Monday, May 28, 2007

You would think a ‘happily married’ man, Carl kb5fjx, would look happy...

I have said all along that these old/young, marriages with women who only wanted a green card were tragedy in the making. It would seem that we are seeing the very start of the 'tragedies'. Has marriage to a Philippina been good for Carl? Judge for yourself!

(BEFORE Marriage to Sharon)

Here is Carl Richardson not quite two years ago. Looking fat, sassy, and with life in his eyes!

(AFTER: about a year and a half, Marriage to Sharon)

Carl Richardson finally got up the nerve to put a picture of a person (himself) on He's seen here, rubbing elbows in Pahrump, NV, with his brother-in-law artie w60bb, and other guests (not pictured). The 'family' must be gathering in celebration of the new, soon to be born, 'Bell' (wonder if artie's adult son is there, or was even invited?)

Carl, in his white shirt (with pen in pocket!), suspenders, capped tooth, and no facial hair, looks ill, and sad!

At any rate, we now know WHY Carl hasn't been posting any 'people' pics on HamCams; it would seem that marriage isn't agreeing with him! Of course, should he die from one of his various ailments, newly immigrated Sharon Richardson , from the Philippines, will get it all. (But is 'it' anything most of us would want?)


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Bill said...

Carl is just a complete loser, and couldn't get a woman any other way. Why, Art even had to pay for his trip to the Philippines! Unfortunately, there are a lot of other hams like Carl, and they tend to dominate the discussion about ham radio with their overbearing, know-nothing opinions. Dumb hams like Carl are the main reason why ham radio is so screwed up today.


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