Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bell's w6obb, 'Anchor' Baby has arrived!

Today, Airyn Bell cemented her relationship with the USA by giving birth to her 'anchor baby', in Las Vegas, NV.

She could leave artie tomorrow, for a younger, better looing man (if she's smart she will wait till she has her hands on more of his assets) and NOT be deported; she is now the mother of a United States Citizen.

Wonder when Sharon Richardson, wife of Carl kb5fjx is going to follow suit? And will Ben Gardner kd7bcw become a father again? (It would seem that artie, and Big Ben weren't the world's best fathers the first time around.)

And forgive me if I'm not remembering correctly, but aren't all of these men, somewhat conservative, claiming to be 'morally superior', and 'made in America' types?

Amazing how one's morals and political views go out the window when the dishes need to be washed and sexual satisfaction becomes a #1 priority.

All of this, of course, just goes to prove what 'most' women know; (including the Filipinos - who have developed a 'market' economy on this knowledge) 'some' men's brain reside in their penis...


Anonymous said...

But, Evvy! Isn't baby Asia a cutie, with her pink cheeks? And Airyn looks beautiful as well. I don't know about space aliens 'n stuff, but I wish the Bell family the best.

Anonymous said...

looks like the baby has Art's ears, asian eyes, and lots of baby fat for a newborn! wonder how long before she is playing with the cats and spinning radio dials. you seem to be overstating the obvious dont you think, since the Philipines has always been a source of American mail-order brides, since WW2 anyway. Art is just reliving his youth when he was an airforce playboy in Okinawa.
Try to give him a break, his wife died suddenly on him and that shock was not easy to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I agree with Evvy. Art moved on too fast and didn't seem to have any shame in talking about his new lover. It seems like Ramona was an afterthought. I can't be mad at Airyn if Art is stupid enough to fall for it then so be it.

curious said...

The picture under Baby Bell on Ham Cams---who's that miserable scowling bride???? Is that Airyn's cousin? That geezer groom better watch his step if he wants to get out of there alive---she could be plotting to push him off a cliff or something. I'm serious!

Anonymous said...

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects many of us in our sunset years. Let's hear it for the good folks at Pfizer, makers of Viagra and other fine ham products. And yipee ay-yay, kay-yay for Filipino women.

Bill said...

Art has to be one of the most stupid, deluded people I have ever encountered. I am just totally in disbelief that anyone could forget about the woman he was so blissfully married to for 15 years, and whom he claimed to love so much, so soon after her death. And then to start emailing a replacement filipina so soon after Ramona's funeral (much sooner than Art has ever admitted to), and marry her so quickly, is simply unbelievable. Further, the fact that Airyn is such a plain-looking filipina (certainly not what you would call "attractive"), yet Art continually referred to her as "the most beautiful girl in the world" really makes you wonder about the guy. And THEN, for a chain-smoking old fart like Art to impregnate his young bride so quickly, apparently ignoring the fact that he probably isn't going to be around for very many years of the child's life, is really frosting on the cake. I'm telling you, the guy is a real weirdo.

Anonymous said...

"I'm telling you, the guy is a real weirdo."

umm sure . . . surpassed only by the ULTRA-weirdos who have nothing better to do than obsess on him.

Anonymous said...

If you can't stand a certain person keep them out of your mind. don't obsess over somebody like him.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope she fills her pockets up with all his gold. Please, to try to justify being lonely as to why one would enter into a relationship so soon after his wifes death, is hog wash. Think about it, wife of 15 years dies very suddenly. She obviously had become to old for artie. He ordered a replacement model. As far as spending time with the baby, when? He is totally into his self & will never spend any time with the baby. He had a baby to keep his bride busy. Heck, is it even his genes? He will post pictures, that is his time with the baby. Just what America needs, another child without a father.

Anonymous said...

You are all very sick. These are two people that are happy together.Why do you care what motives two people have for starting a relationship? Just because you are miserable doesnt mean you have to try and spread it around.


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