Friday, March 04, 2005

JimandLeahs Online Tuner

If you've had trouble getting into the tuner lately, you are not the only one. Sometimes you get a message the the tuner is 'unavailable' or the more standard "no connections available'. So you settle for 'audio only, and you find it's tuned to some religious AM station

Jim Southwick n7js, reports that apparently a hacker has figured out a way to freeze and lock the tuner. He is trying to work on the issue but the 'hackers' are persistent. They have also gone after other free tuner sites. Just read So if anyone should happen to have any info regarding this; please let Jim know...

On a brighter note; Jim has installed a SECOND chat room, with ALL the bells and whistles, so if you don't get into the tuner, (or even if ya do!), or if you are listening to your own receiver, you can still converse with everyone in the tuner as well as those locked out.

I've spent some time in the second chat, and I'm happy to report that a lot of the old 'regulars' are starting to show up. Do check it out!!! A hint though, sign in with the nick or call that folks recognize!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Evvy. The attacks have lessened as of late - possibly due to the perpetrators realizing we are working on identifying them via their ISP's. If it's someone we all know - I'll be sure to create a public lynching site you can all visit. I think I'll use www.ImGonnaNailYourAss.Com as the URL. You know, come to think of it - that site could really apply to people we bust on the radio. It's available too! - Probably not after I write this. If someone hurries and grabs this - put it to good use okay. I'll even help you get it off the ground. There are way too many sites out there right now that should be titled www.ImGonnaKissYourAss.Com so lets accomplish something together. I'm actually humoring myself right now so let me get back to topic.
Myself and Bob over at really felt from the locations and coordination of this (and sheer effort) - that there may be purpose behind it.
A plausible theory is by us offering free access to decent on-line tuners - we may be taking alot of the profit motive away from possible individuals interested in marketing software or possibly paid sites
themselves. "I'm alright Jack, but don't take a slice of my pie" echo's in my brain from the song "Money"
by "Pink Floyd".
I must stress however that this is only a theory. If this is the case - those individuals can
rest assured that we are going to expand upon what we already have for free. I am currently working with Bob to re-distribute the high quality audio using his server. His bandwidth is astronomical. This will no longer require paid membership to Live365 as well as saving the on-line tuner the monthly cost to serve it. Bob is also working to make his site a host of several on-line tuners in the future. He soon will have a completely redesigned software available he has wrote from scratch that will be capable of working with many redios.
Trust me, it won't be something you would be embarrassed to show your best friend or your mother for that matter. That's it for now
- burn in that new chat room so we are not throwing away the money.
Jim N7JS


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