Sunday, September 24, 2006

Is the World’s Biggest Jammer w6wbj back?

There have been ‘hints’ from various sources all week end that Billie ‘the Bill Collector’, Crowell, w6wbj, will back on 3.840 starting tonight.

But this unexplained ‘hiatus’ only goes to prove what an unreliable ‘show’ he is!

Apparently, he doesn’t think twice about leaving everyone ‘hanging’, HAMS & SWL’s alike. He doesn’t even say ‘goodbye’, or where he’s going, or why. In fact, I think he likes doing this, maybe it’s even planed? Perhaps such manipulation it gives him feelings of ‘control’.

Well, it remains to be seen, of course, if he’ll return or not. It also remains to be seen if he’s ‘lost his game’ or not...


Bill said...

Evvy, it's just that I wanted to try to get really buffed by doing a really hard (extreme) bicycle ride every other day, and that made me so exhausted that I couldn't stay up late enough to join in the revelry on 3840. (I have gotten pretty danged buffed. It really hurt.) Plus I had to start my ride early in the morning in order to avoid the heat of the afternoon. On rest days I have to do my law work. I am trying to get back on 3840, but am having trouble staying awake that late.

evvy said...

Bill wrote:
>>>I am trying to get back on 3840, but am having trouble staying awake that late

And my question is, "why does it have to be late?"

I've heard several HAMS express the same sentiments, so why not start earlier???

Who in the hell wrote this 'midnight' rule in blood???

I can remember many a night when folks started getting on air about 10 or 11P...


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