Monday, June 18, 2007

Ben Gardner kd7bcw, dumped!

But was it by Cherry, or artie w6obb?

From the rumors and hints of rumors I am hearing, artie took Big Ben kd7bcw half way to paradise, then dumped him.

It would seem that after leading ben down the rose petal covered path, towards marriage to a young, compliant, wanting a green card, Filipina, artie backed off, refusing to pay the final costs of Cherry immigrating to the US. Essentially, artie dumped Ben. Cold to say the least!

I have no idea what the exact arrangement was between the two hams, but my guess does not include Ben being in Salem, Oregon, and his lawful wedded wife remaining the Philippines, half a world away. (BTW, either party is welcome to comment here!)

Especially as Artie was the INSTIGATOR of all these Big life changes that Ben took on. My guess is that Big Ben would never have pursued this particular folly had not artie led him on. It was artie or airyn Bell that introducing Ben to Cherry via the net. It was art that paid for all Ben’s expenses (and I bet it was the ‘bottom of the line’, to the penny) to the Philippines. Now, artie is putting the kibosh on the whole deal (or whatever the agreement was).

Having not heard directly from any of the parties involved, we are left to wonder just who backed out, was it artie, unwilling to put out another few thou, or Cherry (telling Airyn Bell that she had changed her mind).
One thing is for sure, artie w6obb, never fails to fail his friends (or women)!


Bill said...

Wow! Evvy, I keep trying to tell all these old coots (among whom I include myself) that if you have nothing to offer a woman, just accept that fact and learn to be happy living single. I don't know what is wrong with these guys like Ben, who are fat, ugly, stupid and have no money, but seem to think that a woman is going to appreciate the fact that they are "morally superior" or some such shit. Why do they delude themselves like that? No good can come from being so dishonest with yourself. It leads to all kinds of psychological problems, such as we see displayed by every day by "old coot" ham radio operators. It's sad, but I tried to warn Ben what would happen. He simply wouldn't listen. What a self-deluded creep!

Anonymous said...

Who knows, maybe the couple will be reunited stateside, savoring balut, bagaoon, and all kinds of tasty treats. All Ben needs to do is secure an equity credit line against his mom's place, which will assure his lovely bride turkey 'n all da trimmings, and maybe some money left over for ham gear. Ben, it's time to SHOW SOME LOVE to your betrothed. This means sending airmail packages from Victoria's Secret. Your treat, of course. Enjoy the ride, and remember: call your doctor if you experience priapism.

Bill said...

Last night on 160 meters, Ben told another station that he is talking to Cherry every day, and that she is going to be coming to the U.S., probably sometime after January 1, 2008. Evvy, what's your "take" on this?

evvy garrett said...

Bill wrote:
>>>Evvy, what's your "take" on this?

Same philosophy as I have on most things: when I can 'see it, feel it, touch it,' I will believe it.

Though I do not see why, given the time, Ben & Cherry would not be able to come up w/the $$$

Anonymous said...

Ben and Cherry are in love, I think it's wonderful. Love will find a way to unite these two people. With God's help and Billy's love all things are possible. Remember Billy, you are a child of God as we all are. Live and let live. Find happiness before it's too late. Life is too short to hold a grudge. Let go

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. With your fanciful imagination, you should be writing soap opera scripts.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was refreshing to see something that was not full of anger and disgust. What purpose does it serve to constantly attack somebody? Does Billy spend his entire waking hours devoted to posting internet attacks on people? I don't get it. Billy can't seem to let go and move on. It's like he is stuck in time or something. At least he's smart enough to post his stuff on Steve's website and not on his own. Let Steve take the hit when the lawsuits begin to roll in. Poor Steve, the bottle just hasn't been his friend much these days.

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Lawsuits? Whatchou talkin' 'bout, Willis? Look, the Ben/Cherry paradigm has real news interest; incontinent ham with raging libido seeks Visayan girl with equally low standards. Pretty much sums it up, right? This is American popular cultural history in the making. Now, run along, Beaver, and eat yer Jollibee burger 'n double grease fries.

Bill said...

If anyone files any lawsuits against me or Steve, I'll see to it that they are dismissed and then I'll sue whoever filed them for abuse of process and malicious prosecution. Anonymous's argument amounts to nothing more than that Art can broadcast his swill over 600 stations, for profit, but nobody can criticize his bullshit! Get a clue, Anonymous, Art is a public figure and we have the right to say his bullshit is BULLSHIT, and that he's nothing but a disgusting old bullshit artist. And insofar as Ben is concerned, why is that fat, stupid old coot, who can't even write or speak correctly, and who no woman in her right mind would give a second glance, entitled to talk all over the internet about how he's going to the Philippines to get a third-world bride, but nobody is entitled to comment on it? What a load of crap! I've got free-speech rights, and I intend to make use of them!

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

but BILL, Art has provided thousands of hours of mindless entertainment since the Hale-Bopp fiasco, leading right into the Cherry/Ben quagmire, which is an alien conspiracy in the very best sense! Ham hocks notwithstanding, Art must now direct his marketing expertise to the Cherry/Ben franchise, which includes love dolls, Buster Brown knockoffs, and the like. So, you see, the pair has revitalized the very notion of ham radio. Why, it never was boring after all! You too can get your own East Asian love doll, IF you play your cards right!

Anonymous said...

Bill, You need to get a grip and let this shit roll down the hill. At this rate your a major candidte for a heart attack and you know it. Your stress levels are off the map buddy, go do something else, get away from the radio, work on your cars or your property. It ain't worth it, you've nothing to gain but poor health and illness from stress.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what "anonymous" said, Billy you need to let this shit go and quit obsessing on All things Artie. Art is just a radio brodcaster, that's all he is. The only thing he's known for is doing radio show. He hasen't cured cancer, fed the homeless or done any real good-guy stuff in his life. Billy this guy ain't worth your effort. He was just a pimple on the ass-hole of the world and he has been 'popped'... let it go allready !

Anonymous said...

So what's up with Art announcing his retirement... AGAIN! Fours hours a day, two days a week is too much for him? Is the family moving back to the Philippines? As evvy garrett noted, maybe all is not well in Pahrump.


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