Wednesday, October 27, 2004


It would seem that at least SOME of the moderators of the 'open' forums on are a little ticked with some of the HAMS, their accusations, paranoia, veiled threats, and out and out hostility towards each other. (Like this is NEW?)

(Boy, some folks just don't recognize fun when it falls in their laps!)

Warnings are being issued left and right. 'Discipline' actions are being instigated against some of the 'frequent' posters (any relation here to 'frequent flyers', hmmm?) There are 'whispered' rumors that several of the 'posters' may even be banned! (Heavens!) Emails are being posted, copied, forwarded. Phone calls are being made...

k6euy has even said his 'good-byes' to that venerable HAM site!

All this tempest in the teapot BS, brings to my attention still once more, how very important FREE SPEECH is to most people!

I am not a HAM, I am a SWL. I am not a registered member of QRZ. Therefore, I have NOT read their Guidelines or TOS.

I did read some of the threads in question on QRZ. There was no profanity, nor threats of violence. So I don't understand WHY these folks would be 'disciplined' or banned by QRZ moderators. I certainly understand WHY they would not go back to such a place!

THEY are all (HAMS & SWL'S) welcome to (where they can sign up for our Yahoo Mailing List. A place where freedom of speech is limited only to the basics: NO gratuitous profanity or violence or threats of same!

And if you're just not into Mailing Lists??? Ask me nice, and if there's enough interest, I will put up a 3840HamFans Forum FOR YOUR USE!

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