Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Real People Network, 3.840

is supposed to be seeing some live HAM action tonight as early as 10PM! But in caution, I must tell you that I’ve heard this story before. Still, it’s a rumor that only takes turning that dial to check out.

Or so I heard from a buff Billie w6wbj. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not personally KNOW that Billie is ‘buff’; I’ve never met the HAM, nor has he sent out recent pics!

(Could it be some HAMS like to see me jump through hoops to put out news on the HamFanz Grudge Report? If that IS the case, then I apologize dear readers, and promise to never believe anything this person tells me again!)

And yes, I’ve dubbed the 3.840 HAMS, the ‘Real People Network’ in face of the cutie names: The Little People Network 3.765 and 1.957, and even The Short Attention Span Network. 3.815. If you don’t like the moniker, post your alternatives!

But again, I digress!

I DO know that waiting to get on 3.840 till Jim ‘GU’ ki6ku gets home from work (as much as I like hearing GU), is just plain silly!

I realize that grandpa artie was a night person, therefore he drew other night people (of which I’m one myself), but I also know some HAMS are willing and available at an earlier hour and would enjoy the company of known pals.

Perhaps if some REAL PEOPLE were available on air to chat with, message, email oh, say, from 10PM on, to slide into the ‘night folks’ when, and if, they do show, then 3.840 would be revitalized (and without grandpa artie).

You don’t want to hear 3.840 transmitting nothing but band sounds? You don’t want to upgrade your license just to catch up with someone you know on the lower bands?

Then HAMS need to be on 3.840 when others HAMS drop in to listen and chat on a ‘routine and predictable’ basis. Once word get around that 3.840 is an ‘active frequency’ again, why, Real Peoples, anything could happen.

But I do believe it will take a concerted, planned, effort...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Is the World’s Biggest Jammer w6wbj back?

There have been ‘hints’ from various sources all week end that Billie ‘the Bill Collector’, Crowell, w6wbj, will back on 3.840 starting tonight.

But this unexplained ‘hiatus’ only goes to prove what an unreliable ‘show’ he is!

Apparently, he doesn’t think twice about leaving everyone ‘hanging’, HAMS & SWL’s alike. He doesn’t even say ‘goodbye’, or where he’s going, or why. In fact, I think he likes doing this, maybe it’s even planed? Perhaps such manipulation it gives him feelings of ‘control’.

Well, it remains to be seen, of course, if he’ll return or not. It also remains to be seen if he’s ‘lost his game’ or not...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

‘Little Mascot’

On air, on some ham blogs, in some emails, and on the talk is ALL about a ‘mascot’ for the LITTLE PEOPLE of 3.765 or 1.957, depending on the time of the evening you listen.

There are many items as well as real live pets entered in the good natured competition. Here I submit my entry: A ‘little brain’ that has been sitting atop my computer for many a year. And if those HAMS have any brains at all (little or big), they’ll chose THIS lovely item as their mascot!

By so doing, they can then claim that they have been given a brain, and therefore don’t have to continue on with only half a brain. The LITTLE PEOPLE will have their own ‘LITTLE BRAIN’ that surely will be more useful than the ones they are currently using!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

HAMFANZ PRESENTS: The 'Tard Section!

If you haven't noticed it yet, there's a new section at called 'Tards. Just follow the links, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Airyn Bell a Coincidence???

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Two old pics of young asian girls provided by Steve Williamson ki6bgi.

As George Noory on Coast-to-Coast AM says almost nightly, ‘There are no coincidences’. And I, for one, do not believe that Art Bell, finding Airyn on the internet was in any way a coincidence.

1) No matter what Carl Richardson kb5fjx, or HIS Philippine internet bride-to-be said, why would Airyn initiate contact with artie, a man whose wife had just died? Other than the fact of course, that Airyn was advertising herself as available as a potential Bride in ‘Foreign Brides eZine’ ID# 44726 where she had listed herself as a ‘saleslady’.

2) Why would Carl Richardson kb5fjx, give out arties ‘private’ email address without asking? Not likely as in spite of persistent protestations from both, they were NOT good buddies prior to Carl becoming arties pimp. At least there has been NO evidence of such. (Apparently, they are not now either. Nor were they on the flight there, as artie insisted that Carl not sit beside him!)

3) Then there is the not so small matter of the pics that artie w6obb posted to in the months preceding Ramona’s premature death. Another coincidence?

It is amazing that he thinks we are all so stupid that we would not remember him posting these pictures, or his on air comments regarding them. These are just two of the several pictures he posted. There are others, but these are the ones of the very young ‘Asian’ type girls he admits he prefers, the others are Caucasian women, and perhaps a little older.
4) So just months later, poor 40 something Ramona conveniently dies under more than strange circumstances. Within days, artie starts coincidentally, getting and replying to (that’s another thing, why would a newly bereaved man even open an email from someone he didn’t know when deluged by such, let alone reply?) from a young Asian woman, Airyn.

5) Why didn’t artie mention this perfectly timed coincidental email relationship with a girl who had been running an ad for a man on the internet, to ANY of his friends? (Friends at one time, though perhaps they are not now.) Or the subsequent video chats with Airyn which he must have been excited about. (And who paid for those, how did Airyn access a computer several hours a day, and where, and what about her ‘job’ as a ‘saleslady?) Still another coincidence, apparently she thought him great and wonderful!
These friends who were really worried about him and turned their own lives upside down by driving back and forth to Pahrump, or being constantly available to him in other ways, people who were in and out of his life trying to console and help him in any way they could? Would you feel the need to keep such a secret from those closest to you – unless it was a ‘dirty little secret’?

Quite a list of coincidences, huh? No, I believe, as George Noory does, that there are no coincidences, or at least that there is nothing at all coincidental about any of this!


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