Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are negotiations for reconciliation on?

Still one more BCW list rift! They are at it again! At each other's throats that is! The ‘morally superior’ are going for the jugular of their ‘list mates’. A new rash of ‘banning’ or folks leaving the list is in the offing, even though Ben Gardner kd7bcw, has vowed to himself not to remove anyone from the BCW list (He’s already banned or forced so many folks to leave that who is left?).

On the BCW list, Orv Dalton k6uey, has accused Ben Gardner kd7bcw, of giving Billy w6wbj, the chance to take the pulpit and preach to the masses! Ben accuses Orv of being a sidewalk supervisor. (Boy, it that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!)

In my humble opinion Ben, Orv, and others of the ‘morally superior’ of 3678 have NEVER heard the phrase, Mind Your Own Business (MYOB), not to mention ‘live and let live’. They take everyone to task; try over and over, to make ALL take their ‘suggestions’ on how to behave and with whom, and on what frequencies, except themselves! Just ask Trish Ray k4ze, their latest ‘victim’ (Perhaps the ‘poster’ victim of the HAM world! The victim’s victim.).

This newest BCW schism came about because on air, the night of Jan. 21, 2007, Ben Gardner kd7bcw, Dave Jolley nz7j, Moody Law wq6i, and others visited 3.840. (Trish k4ze even chimed in to make it known she was there.) Now that Art Bell w6obb, is back and has purchased radio equipment but has NOT upgraded his license, artie can not join his ‘cult of the loop’ worshipers on 3.678 – so the ‘morally superior’ have a small problem.

The Hams that hang out on 3.840 are not saints, for sure they are sinners, but at least they know it. Anarchy reigns on 3.840, anything goes (especially as pertains to mocking and/or reporting on artie’s antics to the point of BORING), including changing loyalties, and much back stabbing. No apologies accepted or offered! Indeed, I’d like to see some basic civility inserted. But the fact remains, that the HAMS on 3.840 do NOT try to make everyone conform to their behavioral demands.

The delegation of the ‘morally superior’ actually talked to Bill Crowell w6wbj, Jim Watson ki6gu, and others. The conversation topic: is reconciliation possible? Of course, no middle ground was found; but the negotiations have been opened, and the ‘background’ in-fighting has begun...

If you’d like to hear the recorded ‘antics’ for yourself, it’s titled, 2007-01-21_3840kHz_Reconciliation_24kb.mp3, and can be found at: http://www.archive.org/details/3840_HOM_Radio

If you get banned (or decide to leave) the BCW Yahoo List; be aware that EVERYONE is welcome at the HamFanz Yahoo List - link is on the sidebar of this page.


Bill said...

While Ben and Moody repeatedly called me a "jammer" during the Jan. 21-22 QSO, the painfully-clear fact remains that I let them say everything they wanted to say without keying up over them while, on the other hand, every time I tried to say something they would both deliberately key up over me. So who's the jammer? What a bunch of hypocrites!

And, conspicuously, Moody did not deny that he KNOWS who the 3678 jammer is, but is protecting him by blaming me, Jim and Steve for the jamming. Moody is a scumbag liar and hypocrite.

barvetta said...

ill bet bullshitbell called ben and told him go get on 3840 to get even with billy and jim. art has no balls to get on, so as usual he has someone else do his dirty work. and the whole thing backfired on the asshole.

Freddie said...

Hahahahaha, I bet you are right barvetta. That's just like Bill. I bet bell wishes he could give Bill Asthma and then take him on a trip in his RV.


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