Monday, November 21, 2005

Whats with the Online Tuners (or Art Bell as censor)?

Between uploads of data to a friend’s server, (I’m backing up data in preparation of changing computers.) I did listen for about an hour to the Pahrump receiver: Got right in, in fact! And the reason why was because it was a rerun!!!!

It took a few minutes for me to realize that I’d heard this before. It was a recording of a transmission that I had heard shortly after Katrina struck (of which they spoke). It sounded familiar, but it wasn’t until I heard Joanne w6mku come on to defend FEMA, that I realized I was listening to a ‘rerun’. I did check the s-meter page, and there were no notes there about a 'replay'. So any folks listening out there, thought they were hearing 'live' SW!

Then I went to Radio Bothell Online, my own fav online tuner, as Kent Nyberg wm70 REALLY operates a full featured online tuner at:, (Though the audio could be better!) At Radio Bothell, on 3.840 there was just 'static'. I used the 'presets' and checked a few other frequencies, and never did hear a ‘voice’. I did not, however, have the mental acuity to check an AM station, to see if the tuner was working. I just assumed the tuner was down, or that no one was on air.

I quickly whipped by Jim Southwick n7js’s, recently back online tuner at:, and that tuner does not seem to be online any longer, other than streaming through s-meter. Unfortunately I don’t know if Jim was also streaming the ‘replay’. I didn’t think to check and actually, didn’t have the time as I needed to get back to uploading data.

I sure hope JimandLeah and Radio Bothell get any tech probs they may be having ironed out soon as there are many, many HAMS and SWL’s out there seeking that ‘voice in the night’.

And it would seem that artie w60bb is unable to provide that service for them without falling into the temptation of ‘manipulating’ these listeners by choosing, all by himself, what they should (and conversely, should NOT) hear!

Now I admit there is probably MUCH material heard at night that probably SHOULD NOT be replayed the next day. And I admit that it IS Art Bell's receiver. But Art Bell w60bb as ‘supreme’ censor of 3.840??? It seems to be turning out that way. Manipulation of the media, any media, especially without any type of 'notice', is the ultimate in control…


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