Friday, June 23, 2006

Is 3.840 Dead

Stan's group, usually on 3.815 is listened to most evenings in Jim's Tuner. Steve was on this freq before midnight last night. And conducted himself well I may add! Mostly because they are 'the only game in town other than...the Pahrump receiver permanently streaming 3.947

So basically, for online listeners, there are ONLY the two choices between 9p-midnight.

I would think that the 3.840 people, IF they wish to retain/regain listeners, are going to have to provide before midnight content, even if that means 'recruiting' more HAMS. (Hey, even artie often showed up briefly earlier in the night; he does know how to 'capture' an audience, HAMS or listeners!)

People who are listening to online tuners are INTO a group, it's conversation and dynamics, well before midnight. And often aren't likely to change freq. just to hear 2-3 HAMS, or someone tuning up, or jamming with music, on 3.840 maybe! Or listening to a lot of dead air, and hearing one HAM ID every once in awhile, in the hopes of a 'phone patch, that has been unprompted, and is therefore, an unknown.

And unlike earlier times, 3.815 often has HAMS on air well after the witching hour now.

If the 3.840 Hams wish to slip into anonymity, (and we are only talking about a handful of prominent HAMS here) they are going about it the correct way! If they do not, some leadership and planning is needed; inncluding paying attention to 'other' HAMS and listeners...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another HAM Hits the 'net with a Whimper

This one is a ‘log’ authored by Glen Thurman kn6z titled: The Little People Log.

It made its ‘little’ debut on 6.20.06. You can find it at:, or just go to HamCams and click on his picture, which is how I found the new log.

Though I enjoyed reading ‘The Little People Log’, there is much ambiguity and confusion here.

First, Glen states: “Only Little People make my list.” Well, what the hell does that mean at the top of a log? And what list? And aren’t ‘little people’ folks with small bodies, like Billy Barty? Or is this a misnomer and Glen really means ‘small minds’?

Then, I was surprised that Glen opened his ‘Little People Log’ with a famous poem of T.S. Elliot. What does this mean? It is confusing. Is Glen calling T.S. Elliot ‘a little person’? Is he suggesting that the ‘Little People’ actually will understand this much studied and complex verse? Does he think the ‘Little People’ will even recognize the famous bard’s name, let alone understand the multi-syllabic words without a dictionary in hand. Or the thoughtful meaning and symbolism of the poem? Is he challenging them to do so? Is his ‘teacher’ status coming to the fore?

Thankfully, here the ambiguity ends. Glen makes no bones about it, the new entity is a log, not a blog, which is fine by me as I enjoy reading all of ‘em. In fact, the straight reporting style of on air happenings (and Glen’s daily life), sans verbose meanderings, multi-links, flashing ads, and contentious replies, is refreshing.

But then, how can you object to a simple list of QSO’s and static reports? Though I am sure someone will, given time...

Glen also states that the ‘Little People Log’ is an experimental project and that he will probably tire of it. I hope not. Besides, it already has 266 hits. So go read it, fast! Before it’s gone.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

KNYE: Whisper Campaign

IMMEDIATELY after the posting on the HamFanz Grudge Report of the story, ‘KNYE Gets Needed Help’ on 6.1.06 (see the archives), a sneaky, underhanded, surreptitious, whisper campaign was started.

A few ‘key’ people were handpicked and fed a ‘rebuttal’ that was the total fabrication of one person. These ‘key’ people, trusting a fellow HAM, were then USED (and directed?) without their knowledge to ‘spread the lies’.

In this purposely derogatory and slanderous ‘whisper campaign’ Jim Watkins KI6GU, and Greg Sousa W6EZV, were made out to be deliberate and total liars. The documentation they provided, it was claimed, was just ‘Photoshopped’.

I was slammed, from all directions, as being a fool. I cannot begin to tell you how many emails, messenger messages, phone calls, and over the air comments, I received claiming that Greg Sousa, and Jim Watkins had duped me. That ‘they’ had ‘got me’ good.

***New pics of work at KNYE featuring Karen Jackson:

I knew better than that, and so I told everyone that contacted me, though I could not reply to the on air slander.

Neither Jim Watkins nor Greg Sousa had ever lied to me that I am aware of, even when we have disagreed on stuff (and that has been often!). Not only that, but over the years, both these HAMS seems to have had a penchant for ‘supporting’ the truth, whatever that may be. But mostly, I knew better because both of them have backed (in general, if not on specifics) the activities of the HamFanz conglomerate. So why would they want to ‘get me’? What would be the 'motive'?

Paul Bowman W7MAG, on the other hand, is a charter member of nothing but the Art Bell kiss ass society. Paul Bowman had (still has) a vested, monetary interest in the activities of Art Bell, W6OBB, (and probably lost a lot of business income when artie escaped the country). Paul Bowman has been arties Pahrump flunky for years. (As Big Ben Gardner KD7BCW, has been on the air and the internet.)

Indeed one can’t help but wonder what kind of ‘cut’ Paul is getting for selling arties’ stuff. And it’s been on my mind, ever since it occurred, just what artie might have said to Paul when Paul went to Laughlin, picked up artie after Ramona’s death, and drove him home... (Anyone have a recording of THAT long trip?)

Anyway, it was not surprising that I was able to track the ‘whisper campaign’ back to Paul Bowman, and it only took me a few days to do it. Now, it is quite possible that Paul was taking directions or ideas from artie about this slander campaign – this I have no way of knowing, unless Paul decides to do the right thing and tells us.

That Paul seemed to be at the bottom of this mess did surprise me somewhat, as Paul Bowman has for years represented himself as a ‘family man’, and has talked of going to mass on Sunday. If that is the case, I think he needs to put in an appearance at church more often!

Paul also had other options, rather than to try to smear the reputations of two fellow HAMS, and myself. He could just as easily have posted a rebuttal here on the HamFanz Grudge Report. Or joined the HamFanz list, ditto there, etc. He could have called or emailed me (I do not know if he was in contact with either Greg or Jim).

Paul Bowman could have told us all WHY it was so important for him that he’d lie, and set up a whisper campaign maligning several people that were only telling the truth as they knew it, or set up others to carry out his fraud. Or why this relatively innocuous information be kept silent. Want to tell us why, Paul???

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Here kitty, kitty, kitty

(Yeti 4.13.04)

Has anyone noticed that there have been NO pictures of cats on arties w60bb spot since he left the states?

He SAID on air, that he was taking two of them with him. Carl kb5fjx, took Dusty, and a couple took the other two. Strange that there have been NO pictures or reports, on any of these 5 cats.

Guess cats are just as disposable as wives are to artie...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

KNYE Gets Needed Help

Ramona Bell at KNYE

Karen Jackson, the new Station Manager of KNYE, 95.1 FM, in Pahrump, Nevada, has a lot of career experience and success in many areas of business. But not in running a radio station.

A friend of Ramona Bell, Ms. Jackson took on the prodigious job of running KNYE when Art Bell left the country to marry a 23-year-old Filipina he met on the internet, before his wife of 15 years, (and owner of KNYE) Ramona had been in her grave 10 weeks.

Not coming from a radio background and needing some help with learning the ‘ropes’, Ms. Jackson called on two experienced Radio engineers; HAMS and former friends of Art & Ramona Bell whom Ms. Jackson had met on their prior visits to Pahrump, KNYE, and the Bell’s home. She requested them to facilitate her ‘learning curve’ with the needed new radio skills.

Greg Sousa W6EZV, was in Pahrump from May 15th to the 19th, 2006. Jim Watkins KI6GU, was in Pahrump from May 16th to the 18th, 2006. They taught Ms. Jackson how to use and adjust Adobe Audition, among other things.

They also took KNYE ‘live’ and took questions from listeners. Below are pictures of them on-air.

Greg Sousa

Jim Watkins

I have no idea what Greg Sousa was paid, but Jim Watkins supplied me with a copy of his paycheck, before cashing it:

This was apparently an agreeable arrangement all around. Ms. Jackson got the help and tutoring she felt she needed, and Greg Sousa and Jim Watkins earned a few extra bucks (probably not enough to pay for their gasoline) and were able to help out, in Ramona’s name.

The only fly in the ointment turned out to be Paul Bowman W7MAG, who it would seem, became enraged when he found a picture of Jim Watkins KI6GU, working at KNYE on his that Greg Sousa W6EZV, had posted. He ‘bumped’ Greg’s HamCams spot almost immediately.

This development was surprising, but not, to me. Does Paul Bowman feel he is Art Bell‘s business manager? Has he been legally given ‘carte blanche’ over Arts affairs (what a pun)? Art Bell hired Ms. Jackson, and he is her ‘boss’, not Paul Bowman.

Much more likely, was Paul just angry in a petty sort of way, to see a picture of Jim Watkins on his precious HamCams page, when Art Bell had directed him to ban Jim from the popular site? After all, it IS his site, or at least he hosts and maintains it per original request from Art Bell, so he can do what he wants with it. He can pick and choose who may use it, but in doing so, he lets the rest of the world see his nasty feelings in an unintended way.

I for one am glad to see KNYE, one of Ramona’s pet projects, being cared for so professionally, (even if it is making Art Bell more money), by Ms. Jackson. Congrats to Ms. Jackson, Jim Watkins, and Greg Sousa for doing the right thing! Finally, I think Ms. Jackson hired the right people for the job; KNYE’s audio sounds much better now...

Morally Superior?

Recently an obnoxious picture of a ‘family coat of arms’ was posted to by Carl kb5fjx claiming Moral Superiority by the 'kd7bcw' Order.

I’m sorry, but Carl’s recent manipulation of Art Bell w6obb for a LOT of money (a trip to PI being approximately $5,000, by Carl's own estimate – and I wonder if artie also paid for gasoline and meals and the wedding? I don’t think Carl could afford these things while on disability and living with his mother.) proves that Carl is not MORAL or SUPERIOR!

Indeed, even pointing this out and reminding people what he has done is kinda stupid in my book.

According to Carl's actions of recent months, he should post a coat of arms that claims “Order of the Crown – of the Successful Grifter”

(Hey Paul, what’s next? A KKK emblem?)


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