Sunday, March 13, 2005

Still one more Worshiper at the Temple of the Loop?

Trish - ki4dvf was on 3840 last night: with Big Ben - kd7bcw and artie - w60bb, for the first time ever!!! I just heard about this from someone else tonight.

I'm thrilled Trish got her Extra license; I know for a fact that she's been working hard for a long time to achieve this goal.

But am wondering WHY she didn't tell her cyber-friends? Why she didn't send out an email or drop into messenger to let us know she'd taken the test and passed? That she was gonna do her first transmit, get on air last night???

Also, apparently she's 'upgraded' her equipment considerably from just a couple of weeks ago; she has a 1600 loop!!! And has gotten an amp!!! And she never told us!

Is she a hot shot HAM now? Too good for the rest of us? (The 'us' she was a big part of for years!)

Hmmm. Has Trish crossed that line (it's looking that way!). Is she back on the bcw list? I know she's 'back' in with Big Ben, she's said as much. Her first HamCams pic was posted by Big Ben just recently. So Trish made 'the right side' of artie there; must have pleased her greatly. (Hmm, she didn't tell us about that either.)

Which means, she's not far from cozying up to artie. (Which may have been her goal since the beginning, consciously or sub-consciously - remember the trip to Pahrump???) Probably not far from being invited back to the Mental Hens.

It's amazing to me how quickly some people forget being stabbed in the back! How soon they return for more. And how many of 'em do this just to be able to 'rub shoulders' with a celebrity??? How very sad!

And if so, what must artie think of such people??? I would hope he'd take pity on those with such 'empty' lives. Or does he suck it up like a kid does cotton candy; enjoying every bite of it, and looking for more?

And, no, I am not jealous of Trish; her license, her loop, her amp. I am disappointed that she's turned out to be just one more 'fair-weather' friend. I think I've run into this MORE in HAM radio circles than I have anywhere else, at least the 3840 circle. (And, over the years, I've also made some very good friends; that I am loyal to, and are loyal to me.)

BUT, I'm getting tired of encouraging these folks; spending HOURS on messenger or on the phone, listening to their hysterics, soothing their hurt feelings. Or just being there as they rant over perceived wrongs. Of supporting them in their endeavors, only to get the cold shoulder when they achieve their own goals.

I didn't record last night, so I don't have a copy of it for 'history'. And actually, perhaps that's better; I'm funny that way, I REMEMBER how people have treated ME...



Friday, March 04, 2005

JimandLeahs Online Tuner

If you've had trouble getting into the tuner lately, you are not the only one. Sometimes you get a message the the tuner is 'unavailable' or the more standard "no connections available'. So you settle for 'audio only, and you find it's tuned to some religious AM station

Jim Southwick n7js, reports that apparently a hacker has figured out a way to freeze and lock the tuner. He is trying to work on the issue but the 'hackers' are persistent. They have also gone after other free tuner sites. Just read So if anyone should happen to have any info regarding this; please let Jim know...

On a brighter note; Jim has installed a SECOND chat room, with ALL the bells and whistles, so if you don't get into the tuner, (or even if ya do!), or if you are listening to your own receiver, you can still converse with everyone in the tuner as well as those locked out.

I've spent some time in the second chat, and I'm happy to report that a lot of the old 'regulars' are starting to show up. Do check it out!!! A hint though, sign in with the nick or call that folks recognize!




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