Saturday, January 13, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, and severe weather!

I wonder if anyone else has made the connection?

He moves to Manila, a volcano erupts and threatens to blow big time within 150 miles of his fancy condo. Then super typhoon after super typhoon lashes the Philippines. As he is literally leaving, while in the air, an earthquake hits, damaging internet and phone lines under the ocean. He would not have been able to 'do' Coast to Coast AM for several weeks!

Right after he returns to Pahrump, NV, winds and extreme cold hits. Again, power is 'hit' and he's not going to be able to 'do' Coast to Coast AM this week end.

You know what? I wouldn't want to live with in a hundred miles of the guy. I think Ramona is out to get him; he can't run and he can't hide. Ramona Bell will eventually succeed...


barvetta said...

I hope Ramona is out to get the asshole. He is getting Ramonas revenge for letting her die on that lonely road. Im sure we will hear of the childs death in some wierd way soon enough. He must realize by now he made a hugh mistake marrying the bimbo. Who knows, she and her brother may arrange Mr Bells death soon enough. Wonder if he sleeps with one eye open. I would in his shoes.

Bill said...

Well, if he doesn't sleep with one eye open, he should at least use his Peenman Enterprises, Inc. Penis Lock every night in order to prevent a "Lorena Bobbitt" incident! Oops, I forgot, the Peenman Ent. Penis Lock isn't guaranteed unless the user hides the key before going to sleep, and the way Art has been fucking up recently, he might forget where he hid the key. Or Airyn might do like Ramona did with the $60,000 in gold coins, and hide the key! I guess that won't work, after all.

But seriously, one of the most fatuous and idiotic statements I have ever heard anyone make was when Art told his audience repeatedly that Ramona "sent Airyn to him". Just another example of Art's "big lie" technique: if you repeat the bullshit often enough and earnestly enough, some of his dumbass fans will actually begin to believe it! He did the same thing with the so-called re-emergence of the 8-year-old Filipino "hate letter". Utterly transparent. It was simply his excuse to convince Airyn to come to this U.S.

Freddie said...

That's the problem with Art Bell. He is a habitual liar. He lies so mucg that you cannot believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Most recently he said he would stay in the Phillipines at least a year. Less than 8 months later he is back in Nevada.

Freddie said...

Barvetta, although your message may seem harsh to the casual observer, those of us who deal in reality couldn't agreee more. Except for the fact that it probably won't be just the baby that dies a "weird" death but Art' new wife also. She must be getting close to 24 or 25 and when she becomes to old for Art, he will send her to visit Ramona.


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