Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It’s been over a month now since Jim's Tuner n7js, went down and I'm still suffering withdrawal symptoms.

I sorely MISS listening to the Short Attention Span Network of an evening! I do not even know how my 'god-dog' Cookie is doing or his pal Tony ae6qv!

Off and on, (and when someone is there), I do listen to the 'Little People' on the Pahrump Receiver. All I can say about that is it is better than nothing. (Why do so many of the 'Little People' have the same ‘voice’? Glenn kn6z, Moody wq6i, and Ben kd5bcw being the exceptions.) I must try to remember to tune in Saturday nights to hear the 'Little People' rendition of the 'Barny Song'. Right...

Actually, much has happened during the month since Jim's tuner has been down, in the background so to speak, some of it Grudge worthy, some not! (I WAS right about Ben kd5bcw, yes?).

Do not worry, dear readers, by the temporary lack of HamFanz Grudge Reports (I have been busy with other things!) as I have made note of it all; have ‘reports’ I am working on, stuff in process. I will not forget and all will eventually be revealed...

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