Friday, May 18, 2007

Chaos Reigns

I know there is not a full moon; are we not just barely past a full moon, or was it a new moon? Could it be sunspots? Something has ‘triggered’ absolute chaos across the bands! Is it a conspiracy of some type? Or did 'they' think I was just not busy enough to keep those donations coming in...


1) Jim Southwick n7js was removed for the second time from , allegedly for posting a ‘pornographic pic. Paul Bowman w7mag, said the stick figure with the gas
nozzle was offensive to his daughter. I would assume the pic of a very pregnant Airyn Bell in only a bra was not, since artie’s pics are still present.

1A) Scott Baris n6edv, was ‘demoted’ on the page. Was there a reason? Did he also post a pic that Paul’s daughter found offensive? Could it be that he can be heard on 3.840 (as is Jim n7js)?

1B) Which goes a long way to prove that artie w6obb, still, ‘owns’ Paul Bowman and HamCams.


2) 3840 was jammed for HOURS starting with traditional ‘call to battle’ bagpipe music. (Find audio clips: 2007_05_16_KI6GU_Bagpipes_Are_Overwhelming_Here.mp3 & 2007_05_16_WB6BNQ_W6WBJ_All_Done_Jamming_Now_Greg.mp3 Bill Crowell w6wbj, on air, claimed that Greg Sousa w6ezv was the source. Others were wondering if Billy was doing the jamming himself. Why would the ‘world’s biggest jammer’ be upset by a little jamming anyway? (Again, a case for the fact that Billy w6wbj, can dish it out but not take it!)


3) Steve Wingate k6txh, again deeply under the ‘influence’ and losing it on 3.840 for HOURS in the wee hours of 5.18.07 (Clip: KI6GU_W6EZV_K6TXH_Steve Goes Nuts (again).mp3 ). When Steve was asked, fairly nicely at first I might add, to shut up or leave, and he chose to do neither, it was revealed that he was growing marijuana for sale, at his Northern California home. (Which, I may add, was alluded to here, in The HamFanz Grudge Report earlier. Click on the k6txh link!). Will law enforcement soon be visiting SteveO? Will the FCC take any action? I will believe neither until I see it.

3A) Greg Souse was on air on 3.840 via a phone patch, compliments Jim ki6gu.

3B) In retaliation for the above, Steve Wingate w6txh, banned Jim Watkins ki6gu, and Scott Baris n6edv (after reposting a pic of ki6gu), from his site. (Like the police knocking on your door and a felony conviction are equivalent to not having a place to post personal pics!) This doesn't seem to leave much of a web site.


4) There is gossip that ‘Sawyer’ is still one more of billy’s w6wbj, multiple ID’s! As Jim’s Tuner remains off line, yet ‘Sawyer’ (whose only email is at his 3840aa site), and who claims he is a SWL, is recording and posting audio clips. BTW, ‘Sawyer’ (which rhymes with lawyer), never chats about his radio, antenna etc. as do most SWL’s.

...So many of these Hams have ‘fallen’ so many time, from so many things, that they not only have the properties of dominos, knocking down the next in line, but I suspect some (like SteveO), are actually developing spots on body and soul, white, yellow, or otherwise!

My phone and email has been ‘hot, hot’ hot’ the last few days and I have been trying to sort out fact from wishful thinking! As I get more background on these events, I will follow up! If you have MORE information, let me know...

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