Monday, January 29, 2007

Short Attention Span Saturday Night

Was a blast, a real and viable alternative to the Coast-to-Coast AM broadcast. It really was fun, for those on air (3.740), and for those listening. I listened for a couple of hours, pre-midnight, and enjoyed every minute of it. (Then I caught Stan and others later on an entirely different type of venue.)

Fun defined as: little if any, profanity, no character assignation, little talk of audio or antennas, interesting topics, scintiling verbiage (Stan Karascewski wg6k), drama, (Tony’s rising blood pressure and OO probs), NOT a mention (or seldom a mention) of Art Bell w6obb, a working phone patch with callers, NO jammers, and all of it backed up with real entertainment in the form of ‘personal expression’.

The ‘personal expression’ came in a variety of ragtime and other favs by Bill Thompson n6nwx, who is pretty darn good on the 88’s, and he even took ‘requests’!

My only complaint with The Short Attention Span Network (which has recently changed frequencies to 3.740 from 3.815), and it is not a new one, I have mentioned it before in the HamFanz Grudge Report, is that their attention span is sooo short they forget to ID, and I often do not recognize all the ‘players’!

If you are looking for some good, adult, earlier in the evening SWL, do check out the Short Attention Span Network on 3.740, especially on Saturday night, it would seem.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Bill Crowell w6wbj, Same Old Song!

If I have heard it once, I have heard it ad nausea, as I am sure you have also! How Bill has been so mistreated by women. How women are only out for his money. On and on he goes for minutes and minutes, the same old song. And each time he falls into this tirade, he acts like it’s news to all of us. Aren’t you tired of it? I sure am!

Not that I don’t think that he perceives his experience with women in that manner, because I do. I am a believer! I have no doubt that Bill w6wbj, is a class A tightwad and has been financially abused by the women in his life.

Though it does surprise me in some ways because isn’t Bill a member of the California Bar? A practicing attorney? Therefore he has heard of pre-nuptial agreements, yes? So how can we completely believe his sob stories?

In actuality, he probably took some woman out to dinner one night, (the eatery of ‘his’ choice, of course) picked up the tab, and she didn’t hop into bed with him! That is probably the REAL extent of his female financial woes.

Then too, is the fact that Bill has ‘chosen’ every woman he’s become involved with. So if he’s come up against female financial sharks, it’s because he’s set himself up to do so by the very act of choosing to be involved with this type of woman. If he has actually MARRIED one of these, without a pre-nuptial, a background check, and an engagement of at least a year, he has gotten what he’s asked for! And if he’s done it more than once, well...

Finally, why does Bill think he would attract a decent, moral, upstanding, interesting, non-self absorbed woman? Add to that, he wants a slim, working, good-looking woman. If that is his ‘wish list’, then he is going to have to pay for it, in one way or another. I mean, what does Bill have to offer a woman besides money? I see nothing, and obviously neither does any other woman...

Write some new lyrics for yourself pal; those of us with REAL problems are not only tired of hearing it, but it’s not even entertaining any longer!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are negotiations for reconciliation on?

Still one more BCW list rift! They are at it again! At each other's throats that is! The ‘morally superior’ are going for the jugular of their ‘list mates’. A new rash of ‘banning’ or folks leaving the list is in the offing, even though Ben Gardner kd7bcw, has vowed to himself not to remove anyone from the BCW list (He’s already banned or forced so many folks to leave that who is left?).

On the BCW list, Orv Dalton k6uey, has accused Ben Gardner kd7bcw, of giving Billy w6wbj, the chance to take the pulpit and preach to the masses! Ben accuses Orv of being a sidewalk supervisor. (Boy, it that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!)

In my humble opinion Ben, Orv, and others of the ‘morally superior’ of 3678 have NEVER heard the phrase, Mind Your Own Business (MYOB), not to mention ‘live and let live’. They take everyone to task; try over and over, to make ALL take their ‘suggestions’ on how to behave and with whom, and on what frequencies, except themselves! Just ask Trish Ray k4ze, their latest ‘victim’ (Perhaps the ‘poster’ victim of the HAM world! The victim’s victim.).

This newest BCW schism came about because on air, the night of Jan. 21, 2007, Ben Gardner kd7bcw, Dave Jolley nz7j, Moody Law wq6i, and others visited 3.840. (Trish k4ze even chimed in to make it known she was there.) Now that Art Bell w6obb, is back and has purchased radio equipment but has NOT upgraded his license, artie can not join his ‘cult of the loop’ worshipers on 3.678 – so the ‘morally superior’ have a small problem.

The Hams that hang out on 3.840 are not saints, for sure they are sinners, but at least they know it. Anarchy reigns on 3.840, anything goes (especially as pertains to mocking and/or reporting on artie’s antics to the point of BORING), including changing loyalties, and much back stabbing. No apologies accepted or offered! Indeed, I’d like to see some basic civility inserted. But the fact remains, that the HAMS on 3.840 do NOT try to make everyone conform to their behavioral demands.

The delegation of the ‘morally superior’ actually talked to Bill Crowell w6wbj, Jim Watson ki6gu, and others. The conversation topic: is reconciliation possible? Of course, no middle ground was found; but the negotiations have been opened, and the ‘background’ in-fighting has begun...

If you’d like to hear the recorded ‘antics’ for yourself, it’s titled, 2007-01-21_3840kHz_Reconciliation_24kb.mp3, and can be found at:

If you get banned (or decide to leave) the BCW Yahoo List; be aware that EVERYONE is welcome at the HamFanz Yahoo List - link is on the sidebar of this page.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Jim's n7js, Tuner - New Feature Curbs Vout!

Recently, folks using Jim's n7js Tuner, have insisted it be tuned to 3.678! This in spite of the fact that the Pahrump Receiver is DEDICATED to 3.678 (and/or THAT group, following them where ever they might go)!

Specifically, Vout, a long time SWL, who's affiliated with the group that USED to be (and apparently still is; it just has renamed itself) known as the Midnight Hams (or the Mental Hens) practiced this policy. Reason unknown. Other than it seemed she either likes 'control' or doesn't want folks to listen/record 3.840. Who knows.

This became such a problem, by tying up TWO tuners on one frequency, that Jim Southwick has inserted a direct 'link' button to the Pahrump Receiver, instructing folks that if they wish to listen to 3.678, they should 'click' the button.

Here is an example from the Chat at Jim's Tuner BEFORE the NEW Pahrump Link button and instructions were installed.

<1> Please go to Pahrump receiver to listen to this freq.
<1> may i tune?
<2> oh my...this is a communty radio remember?
<1> Folks can go to Pahrump to listen to 3765, it's dedicated.
<2> you can go there too
<2> jim's tuner is not dedicated to any for all
<1> And u know where U can go...
<1> Pahrump is dedicated to 3765
<2> i guess u know too
<2> good for them
<1> folks can go there to listen to that freq
<2> good for them
<2> we were in the midst of a nice!
<1> go to Pahrump to listen to YOUR qao
<1> qso
<2> get a ife
<2> dont be rude
<1> Why don't u just go to pahrump to listen?
<1> U are one being rude.
<2> because im here
<2> TX looks like she is going to force her way again...sorry about that
<1> It is stupid to listen to 3765 HERE, when it's dedicated at Pahrump.
<2> tell someone who cares
<1> Why have 2 tuners on same freq?

And this went on nightly! So folks, if you wish to listen to 3.678 (or whatever frequency they move too), please don't use Jim's Tuner to do so!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Artie w6obb, on air soon?

With the purchase of a NEW Icom 7800 (approx. $2200!), a new Yeasu, and the buying back of his Amp from Moody Law wq6i, one can't help but wonder when we will be hearing the now, not so smooth and mellow, voice of Art Bell w6obb, on air.

(Jeeze, wonder if he purchased a new Icom R75 for me while he was at it? I hardly have ANY toys! Should I be watching for that brown truck?)

At any rate, you just KNOW artie 'can hear you' now!

And on what frequency will artie make his appearance? Having that 'Advanced' License prevents him from joining the 'Extra's' where they've set up shop in recent months. Wonder if he's 'upgraded'?

The more than eight months artie w6obb, has been gone from the short wave frequencies, has seen MANY changes; realignments of friends and acquaintances, others taking on leadership roles, some dropping out, even new folks that have said "artie who?" Will artie 'fit' himself into the current terrain, or will he insist that the 'Cult of the Loop' close up ranks and follow him?

One thing for sure, artie w6obb, certainly keeps us all entertained, one way or another!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Glenn Thurman kn6z, still one more HAM with no ‘class’

Is it just me??? If I were invited to be someone’s guest; I would NEVER video-tape the event or the premises. Nor would I post said video on YouTube!

What is this ‘Cult of the Loop’ mentality? Why does the worship of Art Bell w6obb, only a very MINOR celeb in the grand scheme of things, turn people who otherwise seem to practice socially acceptable behavior, into complete nerds willing to abandon all their culture mores in the blink of an eye?

Why is it that any type of contact, even incidental, with Art Bell w6obb, means common sense and manners go out the window? Have these folks NEVER had contact with celebrities? Don’t they know ‘celebrities’ are just people?

Is Glenn Thurman ‘trailer trash’ as are so many of the HAMS of the Cult, even though he holds some kind of job and lives in a real house? Has he just been hiding it under a thin veneer? Or does ‘trailer trash’ culture and mentality rub off; transfer, with just the barest of personal contact.

Glen claims to be a ‘friend’ of Art Bell, or at least an acquaintance. But what Glenn Thurman kn6z, did by making and publishing these videos proves he is only another fan or stalker. A ‘friend’ would not have done this. A friend would have been concerned with Art Bell’s privacy, and with the ‘trust’ of a personal relationship, no matter the depth or type.

Art Bell w6obb, no matter his OWN shortcomings as a Human Being (and they are many!), graciously supplies, to invited folks, the use of this ‘guest house’ so guests don’t have to pay for a motel room. A ‘guest house’ I may add that he and Ramona spent much time, money, energy on; buying, refurbishing, decorating, and furnishing, so their family and guests would be comfortable when visiting.

And why would Glenn make these videos anyway? It’s not like its ‘new’ material. Art Bell has posted in numerous places, on numerous occasions, pictures of his own digs, and of the ‘Guest House’, of which he is rightfully proud.

No, the ONLY reason for Glen Thurman to do this is to show his own presence at artie’s digs. To prove he’d been invited; to jockey for position in the ‘Cult of the Loop’ hierarchy. And because he has no ‘class’.

In case you have not yet seen them:

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, and severe weather!

I wonder if anyone else has made the connection?

He moves to Manila, a volcano erupts and threatens to blow big time within 150 miles of his fancy condo. Then super typhoon after super typhoon lashes the Philippines. As he is literally leaving, while in the air, an earthquake hits, damaging internet and phone lines under the ocean. He would not have been able to 'do' Coast to Coast AM for several weeks!

Right after he returns to Pahrump, NV, winds and extreme cold hits. Again, power is 'hit' and he's not going to be able to 'do' Coast to Coast AM this week end.

You know what? I wouldn't want to live with in a hundred miles of the guy. I think Ramona is out to get him; he can't run and he can't hide. Ramona Bell will eventually succeed...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Java Based Radio is BACK!


Jim Southwick n7js, has been telling us all for awhile, that he was going to re-install the java radio tuner BACK on his site,

And some of us have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting (with bated breath?). There are those of us that feel that the Java program is a much better set up than the s-meter deal.

Not to put s-meter down, because it's a great of a site, and Bob (Can't find his last name at the moment, and I looked all OVER that site!) has an information packed, and useful site. That being said, online tuners using s-meter are only adding a third, middle, layer to their systems. One more set of rules and regulations for tuner owners, HAMS & SWL's users alike, to deal with.

Quality of audio? For me it’s not an issue, for others it may be. But I always thought the Java programs produced good audio, even when just streaming. (BTW folks, we need more dedicated streaming audio; again check out Jim's site, click on the 'Hamstreams' link.) If it still does or not, remains to be seen. I do not know if Jim is using the same Java program he used to, or if it is an updated version.

Right now, I'm sitting in Jim's tuner, with ONE other person, an anon, listening to dead air (Oh, a voice in the background, even as I wrote that!). I've tried several frequencies, and it's all dead. But then it's early, and I did want to get this out...

Jim, who is normally extremely good with graphics, does have some ‘clean up’ to do on this ‘new’ page. I’m using IE7, and everything looks like it is just short of overlapping. (Though the bottom line is: does the tuner work?)

I didn't find any broken links, (use the PayPal link!) at least through first levels. I didn’t get farther then that. And I do hope Jim adds a ‘history’ of the site; including dates, equipment, programs used, etc. I’d like to see such a history (of one degree or another) on all the HAM & SWL sites (I know, I haven’t added one to HamFanz yet. But HamFanz hasn’t gone through the 'technical' changes has!)

BTW, folks, your old password will still work!

So congrats Jim! And thanks for all the hard work. I (we) look forward to many hours of listening...


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