Friday, February 09, 2007

It's Open Lines!

Art Bell w6obb, announced on Coast to Coast AM that starting THIS week-end, he would no longer be using a 'call screener' during 'Open Lines'.

Of course, he does have a 'delay' (I've heard 7 seconds) so he doesn't have to actually put on air just ANY caller. But one can try! If he doesn't recognize your voice or your name, you might have a chance!

Not to mention, folks can sure keep those lines busy! Have fun!

And the telephone numbers are:
Toll-free West of the Rockies: 1-800-618-8255
First-Time Callers: (818) 501-4721
Wild Card Line: (818) 501-4109


barvetta said...

hey all...why not call those numbers and give your vote for who the biggest fucktard is

Freddie said...

I was listening to night and noticed callers had their noses so far up Art Bells ass. If I call, do I have to cram my nose up his ass?

Freddie said...

I went to try the free Stream Link trial to listen to some past shows that were halfway reasonable, such as those about advanced weapons or technology, (reasonable until Noorey asks if the stuff was made by space aliens or if the air craft were time machines),but all you can download is 8 selected crappy shows.


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