Thursday, September 14, 2006

‘Little Mascot’

On air, on some ham blogs, in some emails, and on the talk is ALL about a ‘mascot’ for the LITTLE PEOPLE of 3.765 or 1.957, depending on the time of the evening you listen.

There are many items as well as real live pets entered in the good natured competition. Here I submit my entry: A ‘little brain’ that has been sitting atop my computer for many a year. And if those HAMS have any brains at all (little or big), they’ll chose THIS lovely item as their mascot!

By so doing, they can then claim that they have been given a brain, and therefore don’t have to continue on with only half a brain. The LITTLE PEOPLE will have their own ‘LITTLE BRAIN’ that surely will be more useful than the ones they are currently using!


Freddie said...

Who are these hams on those other frequebcies and what can I do to hate them?

Bill said...

So what do you think that Glenn is trying to accomplish by running such a stupid net? Don't you think he has better things to do? Is he trying to make some kind of point or something? If so, what is it? The whole thing seems like a senseless waste of time to me.


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