Saturday, June 09, 2007

HamFanz Archives

The HamFanz Archives are now available on DVD’s. You can find them at: If nothing else, you should get them for the NEXT time Jim’s n7js, Online Tuner goes down (that is, if it ever gets online again!).

Once you have them, no one can take them away from you! I have to thank ‘Sawyer’ for being a jerk and listening to Billy w6wbj, and the Internet Audio Archives for being so unreliable. Without these two ‘happenings’ the HamFanz Archives wouldn’t exist! Another ‘BIG THANKS’ goes to a person who has advised me on all of this – you know who you are!

I would remind everyone that I am doing this all by myself! I only have one desktop computer, limited ‘up-front’ resources, two (unreliable) arms, and no staff! So depending on who wants what, when, it could take me awhile to get them made and in the mail (if unduly held up, I would email you).

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Anonymous said...

I just got the 2000-2006 Pics CD, the 2000-2005 DVDs.

The Pics CD has the pictures organized by Ham call & name(71 Hams!), and another copy of them organized by date. Almost all pics are dated. They're from the Cam sites, plus other sources.

The 2000-2005 DVDs total about 5.8GB, and that's .mp3, not .wav files! The total time of the recordings is about 185 hours, which is almost 8 solid days of audio! The audio recordings are all dated, and organized by year and month. Pics on these disks start at 2000, audio starts in 2003. Looks like these DVDs contain the same pics as on the Pics CD to 2005.

Sure they cost, but only the latest recordings from 2005 are still available for download anywhere - I've never heard the older recordings before.

It's going to take a long time to listen to all of this!


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