Thursday, February 15, 2007

Still MORE Rumors!

This past week I have gotten several obtuse emails from various people alluding to ‘something big’, ‘something weird’ that is ‘going’to happen.

Here is the content of the latest email, which I received in response to the last article regarding rumors about Art Bell w6obb. My guess is that the person who sent the email was unable to understand how to sign into The HamFanz Grudge Report to leave a comment, so sent me the email. (BTW, I have never heard of this person before!) This is ‘pasted’ in as is, spelling, punctuation, grammar and all!

You think you are so smart. Well there is some major shit happening next month and you are totally clueless to it. No , I'm not talking about William Crowell's license. It is going to be the next hudge topic on 3840 / 3678 and you will just have to wait and find out with all the other SWLers. Ha ha ha ....Laughing at you Evvy

Just so you know I'm not blowing smoke, this has to do with one of the major players doing
something major.

I may or may not be ‘clueless’ (If you really want to hazard a guess, pick NOT.) The thing is dear readers; I do not really give a flying fig about what IS going to happen in the future. I report on what is timely, what HAS happened, or what is ABOUT to happen: web sites, on air comments, phone calls, emails, pictures, chat rooms, etc. There is always abundant material from which to choose. In fact, by the time any so called ‘planned event’ might actually occur, something could have very well have trumped it, as is often the case.

I do not know how the idea got started that I was trying to ‘scoop’ what the idiots were planning to do at any given time, because it is not so. It would probably also surprise you to find out what I have actively participated in, and did not write an article about for The HamFanz Grudge Report.

An item may not even be worthy of a mention in The HamFanz Grudge Report, much is not. I have knowledge of a great deal that CURRENTLY would not make an article for The HamFanz Grudge Report. I may feel that something is too sensitive, too hurtful, not fun, not of interest to the majority of readers, not of interest to me, can’t get a second source, etc.

I admit at times, It has appeared that I have advance knowledge of activities, and publish it in The HamFanz Grudge Report. When that happens, it is because someone(s) has given me the SPECIFICS (in one way or another), or I have gotten information in bits and pieces from various places, which I was then able to back up with information from a second (or more) source. The entire story was about as easy to put together as a pot of coffee!

So, dear readers, keep those emails coming in, especially if you can not figure out how to add a comment to The Grudge Report. I would appreciate it though, if you would all learn how to use spell checkers!

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