Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another HAM Hits the 'net with a Whimper

This one is a ‘log’ authored by Glen Thurman kn6z titled: The Little People Log.

It made its ‘little’ debut on 6.20.06. You can find it at:, or just go to HamCams and click on his picture, which is how I found the new log.

Though I enjoyed reading ‘The Little People Log’, there is much ambiguity and confusion here.

First, Glen states: “Only Little People make my list.” Well, what the hell does that mean at the top of a log? And what list? And aren’t ‘little people’ folks with small bodies, like Billy Barty? Or is this a misnomer and Glen really means ‘small minds’?

Then, I was surprised that Glen opened his ‘Little People Log’ with a famous poem of T.S. Elliot. What does this mean? It is confusing. Is Glen calling T.S. Elliot ‘a little person’? Is he suggesting that the ‘Little People’ actually will understand this much studied and complex verse? Does he think the ‘Little People’ will even recognize the famous bard’s name, let alone understand the multi-syllabic words without a dictionary in hand. Or the thoughtful meaning and symbolism of the poem? Is he challenging them to do so? Is his ‘teacher’ status coming to the fore?

Thankfully, here the ambiguity ends. Glen makes no bones about it, the new entity is a log, not a blog, which is fine by me as I enjoy reading all of ‘em. In fact, the straight reporting style of on air happenings (and Glen’s daily life), sans verbose meanderings, multi-links, flashing ads, and contentious replies, is refreshing.

But then, how can you object to a simple list of QSO’s and static reports? Though I am sure someone will, given time...

Glen also states that the ‘Little People Log’ is an experimental project and that he will probably tire of it. I hope not. Besides, it already has 266 hits. So go read it, fast! Before it’s gone.

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Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

Well, I've finally realized what my goal in life should be, and it has given real meaning to my existence. I want to model myself after Eddie Haskell. You may call me "Eddie Haskell, Jr." or "Big Daddy".

Glenn, KN6Z, was a real gentleman last night when I requested a break on 3943 kc. while using my Eddie Haskell persona. He recognized me and told me to go ahead and take a transmission. However, that idiot Dave, K6LDO, refused to stand by and insisted on trying to jam me out every time I would transmit. He kept saying that I had forgotten to wipe, and had feces hanging from my anal orifice. (My question is, how did he know?) Then he accused me and Jim, KI6GU, of being "turds in the punch bowl". (I think he is just mad because he drank some punch by mistake.) I am worried about Dave. He says he's increased his dosage of Oxycontin, but he doesn't sound dopey anymore. This indicates to me that he has developed a serious tolerance to the drug, and he might be in danger of overdosing. I am concerned about his welfare, as I have had several ham friends over the years who overdosed on such painkillers and are now Silent Keys. Maybe ham radio is making Dave depressed, and that's why he's in so much pain. Dave, perhaps you should consider the possibility of taking a break from ham radio to see if your depression improves.

Ben, KD7BCW, was also quite impolite and hurt my feelings deeply by refusing to talk to me.

Don't these people know that I'm very sensitive? And furthermore, what the hell does this have to do with Art Bell, godammit?

Thanks again to Glenn for being such a gentleman.

Dave and Ben: we just want to talk about Art Bell, and we know you do, too. Therefore, gentlemen, we have much more in common than our superficial differences would tend to indicate. Let's just all get along and talk incessantly about Art. I am sure everything will work out.

Eddie Haskell, Jr., W6WBJ


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