Friday, September 01, 2006

Airyn Bell a Coincidence???

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Two old pics of young asian girls provided by Steve Williamson ki6bgi.

As George Noory on Coast-to-Coast AM says almost nightly, ‘There are no coincidences’. And I, for one, do not believe that Art Bell, finding Airyn on the internet was in any way a coincidence.

1) No matter what Carl Richardson kb5fjx, or HIS Philippine internet bride-to-be said, why would Airyn initiate contact with artie, a man whose wife had just died? Other than the fact of course, that Airyn was advertising herself as available as a potential Bride in ‘Foreign Brides eZine’ ID# 44726 where she had listed herself as a ‘saleslady’.

2) Why would Carl Richardson kb5fjx, give out arties ‘private’ email address without asking? Not likely as in spite of persistent protestations from both, they were NOT good buddies prior to Carl becoming arties pimp. At least there has been NO evidence of such. (Apparently, they are not now either. Nor were they on the flight there, as artie insisted that Carl not sit beside him!)

3) Then there is the not so small matter of the pics that artie w6obb posted to in the months preceding Ramona’s premature death. Another coincidence?

It is amazing that he thinks we are all so stupid that we would not remember him posting these pictures, or his on air comments regarding them. These are just two of the several pictures he posted. There are others, but these are the ones of the very young ‘Asian’ type girls he admits he prefers, the others are Caucasian women, and perhaps a little older.
4) So just months later, poor 40 something Ramona conveniently dies under more than strange circumstances. Within days, artie starts coincidentally, getting and replying to (that’s another thing, why would a newly bereaved man even open an email from someone he didn’t know when deluged by such, let alone reply?) from a young Asian woman, Airyn.

5) Why didn’t artie mention this perfectly timed coincidental email relationship with a girl who had been running an ad for a man on the internet, to ANY of his friends? (Friends at one time, though perhaps they are not now.) Or the subsequent video chats with Airyn which he must have been excited about. (And who paid for those, how did Airyn access a computer several hours a day, and where, and what about her ‘job’ as a ‘saleslady?) Still another coincidence, apparently she thought him great and wonderful!
These friends who were really worried about him and turned their own lives upside down by driving back and forth to Pahrump, or being constantly available to him in other ways, people who were in and out of his life trying to console and help him in any way they could? Would you feel the need to keep such a secret from those closest to you – unless it was a ‘dirty little secret’?

Quite a list of coincidences, huh? No, I believe, as George Noory does, that there are no coincidences, or at least that there is nothing at all coincidental about any of this!


WB6BNQ said...

Excuse me Evvy,

But how would Carl know Artie's "private" email ? Artie did not have a private email, as such, because his big mouth would put them all over the air during the previous several years.

Your right that it was no coincidence ! And Carl was just a ruse to divert {in Artie's mind} the true nature of Artie's misdeeds.

Quite frankly Carl couldn't PIMP his way out of a chicken coup. No ! He was just very lucky that Artie needed a lacky who was already Flip Dipping in manila instead of vanilla (and I am not referring to food extract here).


evvy said...


You are right, on all counts!

Freddie said...

The more I think about it, the more I believe Art was responsible for Ramona's death. There are too many anomalies (to use the most used word by Art, Noory, and their guests). Add to the fact how quickly Art left the country (to avoid prosecution?) and it all points to Art being responsible. I would like to know what Ramona's family thinks of all this.

Steve KI6BGI said...

Well I don't know if I would go that far - but though I would not have thought to question the story when first presented, it does now seem likely that the story was at least "adjusted" for public consumption.

On second thought, the whole "Filipina mail order bride and move out of the country" thing is probably a cover for the real reason of escaping: the impending collapse of the banking system, stock market crash, collapse of civilization with the orgy of urban rioting and violence, road warriors, the hell of armageddon falling like the wings of a vampire bat, staggering through nuclear waste in the coming apocalypse with rags hanging off your body, and end of the world. Plus, he's just down the road from the Peenman Enterprises factory. :)


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