Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jim Watkins ki6gu, Hit the Road Jack

Today, in the wee hours of this morning, on 3.840 Jim (GU), had some thoughtful opinions about the ‘hobby’. He was talking with someone, so it was ‘off the cuff’, yet it felt ‘thought out’.

This included a ‘rethink’ on Hollingsworth, and the position he holds.

Jim pointed out the obvious, yet oft unpracticed philosophy that if you do not like a frequency, you could go somewhere else. That if you do not like what is happening on a frequency, just move on. He also, very sanely, opined that, “you do not try to change the whole world to be like you want it to be.”

Too bad GU did not follow his own advice last week when he totally lambasted Tom Gleeman ke6ynh, (who is a new general) for doing something that Jim did not like. So Jim, since Tom was there first, why didn’t YOU just hit the road and move to another frequency?

If you did not hear it, you can catch a clip of the evening (the first of 5 for the night) at: http://www.hamfanz.com/Current/Clips.html

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ben Gardner kd7bcw, dumped!

But was it by Cherry, or artie w6obb?

From the rumors and hints of rumors I am hearing, artie took Big Ben kd7bcw half way to paradise, then dumped him.

It would seem that after leading ben down the rose petal covered path, towards marriage to a young, compliant, wanting a green card, Filipina, artie backed off, refusing to pay the final costs of Cherry immigrating to the US. Essentially, artie dumped Ben. Cold to say the least!

I have no idea what the exact arrangement was between the two hams, but my guess does not include Ben being in Salem, Oregon, and his lawful wedded wife remaining the Philippines, half a world away. (BTW, either party is welcome to comment here!)

Especially as Artie was the INSTIGATOR of all these Big life changes that Ben took on. My guess is that Big Ben would never have pursued this particular folly had not artie led him on. It was artie or airyn Bell that introducing Ben to Cherry via the net. It was art that paid for all Ben’s expenses (and I bet it was the ‘bottom of the line’, to the penny) to the Philippines. Now, artie is putting the kibosh on the whole deal (or whatever the agreement was).

Having not heard directly from any of the parties involved, we are left to wonder just who backed out, was it artie, unwilling to put out another few thou, or Cherry (telling Airyn Bell that she had changed her mind).
One thing is for sure, artie w6obb, never fails to fail his friends (or women)!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, Perhaps All is Not Well in Pahrump?

I listened to the first hour of Coast-to-Coast AM both this last Saturday and Sunday nights. The announcement on Saturday night, of Asia Bell’s birth was both complete and appropriate; in fact, artie sounded like the quintessential ‘new dad’.

Also on Saturday night’s show, artie thanked Carl Richardson kb5fjx, his now brother-in-law & Sharon Richardson, his now sister-in-law for making the drive to Pahrump and staying for TWO weeks, a week before and a week after the birth of Asia. Am I the only one to find such a long visit by relatives at such a ‘delicate’ time to be, uhhh, noteworthy?

However, here is the clincher, reading between the lines (or, reading between the non-existent lines!); as NOT ONE TIME, did Art Bell mention Airyn other than in a factual manner (she told him she was having ‘pains’, they showered, etc). Artie never once commented on how Airyn was doing, how Airyn tolerated and was healing from the C-Section, how Airyn was doing with the baby.

Most men are even ‘more’ attentive, enthralled, appreciative, and in love with their wives (if love even existed in the first place) immediately AFTER the birth of a baby. This does not seem to be the case with the Bells. I find this lack of Airyn ‘being in the picture’ during this week’s Coast-to-Coast AM intros, as strange as the two-week visit from in-laws.

There is an active poll (for June 2007) asking which of these ‘made in the Philippines’ HAM marriages will hit the rocks first at: http://www.hamfanz.com/Polls/Index.html .

Lastly, there was no ‘love’ bumper music this weekend on Coast-to-Coast AM. Is the Honeymoon (or the insanity) over?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

HamFanz Archives

The HamFanz Archives are now available on DVD’s. You can find them at: http://www.hamfanz.com/Archives/Index.html If nothing else, you should get them for the NEXT time Jim’s n7js, Online Tuner goes down (that is, if it ever gets online again!).

Once you have them, no one can take them away from you! I have to thank ‘Sawyer’ for being a jerk and listening to Billy w6wbj, and the Internet Audio Archives for being so unreliable. Without these two ‘happenings’ the HamFanz Archives wouldn’t exist! Another ‘BIG THANKS’ goes to a person who has advised me on all of this – you know who you are!

I would remind everyone that I am doing this all by myself! I only have one desktop computer, limited ‘up-front’ resources, two (unreliable) arms, and no staff! So depending on who wants what, when, it could take me awhile to get them made and in the mail (if unduly held up, I would email you).


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