Monday, May 08, 2006

Blogs, Blogs, and more Blogs!

I am delighted to report that two of the Hams, now have Blogs! In fact, I am so happy about this that I have now included a link section on THIS blog for HAM Bloggers. If you are a HAM, SWL, and are Blogging, please send me the link, and I will evaluate it for inclusion (and most of you know that I am pretty liberal!).

Trish k4ze has been Blogging for awhile now; as far as I could determine, the first entry was in January 2006. As is like Trish, the page is a little ‘overdone’ and ‘busy’, but that does not take away from the content. And, at first, she was a little wordy, but she’s getting much more succinct now. My only complaint was that I could not add her rss feed to my homepage. You can find a link to her Blog at:

Jim Southwick n7js, has just started Blogging. As many people who are new to Blogging, he too is a tad wordy, but I am sure that will pass<g>. You can find a link to Jim’s Blog at:

(You just gotta love both these vanity calls!)

My advice to these new Bloggers? Try to be consistent with posting entries, make entries 500 words or less, try to keep to one topic per entry, vary your content, install a ‘free’ counter, and install (It is a great tool; folks can be notified of any new entries to your blog, via email, automatically. Do sign up for The GRUDGE Report below!). Lastly, remember that people will be READING what YOU write.

For sure, I will be reading these new Blogs from time to time. I will watch them either develop or fizzle. There are at least two people now in the HAMFANZ community, who will soon realize that putting out The Grudge Report in Blog form for the last two and a half years, maintaining a good readership, and getting responses, is not quiet as easy and simple as it seems!


Craig Petersen said...

Evvy stated..

'Trish k4ze has been Blogging for awhile now; as far as I could determine, the first entry was in January 2006. As is like Trish, the page is a little ‘overdone’ and ‘busy’,'

As much as I enjoy most hams personal web sites, the above statement Evvy gives in an understatement. If you are going to use Flash animations, animated gifs and Java scripts, don't over do it. Now Trish, I'm sure you are a nice person and it's nothing personal, but get rid of the flash animations. I have been to the site numerous times on my Linux box with the Konqueror web browser; the site loads 'ok' but it will not render properly and adds an unnecessary amount of overhead to the computer. I went to the same site with Firefox (with flashblock, adblock and popup blocker tuned on) the site was unnavigable.

Web authors need to keep a few things in mind:

1.Don't assume that everyone on the planet is running Windows XP.
2.Test your site with web browsers other than Internet Explore.
3.If possible, make use of 'cross platform' utilities like Java and Real Player.
4.Use uniform font sizes.
5.DON'T annoy visitors with MIDI files.
6.And above all, DO NOT place copyrighted images and media on your web site, the intellectual property Nazis are everywhere.

Freddie said...

Definition of Blogging - The mistaken belief that people actually give a crap about the boring stuff you write.


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