Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Java Based Radio is BACK!


Jim Southwick n7js, has been telling us all for awhile, that he was going to re-install the java radio tuner BACK on his site, http://www.jimandleah.com/.

And some of us have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting (with bated breath?). There are those of us that feel that the Java program is a much better set up than the s-meter deal.

Not to put s-meter down, because it's a great of a site, and Bob (Can't find his last name at the moment, and I looked all OVER that site!) has an information packed, and useful site. That being said, online tuners using s-meter are only adding a third, middle, layer to their systems. One more set of rules and regulations for tuner owners, HAMS & SWL's users alike, to deal with.

Quality of audio? For me it’s not an issue, for others it may be. But I always thought the Java programs produced good audio, even when just streaming. (BTW folks, we need more dedicated streaming audio; again check out Jim's site, click on the 'Hamstreams' link.) If it still does or not, remains to be seen. I do not know if Jim is using the same Java program he used to, or if it is an updated version.

Right now, I'm sitting in Jim's tuner, with ONE other person, an anon, listening to dead air (Oh, a voice in the background, even as I wrote that!). I've tried several frequencies, and it's all dead. But then it's early, and I did want to get this out...

Jim, who is normally extremely good with graphics, does have some ‘clean up’ to do on this ‘new’ page. I’m using IE7, and everything looks like it is just short of overlapping. (Though the bottom line is: does the tuner work?)

I didn't find any broken links, (use the PayPal link!) at least through first levels. I didn’t get farther then that. And I do hope Jim adds a ‘history’ of the site; including dates, equipment, programs used, etc. I’d like to see such a history (of one degree or another) on all the HAM & SWL sites (I know, I haven’t added one to HamFanz yet. But HamFanz hasn’t gone through the 'technical' changes www.jimandleahs.com has!)

BTW, folks, your old password will still work!

So congrats Jim! And thanks for all the hard work. I (we) look forward to many hours of listening...


n7js said...

Thanks for the write up Evvy. Just to clarify everything - nothing will change with the audio. That is handled by another computer. The only real change is I have re-implimented the Java software to handle the control. We actually had this once before but hopefully with the password page for initial access, it will cut down on abuse. There will always be some abuse.
Hopefully this will work for more people who were having problems with the active/x control as well as people using MAC computers.

barvetta said...



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