Friday, February 23, 2007

Chuck/Karen Larimore w6so or...

It would seem that last Sunday evening, according to The Little People Log, which Glenn Thurman kn6z keeps, recording the ‘happenings’ of 3.765. (and I enjoy reading every so often). That Chuck Larimore of Sun City, was on air (wonder if Art Bell w6obb, getting back on air recently has anything to do with Larimore showing up?).

Now, wouldn’t you think that ‘Chuck’ would email old friends when he was going to be on air so we could listen?

Glenn’s Little People Log states that ‘Chuck’ is now ke7kw, but this must be a typo as

Plus, it’s just plain interesting to see what Larimore is going to ‘morph’ into next...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Art Bell w6obb talks about Ramona Bell (Reverse Speech)

Thanks to: there are some great ‘Reverse Speech’ clips of Art Bell w6obb, talking about Ramona Bell during the first couple of months after her death in January of 2006.

They will not be up long, so grab ‘em if you want ‘em, quickly, at:

This one is so 'good' it definitely deserves a ‘hit’ on that donate button! Enjoy!

Friday, February 16, 2007

3.740 Chicago Project Announcement

This nice Friday evening at 10PM pst, there were about six listeners in the tuner at awaiting the much-heralded announcement of ‘The Chicago Project.

Well, guess what? A drunk (what else is new?), mean spirited, Steve Wingate k6thx jammed it unmercifully and on purpose; no one could hear what the announcement was.

The reason I say the above is because Steve immediately migrated to 3.840 where he, still obviously under the influence of something, was in much better control and able to converse. Thus proving he did what he did on 3.740 simply out of meaness.

The folks on 3.740 Stan Karaszewski wg6k, and others (I have not identified their calls yet.) moved back and forth between USB & LSB, but Stupid SteveO followed, a spoiled spoiler for sure.

If you did not hear it, you can grab the unedited, half hour .mp3 at:
It will not be posted there for long, so if you want it, go and get it!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Still MORE Rumors!

This past week I have gotten several obtuse emails from various people alluding to ‘something big’, ‘something weird’ that is ‘going’to happen.

Here is the content of the latest email, which I received in response to the last article regarding rumors about Art Bell w6obb. My guess is that the person who sent the email was unable to understand how to sign into The HamFanz Grudge Report to leave a comment, so sent me the email. (BTW, I have never heard of this person before!) This is ‘pasted’ in as is, spelling, punctuation, grammar and all!

You think you are so smart. Well there is some major shit happening next month and you are totally clueless to it. No , I'm not talking about William Crowell's license. It is going to be the next hudge topic on 3840 / 3678 and you will just have to wait and find out with all the other SWLers. Ha ha ha ....Laughing at you Evvy

Just so you know I'm not blowing smoke, this has to do with one of the major players doing
something major.

I may or may not be ‘clueless’ (If you really want to hazard a guess, pick NOT.) The thing is dear readers; I do not really give a flying fig about what IS going to happen in the future. I report on what is timely, what HAS happened, or what is ABOUT to happen: web sites, on air comments, phone calls, emails, pictures, chat rooms, etc. There is always abundant material from which to choose. In fact, by the time any so called ‘planned event’ might actually occur, something could have very well have trumped it, as is often the case.

I do not know how the idea got started that I was trying to ‘scoop’ what the idiots were planning to do at any given time, because it is not so. It would probably also surprise you to find out what I have actively participated in, and did not write an article about for The HamFanz Grudge Report.

An item may not even be worthy of a mention in The HamFanz Grudge Report, much is not. I have knowledge of a great deal that CURRENTLY would not make an article for The HamFanz Grudge Report. I may feel that something is too sensitive, too hurtful, not fun, not of interest to the majority of readers, not of interest to me, can’t get a second source, etc.

I admit at times, It has appeared that I have advance knowledge of activities, and publish it in The HamFanz Grudge Report. When that happens, it is because someone(s) has given me the SPECIFICS (in one way or another), or I have gotten information in bits and pieces from various places, which I was then able to back up with information from a second (or more) source. The entire story was about as easy to put together as a pot of coffee!

So, dear readers, keep those emails coming in, especially if you can not figure out how to add a comment to The Grudge Report. I would appreciate it though, if you would all learn how to use spell checkers!

Art Bell w6obb, rumors

Now these are REALLY rumors, I have seen no substantiation for any of these items, though I have heard them from all over. However, they are fun! And, they might portend even more amusing things to come...

1) that artie was heard on 160 TWICE this last Monday Night.

2) that artie phoned billy w6wbj, asking that billy leave artie alone when on air, and billy’s response was to ‘blow up’.

3) that billy and art had a qso (and that Jim Watkins ki6gu, was there listening).

4) that artie was on 1.957 configuring his audio.

5) that Big Ben is setting his alarm to get up and play with artie on a secret frequency in the middle of the night.

6) that airyn bell is getting fat from eating all those baked potatoes.

Yes, folks, it looks like the long awaited action is close at hand! The players have been sizing each other up, but now it looks like everyone is taking their positions. Though off to a slow start, from the ‘high desert’, the ‘kingdom of Nye’, the game is on!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Review of 3840Hams.Net

Started in December of 2006, when Trish Ray k4ze, found that Bill Crowell w6wbj, had posted offensive pics that some even considered porn, on her livehamcams site, and she took it down, is a poor duplicate of what used to be...

Indeed,, as its name claims, does seem to be run by SOME (but not many!) of the Hams who hang on 3.840, specifically Steve Wingate k6txh, who apparently is the site owner and has it hosted by Suddenlink, and Bill Crowell w6wbj. (Interesting in that neither of these Hams are known to be team players.) Bill Houlne wb6bnq, told me on the telephone, shortly after the page appeared that he monitored the freebie chat by CoolWeb Toys.

All of the above is evidenced, even after three months of existence, by the total lack of imagination in the sites physical set up. There is NO content, per se; just a bunch of links to well knows audios, and 9 picture slots.

The links are mostly links that can be found on most Ham sites ie qrz, lightening map, etc. Then there are numerous links to audio, mostly Bill Crowell’s parody songs (most which have been around the block a few times), and to archive pages. The links I tried all worked.

Of the 9 picture slots (compared to over 20 on, ONE seems to get changed often, Bill Crowell’s, (usually with some very unfunny Photoshopped stuff) and the rest get updated sometimes, and now there are pictures there that haven’t been changed in a couple of weeks. (A complaint these guys voiced often about other sites. Guess Steve, Billy, and Bill are finding web site management a little more complex than they first thought. An example of the worst and best from the picture slots:

Continuing on the subject of pictures, during the past three months, Trish Ray k4ze has posed a legitimate and interesting question many times and in several venues; “Why isn’t Billy w6wbj, posting his filthy, socially unacceptable pictures to site? He does not want to get his (current) ham pals in deep do-do, but it was great fun to jeopardize Trish Ray’s site? (Wild animals in heat have more ethics than some of this bunch! My comment.)

After the picture slots on, is the CoolWeb Toys chat. I was banned from this chat early on, supposedly for ‘advertising’ The HamFanz Grudge Report! (Or so Bill Houlne wb6bnq, told me.) Though mainly I posted was that a NEW HamFanz Grudge Report was available, the title, and the url. (The fun thing is that the few remaining people that chat there often mention both The HamFanz Grudge Report and its url!).

Apparently, a LOT of folks have been banned from the chat on The main posters remaining are: Tex O’Halloran, k6pic, Sailbad the Sinner, Bill Crowell (under various personas), and ki6bgi. You will seldom see any others there. A recent (last Sunday) sample of the scintillating conversation:

Tex O'Halloran Sun 18:59
Sharing horizons that are new to
us, watching the signs along the way, talking it over just the two of us,
working together day to day

Sailbad The Sinner Sun 19:52 hey V whas up

Sailbad The Sinner Sun 19:54 KN6Z says "Becky Zed's teeth
are a transient phenomenon. You have to shoot video to catch a few rare
frames of teeth"

K6PIC Sun 19:54 Hmm...

Sailbad The Sinner Sun 19:55 Duhhh sh eis so misarable
living in her stepmoms house with a loser that won't move away from mommy
that she rarly smiles

Sailbad The Sinner Sun 19:55 Oh My

Sailbad The Sinner Sun 19:57 thats funny Chris

I am talked about frequently, parodied, made fun of, often on the chat. These particular Hams, it would seem, can only take on someone that is not present, someone they KNOW cannot be present (on air or in a chat) to fight back! Big men, these! Here is another unedited example from chat from last Thursday:

Tex O'Halloran Thu 18:16 Evvy's on a roll here

Tex O'Halloran Thu 18:17 9) You are NOT required to have
sex whenever your husband demands. You are also not required to perform any
sexual acts you are uncomfortable with, or just do not want to do.

Tex O'Halloran Thu 18:18 Evvy assumes a lot here. BAR,
where are you, dear?

K6PIC Thu 19:54 Oh MY!!

Tex O'Halloran Thu 20:09 the XYL credo 9) You are NOT
required to have sex whenever your husband demands. You are also not
required to perform any sexual acts you are uncomfortable with, or just do
not want to do

Tex O'Halloran Thu 21:21
Evvy's lawyers are after me.

Tex O'Halloran Thu 21:29 I'm banned from Evvychat.

Tex O'Halloran Thu 21:29 Evvy, quit postin' all of that
smack about strangers.

Tex O'Halloran Thu 21:29 you old bat.

Big Hamfanz Supporter Thu 21:57 Just ignore Evvy. She
represents mere human surplusage. She is a good argument against the S.S.I.
system. Let the sick, rotten people die!

As of this date, the counter on registers 19,931 hits; since the site has only been up not quite 3 months, I can only conclude that either the hits have been padded, or that Steve and Billy like to go look at their own handiwork often, kind of a mental masterbation.

Most others would not go there often, as is at best childish, uninformative, stale, graphically inept, discriminatory (women, SWL’s), a ‘copy’ of, and often offensive! It absolutely has NO CLASS. Don't bother with it; it is just another ‘good ole boys’ club! seems to reflect its creators, eh? (Hey folks, this ONE deserves a DONATION!)

Friday, February 09, 2007

It's Open Lines!

Art Bell w6obb, announced on Coast to Coast AM that starting THIS week-end, he would no longer be using a 'call screener' during 'Open Lines'.

Of course, he does have a 'delay' (I've heard 7 seconds) so he doesn't have to actually put on air just ANY caller. But one can try! If he doesn't recognize your voice or your name, you might have a chance!

Not to mention, folks can sure keep those lines busy! Have fun!

And the telephone numbers are:
Toll-free West of the Rockies: 1-800-618-8255
First-Time Callers: (818) 501-4721
Wild Card Line: (818) 501-4109

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sharon Richardson and Airyn Bell

This is an open letter to the new wives of Carl Richardson kb5fjx and Art Bell w6obb. A Welcome to America, woman to woman greeting, so to speak; as I’m sure there are many things that your old, sick, selfish, morally depraved (or they wouldn’t have gotten married as they did) husbands haven’t told you!

1) Women in America (even if they were not born here!) are EQUAL to men – in all ways. Period. End of story! No matter what your husbands tell you, or what you learned as a child in another culture, you will NOT fit in here unless you put the ‘learning’ of this as a top priority. He is just as responsible for doing the dishes and changing diapers as you are.

2) YOU CANNOT DEPEND ON MALES (especially husbands!) TO TEACH YOU FEMALE AMERICAN CUSTOMS AND MORES’! Watch TV, read the newspaper, get a library card and use it, take classes at local schools (they type does not matter, whatever you interests are) and join local civic and political groups. The internet is great and wonderful, but you need real live, living and breathing, AMERICAN FEMALE role models. Watch and listen to them, and learn.

3) As American wives, you are entitled to take out LIFE INSURANCE policies on your husbands, indeed you should, and at the earliest possible time. This is VERY important! You must ‘protect’ yourselves and any future children, especially as these are sick (in more ways than one!), and aging men.

4) As American wives you are EXPECTED (by everyone except your husband!) to continue your own life, hobbies, education, and interests, to continue learning and growing as a person and as a woman.

5) You do NOT have to ‘meld’ with your new husband or his family, and do not expect him to ‘meld’ with yours.

6) You do NOT have to take ABUSE of any type: physical, mental, verbal, emotional, etc. The moment this happens, contact the authorities and get a good lawyer.

7) You do NOT have to have a baby every year!

8) No one (except your husband) expects you to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your husband or at home.

9) You are NOT required to have sex whenever your husband demands. You are also not required to perform any sexual acts you are uncomfortable with, or just do not want to do.

I hope that this is of help to you ladies. Remember, you have already done the ‘hard’ part. You have found an American Man (if you really want to call him that, there are those of us that do not, we consider them ‘rejects’), got him to marry you, got your Green Card, and have moved to America! You have already ‘hit the jackpot’ (though no doubt, you have earned it the hard way!), so now you can move forward, get an American education, get an American life, and enjoy the fruits of your years of internet ads, scheming and conniving!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, HAS been heard on 75 meters!

I KNEW he could not, would not, sit there with all that NEW (expensive) radio equipment, and not play with it. That is like believing he does not ‘do’ Airyn! Or that he has learned how to work the dishwasher. He must really think we are ALL stupid...

Does he not think that HAMS & SWL’s are actively listening for him all hours of the day and night? Not because we want to hear that aging, getting weaker, now hated by many, voice, but because we are not as dumb as he would like to think.

O.K. folks, the hunt is on; go forth, search, listen, and above all, record!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Glenn Thurman kn6z, and the videos - Part 2

Hmmm. Now when you click on one of the YouTube links for the videos of Art Bell’s w6obb, guesthouse that Glen Thurman personally filmed, then posted to YouTube sometime in early January 2007, you get the message, “This video has been removed by the user” in bright red letters.

Try it yourself:

Nor could I find any mention in Glenn Thurman’s ‘Little People’ log or blog, of the videos’ being removed, or why. Though I must admit, I did not read EVERY word the guy wrote, just scanned, as the guy is full of verbiage among other things. If you find such a reference, please let me know.

So now the question is, why did Glenn Thurman w6nz, remove these two erudite and educational (yea, right!) Trailer-Trash type videos from YouTube? Apparently, at one time or another, he thought it a good idea to post them, and circulate the url’s among the HAM masses. He may have even asked the opinion of other ‘Cult of the Loop’ members about doing so.

What changed Glenn’s mind? Did artie do one of his renown “If you do/don’t, I’ll have my lawyer call you” routines on unsuspecting, loyal, and artie fan extraordinaire Glenn? That would surely be my guess!

If that was the case, then Glenn Thurman had a very long ‘honeymoon’ phrase with artie, as most of us get this plaintive threat within months of our first artie contact, ‘cause there is a lot of stuff artie does not like! Though I don’t personally KNOW of a single instance of artie’s legal eagles actually contacting someone; after all, that would mean artie would have to actually sign papers and spend $$$.

So Glenn, what lame excuse are you giving to the ‘Cult of the Loop’ members about making, posting, and then removing these videos of artie’s guesthouse? Did artie’s lawyers actually contact you, or was the threat enough?


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