Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jim Watkins ki6gu, Hit the Road Jack

Today, in the wee hours of this morning, on 3.840 Jim (GU), had some thoughtful opinions about the ‘hobby’. He was talking with someone, so it was ‘off the cuff’, yet it felt ‘thought out’.

This included a ‘rethink’ on Hollingsworth, and the position he holds.

Jim pointed out the obvious, yet oft unpracticed philosophy that if you do not like a frequency, you could go somewhere else. That if you do not like what is happening on a frequency, just move on. He also, very sanely, opined that, “you do not try to change the whole world to be like you want it to be.”

Too bad GU did not follow his own advice last week when he totally lambasted Tom Gleeman ke6ynh, (who is a new general) for doing something that Jim did not like. So Jim, since Tom was there first, why didn’t YOU just hit the road and move to another frequency?

If you did not hear it, you can catch a clip of the evening (the first of 5 for the night) at: http://www.hamfanz.com/Current/Clips.html


Anonymous said...

Whats the deal with Art Bell retiring AGAIN?

Bill said...

I would like to remain friends with Jim, Tom and Steve, so often I just have to keep my mouth shut in order to avoid taking sides. Between the three, I don't really care that much about who's right and who's wrong. For example, Jim finds Steve really irritating, but I think he's hilarious and his antics don't bother me. They're all entitled to their opinions, and they all seem to get over their heartburn within a day or two. Besides, I'm sure they find me irritating, too. But not nearly as irritating as that damned Bilitzniklik the Martian! We've got to do something about that sonofabitch!


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