Monday, January 22, 2007

Jim's n7js, Tuner - New Feature Curbs Vout!

Recently, folks using Jim's n7js Tuner, have insisted it be tuned to 3.678! This in spite of the fact that the Pahrump Receiver is DEDICATED to 3.678 (and/or THAT group, following them where ever they might go)!

Specifically, Vout, a long time SWL, who's affiliated with the group that USED to be (and apparently still is; it just has renamed itself) known as the Midnight Hams (or the Mental Hens) practiced this policy. Reason unknown. Other than it seemed she either likes 'control' or doesn't want folks to listen/record 3.840. Who knows.

This became such a problem, by tying up TWO tuners on one frequency, that Jim Southwick has inserted a direct 'link' button to the Pahrump Receiver, instructing folks that if they wish to listen to 3.678, they should 'click' the button.

Here is an example from the Chat at Jim's Tuner BEFORE the NEW Pahrump Link button and instructions were installed.

<1> Please go to Pahrump receiver to listen to this freq.
<1> may i tune?
<2> oh my...this is a communty radio remember?
<1> Folks can go to Pahrump to listen to 3765, it's dedicated.
<2> you can go there too
<2> jim's tuner is not dedicated to any for all
<1> And u know where U can go...
<1> Pahrump is dedicated to 3765
<2> i guess u know too
<2> good for them
<1> folks can go there to listen to that freq
<2> good for them
<2> we were in the midst of a nice!
<1> go to Pahrump to listen to YOUR qao
<1> qso
<2> get a ife
<2> dont be rude
<1> Why don't u just go to pahrump to listen?
<1> U are one being rude.
<2> because im here
<2> TX looks like she is going to force her way again...sorry about that
<1> It is stupid to listen to 3765 HERE, when it's dedicated at Pahrump.
<2> tell someone who cares
<1> Why have 2 tuners on same freq?

And this went on nightly! So folks, if you wish to listen to 3.678 (or whatever frequency they move too), please don't use Jim's Tuner to do so!


barvetta said...

that vout bitch should have her computer shoved up her ass, as should all the midnite bitchs. this is typical of their attitude when it comes to bullshitbell. they must be a bunch of divorced, ugly women who have no life and are hung up in their love of bullshitbell. ive noticed bullshitbell doesnt post on their site anymore. when the hell they going to wise up he doesnt give a shit about them anymore. he used them to build up his listener base, and now they are trash to him. what a bunch of loosers

n7js said...

To my knowledge Art Bell has never posted on their site and the last thing they want is to be associated w/ him. That has been a very conscious decision over the past few years. I believe you have them mistaken for Fantastic Forum.
I personally consider the people over a Midnight Hams (which is actually Ham Friends) to be friends. However, it really doesn't make any sense to tie up my tuner to listen (as Evvy points out) to 3.678 when Art has invested a chunk of change for a receiver to listen to those people EXCLUSIVELY. Since we are located in roughly the same part of the country - you will receive the same "players".
Jim N7JS


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