Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ben Gardner kd7bcw

and his Group of the ‘morally superior’!

I guess Big Ben does not do much reading or he would have seen on multiple bumper stickers that the morally superior are neither!

But that’s not here nor there. The fact is that Big Ben seems to be sliding into some kind of fantasy (not to mention psychotic – see later paragraphs) state without his lord and boss handy 24/7.

Ben has actually informed the members of his Group that anyone caught fraternizing with HIS enemies, the morally inferior, according to Ben’s not too sound judgment, will be banned from his list. Worse yet, he would no longer consider them friends.

Well, I would have Grudged this matter sooner, but it took me awhile to stop laughing, and as soon as I did, some other little ‘tidbit’ of this fiasco would surface, and I’d be he-hawing again!

First, it IS Ben’s Group; he can make, and enforce any ‘rules’ he chooses. Though it would be nice if he’d chose ‘sane’ rules and regulations. Perhaps even rules he could enforce without listening to 3840 surreptitiously, to ‘gather evidence’ of disloyalty. If this is not paranoid behavior, I do not know what is. (Every night that I listen now, I think of Ben skulking out there in silence. It just makes my day!)

Second, what makes Big Ben think that the members of HIS Group are his friends? Most of these people are no more Ben’s friends than calling a prostitute a girl friend would be. This is delusional thinking on Ben’s part.

Third, whatever possessed Ben to issue such a dictum? Was it the need for power and control, latent dictator tendencies, or orders from artie? Perhaps he learned these egomaniacal techniques of ministering to the flock of the loop from his master? Or maybe Ben just likes the sensation of power.

Fourth, back to paranoid – the man is really going over the edge; hackers, moles, enemies behind every email! He has notified ‘personnel’ to investigate! (This one is especially funny! What friggen ‘personnel’? Orv?) Hackers? What self respecting Hacker would want to read all that drivel about policies, politics, and gas prices? Ben has also made some changes within the group roster, and security; what the hell, does he think he is heading up a department for Microsoft or the Federal Government? And the changes? Several people have told him where to stick it and left the group - guess they just were not ‘good’ folks! Some others may have been booted.

This leaves us with the PARTICIPANTS of the BCW list. I have never understood the NEED of many HAMS to belong to this second-hand, exclusive, ‘artie’ group, of ‘self-strokers’ led by this bumbling (insert noun). This includes people who are otherwise intelligent, open-minded, true participants in their hobby, if not ‘morally superior’.

Hopefully, they have probably all joined HamFanz by now, where they can voice any opinion (other than violence!), they care too...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Happily Ever After

I have been looking at this picture of Art Bell and his new bride Airyn Bell since it was posted on about a week ago. It bothered me, REALLY bothered me! Since then I have been debating with myself about this picture; say what I feel, or keep my sentiments to myself? Then, an email started making the rounds, about this very topic.

So this Grudge Report is a ‘little’ different, as it is my feelings about this picture, and therefore, about this marriage. And the reason is, my immediate reaction to the above picture was shock and NAUSEA!

Having been abused in my life by many men, and in so very many ways, I know ‘the look’. Airyn has it.

This is no routine, happy, newlywed picture. This is a picture of a young, woman who is STUNNED; she looks just like a deer caught in headlights, unbelievably surprised, and not seeing any way out.

This is a picture an old man, gloating, controlling, demanding, and ENJOYING it. This is a picture of a man with no morals, perhaps even a deranged or malevolent man.

This is a picture of good and evil. Ladies, what say you?

Monday, May 15, 2006


It would seem that Dan vr2hf has rekindled an interest among some, in EchoLink. Haven’t we ‘Been There, Done That’ before?

From what I have heard, EchoLink is no better than 3.840 on a Friday night when there is a full moon. (Sure hope some one is recording this experiment in radio. Be sure to email me the ‘good recordings’!)

I think Dan vr2hf, is naive to see this as any kind of solution, except to his OWN personal time zone issues.

His ad, see above, for EchoLink on is amusing. “No Misfits” it says. I am sorry, but I cannot help but think that an American living in Hong Kong, and teaching English in China, on what seems to be a permanent basis (it has been years that I am aware of), has to be a Class A Misfit!

Come on home Dan. Live and get a job in America. Get an American zip code and time zone. Then you will not have to resort to drumming up business for EchoLink…

Monday, May 08, 2006

Blogs, Blogs, and more Blogs!

I am delighted to report that two of the Hams, now have Blogs! In fact, I am so happy about this that I have now included a link section on THIS blog for HAM Bloggers. If you are a HAM, SWL, and are Blogging, please send me the link, and I will evaluate it for inclusion (and most of you know that I am pretty liberal!).

Trish k4ze has been Blogging for awhile now; as far as I could determine, the first entry was in January 2006. As is like Trish, the page is a little ‘overdone’ and ‘busy’, but that does not take away from the content. And, at first, she was a little wordy, but she’s getting much more succinct now. My only complaint was that I could not add her rss feed to my homepage. You can find a link to her Blog at:

Jim Southwick n7js, has just started Blogging. As many people who are new to Blogging, he too is a tad wordy, but I am sure that will pass<g>. You can find a link to Jim’s Blog at:

(You just gotta love both these vanity calls!)

My advice to these new Bloggers? Try to be consistent with posting entries, make entries 500 words or less, try to keep to one topic per entry, vary your content, install a ‘free’ counter, and install (It is a great tool; folks can be notified of any new entries to your blog, via email, automatically. Do sign up for The GRUDGE Report below!). Lastly, remember that people will be READING what YOU write.

For sure, I will be reading these new Blogs from time to time. I will watch them either develop or fizzle. There are at least two people now in the HAMFANZ community, who will soon realize that putting out The Grudge Report in Blog form for the last two and a half years, maintaining a good readership, and getting responses, is not quiet as easy and simple as it seems!


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