Sunday, August 27, 2006

WARFA Fall 2006 Retreat

The WARFA Fall 2006 Retreat might be having some unexpected HAMS visiting for an afternoon; like Billie w6wbj, Jim ki6gu, Steve w6txh, Craig n7uqa, Jim n7js, and others. (Too bad artie w6oob, can’t fly in!)

HAMS were heard in the very ‘wee’ hours of the morn on 3.840, 8.27.06, making plans to attend the annual event ‘en mass’.

They might carpool to the gathering, then return to have a sleepover at Jim’s ki6gu Burbank apartment. (Now that's a retreat! Oh, to be a little mouse at THAT gathering, both of them. Hope everyone takes a camera!)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Airyn Bell: Marriage or Adoption?

Just when the behind the scenes snickering was starting to slow down (though not the revulsion most normal folks feel about this situation), a new thought appeared amongst the ‘chatter’.

I actually try to avoid supposition and conjecture, preferring to have at least two independent sources of information for each ‘fact’ I present here. But I consider rumors to reside smack in the middle of my bailiwick, and this one is a doozy. And funny at that.

The rumor that is going around? Did Art Bell marry or adopt Airyn? It is an absurd idea but perhaps one that must be considered, as we do not actually know Airyn’s age, we only know what artie told us, and we all KNOW how truthful he is! (Witness him stating on last week’s Coast to Coast AM broadcast that he did not meet Airyn on the internet. Does the man think none of us has ears, memories, or recordings?)

We do not know the legal age for marriage in the Philippines – it could be legal for a 12 year old to marry. (Yes, I know, I could spend hours of research and find the correct answer, but its moot isn’t it.?)

Art Bell ‘said’ he attended Airyn’s graduation during his first visit there, was it her grade school, high school, or college graduation? We have seen no pictures of this event. It is difficult to imagine a college graduate (of any country) being so intensely involved in playing the game of ‘Checkers’. It is not so difficult to imagine a dirty old man catering to a child’s interests.

Perhaps artie listened to the ‘jamming’ recording of ‘Babs & Dad’ one to many times over the years. (Want the url? Email Bill Crowell w6wbj.) Maybe Airyn is really just a teen! We SAW the pics of young Asian women he posted to well over a year ago or perhaps artie thinks we have forgotten that also.

I have also wondered, if Airyn’s family is so ‘rural’ and ‘poor’ as artie has claimed, how Airyn managed to pay for a higher education? How did Airyn have access to that computer that they supposedly used to video-chat for hours on end daily?

Even though a little time has passed, and artie is back to hosting Coast to Coast on weekends, (with VERY few female callers!) there are still a million unanswered questions. Those that pray, will pray for Airyn, and perhaps for the redemption of artie’s soul, if he has one. Ahh, but the witches, those sisters in spirit with Ramona; who knows what they are doing – perhaps promoting rumors among other things?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Seems I made HamCams again!

But I have to take issue with Mark k6fej! I HATE the snow, would never live where there was snow! I have the feeling that my power chair would not do well in snow and ice.

And I'm in no way a 'fan' as was depicted in 'Misery', would never do anyone any harm. I also do not look like Kathy Bates, she’s probably better looking as she has big bucks on hand for surgery!

In fact, I am not a HamFanz at all! I am merely an astute observer of the sublimely ridiculous personal lives some people put out over the public-domain short wave radio, with a predictable certainty.

The Fanz are all of you (you know who you are!) who STILL worship at the alter of the loop. Those that think it is perfectly fine for artie to go half way around the world to marry an almost-child (btw, we do not know how old Airyn REALLY is; we just have arties word for her age. And we all know how truthful artie is!).

Just the fact that most of you did not fall away from your radios in outright laughter when finding out that a 60 year old male 'icon' didn't know how to do his own laundry is further proof of the Fanz status of many of you. So, the quote on the Photoshopped collage should read "You Dirty Hams!"

And where it says "Send money or else!" It should read, "Send LOTS of money or else HamFanz will be gone!

Having said the above, that old adage is true: Even bad publicity is better than NO publicity! So a big ‘thanks’ to Mark Burnham k6fej, and Paul Bowman w7mag.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Karen w6so to Charles R. Larimore, Again!

Yep. It is so! Just go to and see for yourself.

I received this email today:

Effective 08-03-2006:
Karen E Larimore W6SO is now Charles R. Larimore W6SO
Please update your E-Mail Addresses.
Thanks 73,
Chuck - W6SO

This is the same person who just a couple of months ago requested that the call w6so be removed from HAMFAZ, as s/he just didn’t want to be involved with all that 3.840 stuff anymore, it just wasn’t his/her cup of tea!

Stupid me, I complied with the request. Usually I don't. But hadn't heard her/him on air much lately, so I deleted the entry. Guess now I will have to go put it back! If he/she is sending out this kind of email to the HAMS, then he/she is STILL a PLAYER.

I admit I am flummoxed. I was not aware that legally and physically one could just go back and forth between the sexes. Which is apparently what ‘Chuck’/‘Karen’ is doing.

It was only a couple of years ago that ‘Karen’ was really ticked off because someone (not me!) told artie that she used to be a he. This was after she had visited him at Pahrump, spent the night, etc. Artie was left with egg on his face because he had not known, though it is not his business.

The subject was all over everywhere, on air, on HAMFANZ (we STILL have net links in our files where ‘Karen’ posted to various news groups (and it was archived) about the surgery that made her a female from a male). Was this all a lie? A wishful fabrication?

btw, does anyone have any of those Karen as a 'blonde bombshell' pics she was posting, sending all over a few years ago? I would love to have them!

All I know is that Karen/Chuck definitely has balls (of one sort or another!), as it must be extremely difficult to go through these kind of changes. Especially in the ‘public’ eye of the HAMS, who tend to be extremely conservative, judgmental, and closed minded.

Though it also is none of my business, I would love to know the story behind this story!


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