'the psychological reinforcement' a response brings, it would end! Quickly and forever!

-Since NO ONE has done this, they MUST LIKE it, need it. The rage feeds them, eggs them on. (But it's also using them up, in all kinds of ways, personal and public, as that is the way of rage.)

-The non-combatants LIKE taking sides! They are rooting for their 'teams'! Now who is 'sicker'; the fighters or their backers (it's almost to the point that folks are placing bets!).

-No one seems to have thought this through or played 'WHAT IF'.

someone really gets hurt?
someone has a heart attack or gets hospitalized because of this?
someone loses their FCC license?
or several lose their FCC license?
if it turned out that Steve had MS, or ALS, or a brain tumor?
if we knew that some 12 year old was really hearing this trash?
someone 'loses' it and hurts someone else?
if friends for years were no longer friends because they took 'sides'?
if a third of the 3840 denizens abandoned ship because of this?
someone hurts themselves?
a third of the swl's stopped listening? (Where would the 3840 Hams be without their fans?)

How would we ALL feel IF any of these things happened? So come on, you guys, STOP living through your hormones! Learn to control your impulses, instead of them controlling you! Otherwise you are just wild animals in the middle of 'rutting' season (and that's exactly how you look to a lot of folks!). Just start using your mental 'delete' keys, or walk away from that microphone, or change frequencies, before someone really gets hurt!


Friday, November 26, 2004

Of Mice and Machines

A couple of folks have actually asked me WHY there have been no recent GRUDGE Reports.

The reason is simple; my computer hasn't been working! Or at least not much! I'd guestimate that 50% of the past two months, I have been 'down'.

Two months ago, it was the fan and power supply. I no sooner got that repaired when disaster really hit; my one and only Hard Drive started failing, sector by sector, day by day.

The offending Hard Drive has been replaced with a larger (80G), and hopefully, more reliable product.

One would think that this would solve all, huh. Not so! Though I had good back ups, they are data only! (I DID lose some data.) Which means I have to install, configure, transfer data, PROGRAM by PROGRAM, which I'm still in the process of doing! Ackkkkkkkk!!!

To those who'd like to see The GRUDGE Report more often; I am still in need of good, used, and cheap: second Hard Drive, a Surfboard Cable Modem, an external CD-W, a back-up monitor, a laptop, a color Palm, and/or a full second desktop system! If you have any of this stuff for sale, please email me...

In the meantime, my machine is now functioning! So here's to more of The Grudge Report!!! And to the ops of 3.840; I'm listening & reporting again!

Now, what all of this all has to do with 'mice' is moot as my NEW optical mouse works great!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

On The Right Hand Of ???

I first noticed the change between one and two weeks ago. Perhaps it happened during that week when my computer was down (not being one of those folks that have 17 of 'em, as Artie not so subtly brags he has!)

But, I digress... The thing is, there is a difference on . If anyone has noticed it, I haven't heard about it, either on air, via email, or on our list (New members always welcome!).

The exit of Karen Larrimore w6so has occurred without a whimper, compared to her solar flare entrance a few short months ago! An event much heralded, welcomed by Art Bell w6obb.

Karen Larrimore w6so, can still be heard on 3840 once in awhile in the early evenings (usually long before Art's golden voice hits the ethers.)

Hmmm. Could this be because Artie is now as cold as ice to Karen, that is, even if he is polite enough to respond, which he often isn't. I mean, is there a reason for this??? OTHER than the OBVIOUS??? )

Anyway, as soon as I returned with a working computer, (thanks to a local HAM), I checked out . I noticed right away that Karen's picture 'spot' had moved from it's month's long position just to the right of, and beside, Art Bell's top row middle position to mid-way down the page. Then, a few days later, I noticed there was NO pic spot for Karen at all! And so it's been ever since. I know because I check.

The 'line-up' was thus: Top row, Paul w7mag ( owner and neighbor/friend of Art), Artie, and Karen. Paul to the left of Artie, Karen to the right.

It would seem that Karen has lost her 'Right hand of Art' status! (Not that she ever 'requested' it.) But, who will take her place??? Does she want it back??? (Hard to imagine as she's so seldom on frequency anymore.) Did she ever want it to begin with???

Perhaps Karen is again on vacation? Or is there now 'infighting' behind the scenes for this 'coveted' position? Of course, Artie has the only say in this matter.

But, ahhh, the questions left by a flash in the pan...

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


It would seem that at least SOME of the moderators of the 'open' forums on are a little ticked with some of the HAMS, their accusations, paranoia, veiled threats, and out and out hostility towards each other. (Like this is NEW?)

(Boy, some folks just don't recognize fun when it falls in their laps!)

Warnings are being issued left and right. 'Discipline' actions are being instigated against some of the 'frequent' posters (any relation here to 'frequent flyers', hmmm?) There are 'whispered' rumors that several of the 'posters' may even be banned! (Heavens!) Emails are being posted, copied, forwarded. Phone calls are being made...

k6euy has even said his 'good-byes' to that venerable HAM site!

All this tempest in the teapot BS, brings to my attention still once more, how very important FREE SPEECH is to most people!

I am not a HAM, I am a SWL. I am not a registered member of QRZ. Therefore, I have NOT read their Guidelines or TOS.

I did read some of the threads in question on QRZ. There was no profanity, nor threats of violence. So I don't understand WHY these folks would be 'disciplined' or banned by QRZ moderators. I certainly understand WHY they would not go back to such a place!

THEY are all (HAMS & SWL'S) welcome to (where they can sign up for our Yahoo Mailing List. A place where freedom of speech is limited only to the basics: NO gratuitous profanity or violence or threats of same!

And if you're just not into Mailing Lists??? Ask me nice, and if there's enough interest, I will put up a 3840HamFans Forum FOR YOUR USE!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Fan Mail?

I wonder why I NEVER get 10 emails from someone I write about in the GRUDGE Report when I've said something nice or kind? Or when I've really been 'easy' on someone instead of shredding them in public when I easily could have?

Or when someone appreciates the humor in a situation? Or my writing abilities?

I almost always TRY to include SOMETHING positive about a person(s) that ends up in the GRUDGE Report; like they have a pleasant(s) on air-voice, or whatever...

However, this part of the 'reporting' is ALWAYS overlooked. I only get email taking me to task for my opinions, or my view of a situation that has occurred. A situation that I am only reporting!

The thing is, if I report it here; you can bet your bippie that there ARE a number of folks saying it elsewhere, only behind the backs of the miscreants.

I just say it out loud and up front! I 'report' on the 'event' being talked about!

Often the complaining email is quite poisonous in itself; the composer never realizing how petty they sound, how weak their not so subtle threats of 'legal' action, or how this type of communication doesn't incline me to 'lighten up' the next time they do something really stupid (which IS gonna happen)!

It is also interesting that 'fan email' senders, NEVER reply here on the BLOG, where ALL could see what they had to say, and have the chance to reply! This in itself tells a lot about the email senders and their not well veiled threats, as well as their fears of what their on-air peers might think of them. And is why I refuse to enter into email dialog, one on one, regarding articles in the GRUDGE Report.

In fact, there are 3840 denizens that I tend to treat with 'kid' gloves in the GRUDGE Report! And others that are just too 'fragile' to include here unless they should end up in jail, have their license revoked or something. It's just never noticed.

So keep that 'fan email' coming in, folks; that folder on my HD is getting larger by the day (I do save each and every one)!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Ben's done it again!

Ben/kd7bcw signed off, permanently, from HAM radio, last night. Again.

I actually sighed when I heard this happen. I'd just tuned in; I don't actually KNOW what, if anything specific, happened to lead up to this.

Timmie/n6mza WAS ranting and raving and PLAYING drunk; totally disrupting the band, as he has been wont to do the past couple of weeks. But was TIMMIE the real reason??? (Probably more on Timmie and jamming later!)

Yesss indeedy, we've seen Ben do this before! Several times. I'm beginning to think perhaps Ben is an undiagnosed Manic Depressive, or at least suffering from a clinical, untreated, depression that worsens at times and colors his view of the 3.840 denizens.

Ben will, in all probability, return to the air. He has in the past. How could anyone really stay away???

The LAST time he did this, I think he actually did stay away for a couple of weeks. EVERYONE missed him! His voice, his comments, his 'holding-down-the-fort'. So we all hope that Ben changes his mind, soonest!

Last time, he also removed me from his MSN Messenger and never put me back! I think he gets 'fed up' and just goes though and deletes folks that may have rocked his boat at some time or other. (And that's what I do, rock boats, it's what I am GOOD at!) Ben is STILL on my MSN Messenger, though he's been 'offline' for months and months!

I should have seen this one coming though, as all email jokes, etc from him to me stopped about two weeks ago. I noticed and wondered about it. Usually I get a couple of items a week from Ben.

I'm still emailing BEN (the usual items: things I think he will enjoy)when appropriate stuff arrives in my email. (I'm not talking about political stuff here; but jokes, uplifting materials, stupid stuff, cartoons, etc.) However, Ben could have 'blocked' me by now for all I know.

In reality, Ben lost interest in me long ago, as soon as he saw that I was: a fat, old, smoking, liberal, opinionated, broad in a wheelchair. Therefore, I was not a target for his 'long-distance' affections.

Nor was I a male, nor a HAM. To top it off, Artie/w60bb had said some disparaging things regarding me, and Ben (sadly) tends to follow Artie's lead on these matters). So, Bang! I was off Ben's radar!!!

Hmmm. Speaking of 'long-distance' affections, didn't Sue/ks7o visit Ben recently? Perhaps Ben has again been disappointed by reality?

You would think that in Amateur Radio (of all places!) that we could appreciate each other for WHO & WHAT we are (and are not!); including rig, age, income, looks, antenna configuration, marital status, faults, habits, Licensed or SWL, and, perhaps most important, peccadilloes??? It is troubling when we don't.

In fact, I wrote a poem examining these type of issues (in a different venue) several year ago. EMPTY MINUTES can be found on my website at:
And if you like that poem, you might want to buy my ebooks!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Still Another Trek to Pahrump

The BAD BOYS OF BURBANK( Greg Sousa w6ezv & Jim Watson ki6gu ) are planning a short junket to Pahrump at the end of this very week, Greg's schedule permitting. Like almost just an overnighter!

Both of 'em have been there before at various times, just not together. Therefore, there is some quibbling about who is going to drive...

But the question IS, why would anyone want to go to Pahrump, Nevada? Especially in the middle of summer? And especially for such a short visit? Is there a hidden agenda?

Are the BAD BOYS going to Pahrump just to play with Art's equipment?
Or to worship the Loop?
Or have the BAD BOYS become Art's 'henchmen' and are going to Pahrump to be given another 'Steve-like' assignment?
Or do the BAD BOYS (both of whom have some kind of prior Broadcast Radio experience) have visions of being Broadcast Radio Talk Show Hosts floating around in their heads?

And of course, WHY doesn't anyone ever invite the Bells to visit them? (They do have that great RV! I've seen pictures!) Art and Ramona might even accept some invitations! And if not, at least folks can be polite enough to OFFER. I never hear any invitations being offered to the Bells. I mean, why does it always have to be everyone going to Pahrump?

Art & Ramona, you can come visit me in San Diego almost anytime you want! I'm a good cook, ya can smoke here, and San Diego has lot's of 'attractions'. Just let me know...

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Well DAMN, shoot the messenger!

An excerpt from an email I received the day after ae7op Art Bell's Antenna web site was removed by ProBoards.

"Do you not feel you have over re-acted to John's little prank? I do, and why against Art's site?Owell."

This email seemed to echo the sentiments of many on-air folks, as I've not only heard comments: "someone whose name begins with an 'e' reported him!"  (Give me a freaken break!)  I've also heard of phone calls going back and forth, MSN Messenger messages, and ditto emails.

Well, no, I do not feel I over reacted. 

What ae7op did by 'slamming' the site was completely unethical.  It is an action condemned by ANY internet TOS agreement.

A prank?  Perhaps. 
Little, definitely not, as it caused hours of additional work.
And it wasn't 'Art's Site'; it was ae7op's site that was removed.

I acted ethically in that:

  • I gave ae7op 48 hrs to come forth; apologize, explain, make amends, whatever.  (He did not.)
  • I cc'd a copy of the email containing the 'complaint' TO ae7op.
  • By reporting this type of behavior, perhaps OTHER web sites will be spared.
I had NO CONTROL of any actions that Verizon, Proboards, or Hotmail, may have taken against ae7op.  I reported the incident; they each reviewed, investigated, and decided on an action (or not).

The email went on: "as I am sure I have not aligned myself with many of your values."
Well, ya know what, email writer (and you know who you are!), perhaps you should!!!  As I do not believe in lying (banning folks from my list and claiming I had nothing to do with it and couldn't do anything about it!), cheating, or stealing.

I believe in integrity, ethics, manners, responsibility (personal & social), telling it like it is, freedom of speech, America, AND thinking for myself.  These are not such BAD values...

In fact, ae70p is STILL a subscriber to !!! 
I did not and will not 'ban' him!





Sunday, July 25, 2004

3840 Web Site Slammed!

Over the week-end, ae7op decided to add a few votes to the 3840HamFans web poll.  He hit the site 80 times in less than an hour and registered 80 votes for kd7bcw, Ben Gardner.

Now this is interesting in a number of ways:

He had to manipulate his computer to be able to register more than one vote
(Or the cgi interface on the site.)
It seems that he only voted for Ben
He returned to the site 3 times the next morning
Did he REALLY think no one would notice?

This month's poll has not been compromised
ae7op's votes will just be deducted at the poll's end

He only joined the 3840 List last May
He hasn't really participated in the list
He joined the list under a hotmail addie

He is new to the 3.840 freq.
He doesn't participate there much
He doesn't seem to have gotten on anyone's bad side
He created an 'Art Bell' Antenna Web Site
He got on the 'good' side of Art Bell, who featured this web site on

He just got his Extra license
He just got his vanity call
Before that he had a General (for awhile)
For many years before that, he held a Tech license

ae7op HAS NOT come forward to explain or apologize

He does not know me
We have not had any interaction, either on or off the list
I actually PROMOTED his new Art Bell Antenna site

3840 Hamfans reported this incident to:
Ben Gardner
Proboards (where he has the free website)

Did this 40 something man who holds an FCC Extra License think this was a prank?
Did he really think his ISP wouldn't be tracked?
Why didn't he come forth when urged to do so my a 'list mate'?
Did his NEED for Art Bell's approval and acceptance lead to these actions?
Did Art Bell's attitude towards ME lead to these actions, albeit indirectly?
How, oh how, do these loonies find Artie? 
Why are they drawn to 3.840 like moths to the flame???




Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Art Bell & Steve Wingate 'make nice'

Even though I predicted it; it was too smooth, rehearsed even.

Art w60bb, out of the blue, asked Steve kg6txh to apologize for his actions in recent months. But never offered an explanation or apology of his own! Art Bell did NOT own any of the responsibility for the 'Steve Fiasco'. Nor did he express any concern over what Steve had gone though (even the death of his 22 year old cat!)

Steve, as coherent and focused as I've ever heard him, fell right into line. He spent a good amount of time apologizing for the things he WAS responsible for; over reacting, taking everything so personal, being a newbie on the frequency, etc. Steve apologized to one and all for everthing except being born!

Art accepted graciously. (Wonder if Art would forgive me for being evvy if I were on air??? Somehow I doubt it!).


And the 'soap' continues to unfold, night after night. What will happen between Art & Steve remains to be seen.

However, I DO know it takes TWO to fight!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Jim just wants to have fun!

As he himself said on air last night; he just wants to relax, have a couple (???) of beers, have fun, and enjoy his hobby. Poor Baby!!!

I must say, the sound of a forty-something man whining, at length, on air about something so inane, is unpleasant at best, stomach turning at worst! And when Jim whines, that southern accent breaks through, his voice goes up a notch or two, and the actual, physical sound of it is grating to the human nervous system!

I haven't heard Greg whining about changing diapers. Nor Ben about his antenna being cut, and I must say, I don't think I've ever really heard Art whine about anything (if so, his professional 'voice' hid it well, besides Art tends to sarcasm rather than whining)!

And poor Jim doesn't want all those folks bothering him by IM'ing him. I guess that as a broadcast engineer, he hasn't yet figured out how to turn off MSMessenger. (I have, I was so disgusted with him last night that I blocked him immediately at the end of our brief chat, not wanting to take the chance of him IM'ing me anytime soon. I unblocked him this afternoon though!)

That was long before he gave his 3 minute warning! "If you have anything important, IM me now, because in 3 minutes I'm gonna shut off Messenger". Then came a countdown; by minutes, then seconds!!! My guess is that no one was IM'ing him during that 'countdown' because they were laughing too hard. I know I was!

By the way, 'cause I KNOW you all are wondering, it was not me 'bothering' poor Jim! Jim and I had a fairly brief IM chat early on; Jim said 'he didn't want to talk about it' in a very terse, unmannerly way. I accepted that. But despite asking nicely WHEN we could talk about it; I was unable to pin him down. No wonder he's not married! He can not commit to even a chat! So I honestly don't know WHO was IM'ing him (if it was YOU, please email me and tell me all about it!).

But I think I know WHY!

Does anyone remember this year's on air event titled: 'The First Annual Woodshed Hall of Shame Induction Ceremony'??? Where Greg & Jim claimed to be: "Working to Combat Bad Manners & Poor Operating Practices"? During which they said they would: fight injustice wherever they found it????

Well, injustice was dropped right into Jim's lap last night and he chose to ignore it. He acknowledged it and made it public that he chose to ignore it; not deal with it later, or in another way, but IGNORE it. Not exactly 'combating bad manners or injustice', huh?

Jim has probably changed his mind as to exactly what constitutes 'injustice' since he was invited to Pahrump to make Demo Tapes and visit a couple of times recently...

Jim obviously has an extremely short memory! My guess is the folks who were IM'ing him didn't! Maybe Jim Watson - ki6gu should be inducted to next year's Woodshed Hall of Shame?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Art Bell & Karen Larimore

6/29/04 11:25 pm 3.840 usb
Art Bell "Well, I heard what happened to Karen when she tried to give evvy something."

A couple of minutes later: "Too bad, because I have some computers to give away, but I just don't want to chance it."

The question is: What did Karen EVER give to me???

She once bought an old partially functioning Yeseau transceiver she bought for $35 on eBay (she said).

I purchased a pizza. I loaned her hundreds of dollars worth of software for her computer.

When the Yeasu DID NOT work for me; I called Karen Larimore. She came and picked it up. I again bought us a pizza.

So just WHAT did the liar Karen GIVE to me??? Let Karen come forward and state otherwise!

And just what kind of relationship do these two have: the worshiper and stalker Karen, and the worshiped, Art Bell?

Art does not want to see Karens' lies, face the reality of her seeking him out. If he did, what would that make him look like?

The emperor is definitely naked. Not only naked, but a mean-spirited egocentric, AFRAID of finding out and dealing with the truth.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

'The Voice of Reason' stolen?

Seems like someone at KABC radio is Los Angeles was recently heard to use Greg's/w6ezv
self-chosen nick: The Voice of Reason. Wonder who copied whom? Wonder if either of them actually IS a Voice of Reason??? It remains to be seen...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

RoboLon Upgrading?

Word is going around that RoboLon/wb6ezd is going to be 'testing' in July for his license upgrade...

Good luck RoboLon!!!

Friday, June 11, 2004

A Rose by any other name...

Last night there was much discussion of WHAT to call Steve. There were a number of suggestions! None of them kind. But nics seldom are. (Wonder what they call ME?)

However, the thought occurs to me that giving someone a nic shows acceptance, acknowledgement, and even validates them.

Could this possibly be a step (the first, tiny, one)of Steve becoming one of the group???

I would think that if he's such a problem to everyone as they claim he is; they would IGNORE him, not name him!

Perhaps they just like having someone to HATE???

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Where has Trish been? She seems to have just dissappeared! She doesn't post to the list and is seldom seen on MSMessenger.

Has she forsaken us for her music???

Friday, April 30, 2004

Toilet Paper Follies!

As soon as I got over the flu, I caught a cold!

So the night I heard this little 'gem' I was groggy from too much cough syrup & definitely sleep deprived from the seemingly never ending cough!

Therefore, not only did I not record it; I didn't even jot down the date or the participants! (If anyone has a .wav of this, please let me know!). So If I get any of it wrong, forgive me...

I don't know HOW they got on to the subject of TP, but it was a riot. Jimbo, Jim, Greg(?), Ben, and Art all took turns stating their preference for TP and why!

It would seem, if memory serves (and it might not), that they all preferred plain white, unscented. (Of course; all men!)

Then they went into the merits of one-ply vs two-ply. And the need (or not) for softness.

By then, I was lying in my 'sick bed' in the middle of the night, coughing, blowing and LAUGHING, listening to this bunch of middle-aged men, comparing TP brands.

If that wasn't funny enough, somehow, they got started on what they did when they were OUT of TP. Seems Jim resorts to newspaper, while Art sits in the bathroom and hollers for Ramona, and Ben suggested that everyone should take a Cell to the throne with them, in case there was a shortage of paper...

I went off to the kitchen for still one more glass of OJ, and by the time I got back, they had moved on to a different subject. Too bad! It's nice to hear about something other than antennas once in awhile, especially something a little more 'personal'!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

A Donation made this site a reality!

A BIG Thank You to the 3840 subscriber, who by making a 'donation', made this site 3840 Hams & Fans, a reality! (You know who you are!) Because of you, many will find HAM radio and SWL even MORE fun!!!

Monday, January 26, 2004

Frogs in Ponds: (very tiny frogs; very tiny ponds!)

I tell ya, couldn't believe it when I dropped into the Midnight Hams Forum today to do some message reading, only to find I was locked out!

No reason that I am aware of. I haven't posted a message there in eons. The last contact I had with the MH's was a month ago when I IM'd one of the Hens, asking which Logo they wanted me to use as a link on my web site (one's been there for months, but I noticed they had a 'new' logo and thought they might want me to change to the new one. (Guess what's gonna happen to that link now?). I also requested they correct my URL in THEIR link section. I received a businelike if terse reply. That's it.

That was probably the ONLY contact I've had with any of 'em for over a year! At least in the context of that Forum. But here I was, obviously locked out. LOL. Really kinda funny. Goes to show what egomaniacs they really are!

So, you can't 'join' the MH Forum without consent of the 'administrators', (it's been that way for months) AND now, you need a password to read the threads...


Just through attrition, the Mental Hens Forum is gonna shrink! Poof! Soon it will be gone! And when it falls, some, I'm sure, will have an online 'wake' to celebrate its demise...

As it is now; about 10 people post a gazillion (often one line) messages. The Hen's worshipers (and why else would they be there?); Randy, Kent, Lee, Ralph, Jaber, Andy, Vout, Ginger, Cary, 'Continuum', and Steve. These few folks produce massive amounts of daily messages to EACH OTHER, that say basically nothing, i.e. "It's late, think I'm gonna tip over now."

Then there are the Beth & Linda cult members (read worshipers), who do not frequent the Mental Hens Forum, but actually engage them on air and in person. People like Karen (w6asa), and her so-called 'sister' Randi (how stupid do they think we are??? And again, who cares?)

The interesting (read: thinking) folks left that Forum (or were banned) long ago, leaving the Mental Hens to masturbate each other. I do miss those gentle people that have left; Lonevoice, eadie, MidnightMoses. I'd invite 'em to join us at the 3840 email list, but along the way I've lost their addies...

I've been a so-called 'member' of the MH forum for a couple of years now. Haven't PARTICIPATED in ages; not once I found out that Beth & Linda censured messages by deleting them IMMEDIATELY if it was something the Hens didn't like. Agree with them, or don't post there!!!

Agree with the Hens or get banned! Without warning or notice. I've seen it happen to several people. And now I am one of a growing number of banned folks: Gregg, Gu, and Trish! At least I'm in good company!

I just hope I don't get banned from the online turners; JimandLeahs and Lees Tuner, as they seem to be either blind to the hurt the Hens cause, or tucked firmly into the MH fold. Well, if I am, (having never been any good at kissing unusual parts of the human anatomy) I'll just have to figure out how to use Javoradio...

So, I haven't participated in MH's since I found out you had to 'worship' at the alter of Beth & Linda to belong. No thanks! I've never been into 'cults' or brain control. And if I wanted to worship a woman, believe me, I'd go find a good looking, smart one!

I didn't participate. But I did make a run through the MH's message threads once in awhile (sometimes months apart), read some posts, see who was posting. I'd especially check the audio files. (Am gonna miss those audio files! But will find somewhere else to get 'em).

Well, ya know what? The Mental Hens can 'have each other' & I hope they are happy ever after. I really do. 'Cause I'm done with the Midnight Hens. And when I'm done, I'm done.

They'd barely brushed my bare toes with their heavy boots before, but I'd given 'em the benefit of the doubt even as I watched the pain and havoc they caused. And after all, it's their site, they can do what they want with it. And it wasn't any of my business. Now the Hens have firmly smashed my toes. So I can stomp back.

Actually, I was 'done' with 'em when I set up the 3840 email list as an sane and uncensored alternative. They didn't know it, because I had no reason to tell 'em. NOW I do.

I am giving open and formal permission to copy and post this statement to all. The Mental Hens may have finally 'met their match'!


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