Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Artie w6obb, on air soon?

With the purchase of a NEW Icom 7800 (approx. $2200!), a new Yeasu, and the buying back of his Amp from Moody Law wq6i, one can't help but wonder when we will be hearing the now, not so smooth and mellow, voice of Art Bell w6obb, on air.

(Jeeze, wonder if he purchased a new Icom R75 for me while he was at it? I hardly have ANY toys! Should I be watching for that brown truck?)

At any rate, you just KNOW artie 'can hear you' now!

And on what frequency will artie make his appearance? Having that 'Advanced' License prevents him from joining the 'Extra's' where they've set up shop in recent months. Wonder if he's 'upgraded'?

The more than eight months artie w6obb, has been gone from the short wave frequencies, has seen MANY changes; realignments of friends and acquaintances, others taking on leadership roles, some dropping out, even new folks that have said "artie who?" Will artie 'fit' himself into the current terrain, or will he insist that the 'Cult of the Loop' close up ranks and follow him?

One thing for sure, artie w6obb, certainly keeps us all entertained, one way or another!


barvetta said...

You can bet Jim and Billy will welcome Art back with open arms. Would be wonderful if they drove the pompis ass off the air.
One does wonder also if once again he will try to control everything that is discussed within the group. He is one big time control freak. But then do what he did after doing away with Ramona
is real freaky and very strange. I think he is loosing his mind and doesnt realize it himself he has gone over the edge.

Freddie said...

Where is Art get a NEW Icom 7800 for $2200? The list price is over $10,000. He purchased one before he left. Is he buying his old one back?

barvetta said...

according to my ham friends, no way would a used 7800 go for 2200 dollars. i did some digging on and the average price for a used one is 8 to 10 thousand, depending on model and age. moody bought arts amp, not the radio, and according to 2200 is about right for the alpha amp used.
i sure hope band conditions are open to the west coast when art does get back on. i bet its going to be a real show with jim and billy welcoming him back. but then again, arts word is no good anyway, hes been caught in too many lies, so i have a feeling he will grade up his license so he can join his worshipers on their band.

Freddie said...

Art has not only been caught in lies, he lies so much I think he is a patholigical liar. Too much of that BS on Coast to Coast that he doesn't know the truth from fiction. I doubt Art will upgrade. Since the introduction of the "memorize the answers" exams, I can't figure out why every ham hasn't upgraded to Extra. I suppose some see it as not being worth anything so they don't bother. In bell's case, I think he is too lazy or just too stupid. Have you ever heard him talk electronics or technology? he doesn't know crap about either.

Bill said...

I really hope Art gets back on the air sometime soon. However, I think he should know that, every time I hear him, I'm not going to call him "Art"; I am going to call him by the handle "Bullshit Bell", or just plain "Bullshit". This is going to be my ham radio nickname for him continuously, consistently and forever. I think it's appropriate, don't you?

evvy garrett said...

bill wrote:
>>>I am going to call him by the handle "Bullshit Bell"

I think you've got it! Many have come up w/handles for artie, mainly unusuable, silly, and/or profane.

This is by far the best! It's accurate, alliterative, and memorable.

Congrats! Now you just need to spread the word, as I think this moniker will 'stick' like glue!

Craig said...

(Jeeze, wonder if he purchased a new Icom R75 for me while he was at it? I hardly have ANY toys! Should I be watching for that brown truck?)

You have to think big Evvy, the R-75 is a peanut whistle receiver. Something like the yet to be released Icom IC R9500, goes from 5 kHz to 3.3 Ghz all modes and will certainly cost well over $8000. I think Moody should of kept the amp; it's not often to have the pleasure of owning an amp that will do 3.5 x the legal limit.

While I'm at it, here are a few things to add to my wish list..

1.2 Icom IC-7800 HF transceivers
2.2 Icom IC-R9500 receivers (when available)
3.1 Agilent E4448A Spectrum analyzer 3Hz – 50GHz (it's only $87,000)
4.Oh, and let's not forget the Symmetricom 5071A cesium beam standard (with the 001 option). Those .05ppm standards in the 7800 and 9500 just aren't good enough! (At last report is only $50,000)

barvetta said... are so correct. he couldnt build his antennas, he had to have someone come in and do it for im. he cant mod radios, someone else always does it for him. ill bet he doesnt know shit about electronics..all he is is a paper certificate owner. says he knows it, but its obvious he doesnt my his own admissions that he has other folks either mod or fix his gear or build things for him. and what he does build is a joke and a mess. remember the id gadget he built into the mike that was taped together..what a joke that was. when the hell are all the suck ass art worshipers going to realize the guy is a fake. hes a bullshitter from th word go. bill sure has it right. hes pure bullshit and all the dumb assholes dont realize it. they are all loosers for following this asshole.

ramona had him pegged well. thats why he married this bimbo he has now. shes so dam stupid and retarded she will never know what a fuckup bullshitbell is.

Sally Cummings said...

I don't think Art would have his wife murdered because he has too much to lose.It seems weird that after losing your significant other a person go out and get remarried again without really knowing that person. Wouldn't common sense tell you to see what a person is like before committing your life to them? What are their spending habits? How does the In Law Behave?

Freddie said...

Art Bell's callsign is W6OBB so Bill's nickname would fit, ie W6-"Old Bullshit Bell".

barvetta said...

well doesnt think with his brain much anymore. like the typical idiot, he thinks with his dick.

barvetta said...

Achievement Award
The weekly trade publication Radio and Records has announced that Art Bell is to be the recipient of their Talk Radio Lifetime Achievement Award, and will be honored at an upcoming seminar in Los Angeles. Read more here.

i found this on the coast to coast what the hell has this scumbag done, besides killing his wife, to get such a award. hes only on two nites a week, small time operation compared to those who are on all week. what a joke this bastard is. he must really be sucking someones ass to get such a award. is the radio industry so dam hard up they give this punk an award for doing a four hour show about bullshit.
i look at his face and i want to puke. fake black hair and filty teeth and a bimbo wife. i bet ramona is rolling over in her grave over this assholes doings.

Sally Cummings said...

All I was trying to do was give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe his wife could have been terminally ill.Maybe he didn't want to share that with people. Who knows? I find it funny for a guy to get married shortly after his spouse passes away. His wife being pregnant is kind of funny too.

The fault I find with Art is his big superego.
I got tired of hearing the same old discussions.

1.Loop Antennas.
How many people have a big lot of property and the money to put up a good loop antenna? Not Me

2. Signal reports.

Doesn't it get old hearing one ham say to another one" Boy Fred You have a whopping S3 signal!" "Hey Ralph you could use a little more bass!" Find but not to the extent of mutual admiration.

3.The most expensive toys.

How many people can really afford to pour $10,000 into a radio with all the bells and whistles? Money can buy all kinds of other things too. Most people who are Ham Radio Operators are retired or disabled and they cannot afford the nice toys because they have to pay for their prescriptions or on Medicare.

It is easy to come up with a strong signal when you have all the money to do it. The hard part is trying to come up with a good audio sound without spending too much money.Those are the kind of people I admire the most.

The 3840 group is kind of like the Academy Awards. The Mutual Admiration Society. What if Art wasn't a celebrity? How many people would talk to him? He would be like other hams. We wouldn't want that would we?

Freddie said...

Damn, 3840 sounds like CB channel 19 right now at 3:30 AM MST on 1/22/07.

barvetta said...

your right on again sally. i sure hope conditions permit me to hear bullshitbell out here when he does get on. ill bet you anything its going to be nite after nite of....hows my audio, or, i made a secret change to my audio which i cant tell you, but how does it sound. bullshitbell is so hung up on his voice and how it projects to others he will continually ask everyone to worhship the audio god and ask for praises of his bullshitbell sounds. and as usual, they will all say...o art, its sounds so good. dam assholes. when the hell are they going to get the balls to tell him to knock the audio crap off. and of course he will also rule the topic of conversation like he has done in the past, and ignore the poor common guy who tries to break into the conversation, as he only wants to talk to the loyalist who bow to the loop. he always put out the lie of..sure get your license and ill be proud to talk to you on the air. and as usual, they will be ignored or cast aside within a minute of talking to him, unless they are someone important in him that he can use or manipulate in some way.


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