Monday, December 18, 2006

So what’s with the CW uproar???

In the past few days, all over the bands, and the internet, at all of the usual (and not so usual) HAM hang outs, all you hear is ‘bitch and moan’ over the FCC’s recent decision to abandon CW requirements in Amateur Radio Licensing. It’s not like they didn’t know it was on the horizon.

What is the big deal? No one is stopping anyone from learning, or becoming proficient in CW. No one is suggesting the contesters stop their fun and games. No one is suggesting that you can’t USE CW on specified frequencies if you so choose.

Do current HAMS, especially Extra’s think the rank of Amateur Radio operators is going to swell by leaps and bounds because of this. Is this highly unlikely possibility what is bothering them? Are they unconsciously trying to protect their (perceived) lofty, and lonely, positions from upstarts?

Or is it that they are in denial? The truth is, Amateur Radio as a hobby, is on the way out. If one listens carefully, you can hear the toll of the bells (no pun intended). From now on, and indeed, probably since the ‘birth’ of the internet, Ham Radio will die a little more with the death of each old fart HAM Operator.

The internet, including low-cost access to people from around the world, has REPLACED Amateur Radio. Why pay all that money for a ‘rig’ and fight to keep antenna’s up, when you can just turn on your computer, and join a chat with any like minded folk, no matter the topic or interest?

If you want to pay just a fraction of what you spent on HAM radio, you can set up, and operate your own internet radio station. This would cater to the probably pathological need to perform seen in some HAMS. Hmmm, wonder if anyone has set up a HAM internet radio station yet, where people can call in, send ‘fast blasts’, etc? It probably would be a good venue for some of the Extra Licensed Ham misfits.

Consider all of the above when hearing HAMS bitch and moan about CW.

(Feel free to post YOUR comments, just click on the 'word' comments!)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Two Sides of the Coin: Ben kd7bcw and Billy w6wbj

Go find yourself a penny, an old, used penny, a dented penny, a dirty, worn penny, but not a ‘collectable’ that is worth anything, to hold in your hand, and look at once in awhile as your read this. Certainly don’t pick up a shiny new penny!

Because it came to me the other day that Big Ben kd7bcw, and Billy w6wbj, are really just different sides of the SAME COIN, though neither man would ever admit this.

Yes, Ben is a ‘religious’ man, and Billy a self-proclaimed atheist. Ben believes in civility, Billy doesn’t. Ben seems to be poor, Billy seems to be affluent. But those items are more life attainments or choices. But personality wise, they are the same old farts!

They are both:

-Attention seekers (Bell attention),
-liars (although Ben, internally, believes his own lies),
-team players with only their OWN teams,
-un-accepting of others,

And finally, they are both ungracefully aging, males, mourning the loss of both hair and testosterone!

Amazing really, I don’t know why it took me so long to see these massive similarities in the two problems...

Think on it, and the next time you get ‘hassled’ by one of them, just pick up that dirty, old used penny; hold it, move it around in your fingers. Look at it for a minute before deciding how you are going to ‘re-act’ to the manipulation or stupidity you’ve just been presented with!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Percy Faith arrives on 3.765, 3.760, 3.700 and...

Last night, Wednesday December 13, 2006, I was listening to the so called ‘Kiss Off’ party on 3.765 and doing a lot of yawning. It was unbelievably dull and boring. But it was rumored that Art Bell w6obb, would be putting in a rare appearance.

Big Ben Gardner kd7bcw, was on air early in the evening then disappeared to watch ‘Medium’ and to supposedly set up a link with Art Bell on echolink. I guess artie was supposed to be patched through.

Moody Law wq6i, kept rambling on about a making a ‘time capsule’ and asking for folks to step forward with ‘remembrances’. Though it was a valient attempt at camaraderie, few of the 50 or more Hams that had signed in contributed, leaving Moody to talk and talk and talk.

Thankfully, all this ‘fun’, was brought to a sudden and interesting end, at exactly 12 Midnight, when in Glenn ‘Determined’ Thurmon’s kn6z, words on his ‘Little People Log’, “For the rest of the evening our asses got a good jamming.”

As soon as the jamming started, someone (Thurmon kn6z?) turned OFF the Pahrump receiver. And it was still off when I retired at 2AM. Pretty good evidence that Determined Thurman kn6z, has control of arties Pahrump Receiver!

On the Trish Ray k4ze, forum SuperDad (Whomever in the hell THAT is-it’s probably a Trish alter, to populate her forum with someone!) reports:: “Tonight I tried getting in on 3.765 but the jammers were too much, the only good thing was I did like the music, ( A Summer Place) from the 60's.” (Yep, MUST be Trish!)

It’s good that someone likes Percy Faith’s rendition of ‘A Summer Place’, because no matter what frequency the ‘Kiss Off’ Party was moved too, they got to listen to Percy. This went on for at least an hour! (Surely a recording will surface soon.)

Poor Art Bell w6obb, never did get to make his ‘surprise’ appearance on 3.765 last night. Though in fact, he’s mostly been a ‘no-show’ on prior occasions when he’s been billed to participate in these activities. Guess he’s too busy playing checkers with his pregnant child-bride, Airyn.

I don’t know, the jammers (notice the plural), should perhaps consult moi on their next choice on jamming music! I would have picked that non-english song artie is always using as bumper music. Or at least the Mancini version of ‘A Summer Place.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Regrets? Art Bell w6obb, May Have a Few...

On Coast to Coast AM Sunday night, 12.10.06, in his opening remarks artie seemed to (for the first time) express some regret for his actions since Ramona Bell died. His remarks seemed more than a little veiled and cryptic. If you have not heard this, you can listen here:

He spoke highly and sadly of Ramona, instead of his usual comments that feature only Manila and Ramona’s replacement, Airyn Bell.

Art Bell said he had an (another?) epiphany! That man has epiphanies more often than the rest of us have coffee. And they are about as insightful as a pane of frosted glass...

This one was all about how he COULD HAVE made a horrible mistake by going to the Far East and getting remarried. Could have?

He offers us the advice to not make ANY major decisions for at least a year after losing a loved one. He does NOT expand on why he did not follow that same advice himself; advice that was given to him by so very many of his former friends and acquaintances. (I say former, because he dropped all his year’s-long friends, truly like hot potatoes, to chase after a piece of young tail and to get out of the country.)

Art Bell claims to have ‘been in a fog, a trance’ and suffering depression off and on after Ramona died. He claimed that in his grief, he ‘latched onto’ Airyn. Therefore, artie doesn’t state, but he seems to imply, that the self-diagnosed fog and depression kept him from acting in a sane manner. Yessss, sane like a fox.

One can’t help wondering just what world artie’s been living on for the past sixty years, if he has not heard, read, been told this advice before. Perhaps he was out of his body or time traveling whenever this concept was presented in a book, magazine or on television. If nothing else, you’d have thought the ‘grays’ would have communicated this basic concept to him!

Not making ANY big decisions after a major happening in your life (death, divorce, birth, marriage, illness, etc) is a well known ‘coping technique’ that he chose to ignore as he busily planned for his ‘new’ life.

If he’s not had anyone close to him die before now, surely he’s had friends that he’s seen, helped get through this grief process? No, on second thought, perhaps not, as I don’t think artie has ever actually been/had a real friend in his entire life. I think that everything artie does, including friends and other relationships, are just part of his ‘performance’. As were last night’s ‘admissions’.

Art Bell said that he even bought wedding rings for himself and Airyn Bell that were almost exact duplicates of the ones he and Ramona had. Now if he didn’t realize by that, how SICK the entire situation was, I don’t know what it would take.

This particular epiphany seemed to be triggered by Carl Richardson kb5fjx, now artie’s brother-in-law, returning to the Philippines to retrieve his wife and RETURN to the good ole USA. (Wonder if the two men, who have so very much in common, had a good visit?). So it would seem, though unstated, that artie was homesick.

Artie ended up by claiming that he was so very, very lucky that it had all worked out so well for him. He has a wonderful wife that he loves very much (like a wife or like a child?), and a baby on the way.

I don’t buy any of it! He’s just setting everyone up once again!

I don’t think this move or marriage is working out as well for artie as he had planned. I don’t think Airyn contacted HIM first, but that he contacted her far before Ramona died. I don’t think he loves Airyn, any more than he would love a housekeeper or cook that would supply his daily needs. I don’t know that he’s capable of loving anyone except himself. I think the only ‘trance’ he was in after Ramona died, was produced from his own guilt at letting her die.

I do think that artie will be returning to the US, sooner rather than later. And in the process I hope Airyn, and her poverty stricken, third world family takes him for every penny he has, no doubt she’s earned it! And once he gets back in the states, I hope Ramona’s family files a civil, negligent death suit for whatever is left!

And shame on anyone that’s pulled into artie’s web of lies still one more time.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bill Crowell w6wbj Explained

Bill Crowell w6wbj Explained

In the past few days, Bill has been getting on the Chat at the new, creates a ‘persona’ to talk with, and basically chats with himself for hours on end!

This is not new, in the past, he has done this on any internet site where he can get away with it. I’ve seen him do this on a number of various sites and venues over time. (This type of behavior by Billy Crowell & copycats is just ONE of the reasons I’ve had to take The HamFanz Grudge Report private.)

Usually, he picks someone as his ‘alter’ that he can, wants, NEEDS, to trash, (Yesterday it was me, see transcript below, but it could and has been just about anyone.), and he goes after them full force with much degradation, untruth, vengeance, and exaggeration claiming to do so in the name of ‘fun’ and ‘humor’.

Billy seems to enjoy these activities to a very high degree and in a perverted way. The strange thing is he never seems to have a specific ‘wrong’ he’s trying to address; he meanders over much territory.

And I would venture to guess, he hasn’t figured out yet that most people are ‘on to him’, that few are going to fall for his ploy. Those experienced with Billy either ignore him, or talk around him.

For a long time I thought that he was ‘baiting’ people, trying to pull them into his ‘verbal’ web where he could ‘attack’ them and prove his superiority in whatever. But I no longer think that is the case.

This chatting with himself via ‘alters’ on web sites and the audio rants on air when the person who is targeted is not there and can not participate, does, however fit into his well known personality.

Billy hides his probably massive aggression and personal pain behind a false smile. He never confronts, or ‘attacks’ people in an up front manner. He uses the cover of mean, nasty, multi-syllabic words used with an extremely practiced, controlled tone. His tone is NEVER angry, hurt or upset, though it is often false or sarcastic. You would have to look far behind his ‘words’ to find those feelings.

Certainly, Billy doesn’t want ‘his victims’ those he is actually angry, upset with, or that he just plain disagrees with, or wants attention from, in a one-on-one situation where THEY can participate, reply, or at least defend themselves. That type of situation could bring up Billy’s own, uncontrolled and unplanned for, emotions. He seems incapable of a lucid, reality based discussion ie “I’m upset because you...” “I’m happy that you...” in a public forum.

Billy does not acknowledge, let alone take responsibility for his emotions, good, bad, or indifferent. This would explain all the all the ‘back-stabbing’ behavior. As well as the ‘funny’ pics he photoshops, the on air ‘controlled’ rants, the apparent inability to maintain even a semblance of friendships (and all that THAT entails), as well as the chats with alter personas.

Billy does not acknowledge that OTHERS can also be angry, upset, hurt, disagree with him, etc. I don’t know if he is aware that most humans have these same feelings and have to deal with them, hopefully in a more constructive manner!

Certainly, his on air, and internet personality might be totally different than his face-to-face personality. After all, he works, has been married, relates to his children, etc. But somehow, I don’t think so...

The thing is, wouldn’t it be a lot easier and less time consuming if Billy were to ‘attack’ these folks by:
1) posting a blog entry?
2) sending the person (and his email ‘list’) an email
3) putting something on his web site?

Better yet, Billy might want to enter into either (or all!) therapy, anger management, communication skills, etc. You are never too old to learn new things!

(Remember, this is mostly Billy talking to Billy!)

k4ze Wed 9:02
I do so love these coolwebtoy chatboxes.

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 9:41
Trish, aren't you afraid you are going to get more critical email from the 3765 gentlemen if you hang out on here?

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 9:42
Then you would have to do your usual flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop again, and you know how upset you get when that happens!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 9:45
I have received the FTP instructions that Steve sent out for FTP Pro, but ChillCAM's configuration boxes don't correspond to those of FTP Pro. Has anybody figured out how to properly configure the info boxes in ChillCAM?

The Smoker Wed 10:00
Billy, why don't you just use a simple FTP client instead of chillcam? If you want one I can email you one that isn't crippled or will expire. Easy to use and set up.

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:01
oh, i've got WS-FTP, so that's no problem. But ChillCAM is really convenient; it's what I have been using for years to upload to before I got kicked off, and to before Trish went all weird, and I would like to keep using it.

The Smoker Wed 10:02
roger dodger

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:03
And since most people will be using ChillCAM, I think it would be a good idea to get its configuration settings standardized for this site so everybody will know what they are.

The Smoker Wed 10:04
sorry for the delay, just got a fone call remindingme of my lung transplant operation next tuesday

The Smoker Wed 10:05
I understand, you get comfortable using a particular application, so do I

The Smoker Wed 10:06
I'm still using ACDSEE , it's gotta be circa 1998 at least

The Smoker Wed 10:06
I have to keep reminding XP it's my default viewing program for gifs, jpgs and bmp's

The Smoker Wed 10:08
took me hundreds of cartons of cigarrettes to adujst to using Windows when I had been using DOS for years...

The Smoker Wed 10:08
Finally after losing all my teeth, most of my hair and now a lung, I'm a officially a GUI transplant

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:10
Yes, well, I don't see any reason why you should stop smoking, now that you've already had your 27 cancer operations under MediCare. After all, the taxpayers are financing both your smoking and your operations, so why the hell should you care?

The Smoker Wed 10:12
And speaking of taxpayers supporting not only my smoking habit and all my medical bills, I'm getting a new refridgerator, windows and a front door, all absolutey free! THANK YOU TAXPAYERS!!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:12
Wow, Evvy, that is really great! You have really got mooching down to a science! I really admire you!

The Smoker Wed 10:13
Being on the dole is fantastic I tell you, no taxes, free medical care, free appliances, financed government housing of my choice, what a great country!

The Smoker Wed 10:13
Sure, I feel just a tiny bit ashamed but the feeling goes away quickly, everytime I go to the bank!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:15
Hey, how about those damned taxpayers who are so stupid as to work really hard, only to have to pay most of their income in taxes! So what if they can't support their families properly, right? All that matters is that I have enough dough to buy plenty of cigarettes and surf the web all day!

The Smoker Wed 10:15
And did I tell you I am allowed to make several hundred dollars a month in unreported income? That's right, I get to have a job and keep all my benefits and free money to boot!

The Smoker Wed 10:16
You got that right Billy, being on the dole is the American way, I simply can't imagine having to support myself, what a terrible nightmare!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:17
Well, I think that's fair, don't you? After all, you're DISABLED! So when are you disabled people going to take over the government overtly, rather than just covertly as you are now doing? I don't see why you can't make the public announcement sometime soon.

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:18
Hell, you've already laid such a guilt trip on us able-bodied taxpayers, and we are so brainwashed by it, that I doubt seriously if any of us will object.

The Smoker Wed 10:18
Well, we don't want to completely take over the government, after all that would require *work* and I'm...well disabled of course, and being *disabled* I can' work, just like my friend N6UGY, he's disabled and on the dole, so disabled he can only produce 1 or 2 custom VW trikes a year

The Smoker Wed 10:20
Dennis is so disabled he's only able to fly his model airplanes, build custom VW trikes just a few days of the week. The other days he is forced to spend sitting in front of his ham radio smoking cigarrettes and yakking about his hobbies that only *disabled* people can do

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:21
But Evvy, there are a couple of things that concern me. Are you prominently displaying your disabled placard on the dashboard of your wheelchair? Have you got your disabled license plates firmly affixed? And do they have enough disabled parking spaces in front of all the stores that you patronize? (So what if those disabled spaces are always empty? It's being politically-correct that counts!)

The Smoker Wed 10:22
Well Billy, I don't have a wheelchair, I can walk just fine but I do have disabled license plates on all my vehicles and always use the handicapped parking spaces whether I need to or not. After all, it's my right as a *disabled* american right?

The Smoker Wed 10:24
Why I even have a disabled plate on my taxpayer purchased Caddilac Escalade, sure it's a gas hog but I don't pay for the gas, the TAXPAYERS do!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:24
Look, Evvy, I know you have a wheelchair; you don't have to be embarrassed about it. Why, 'BNQ told me all about how you got a second electric wheelchair from MediCare by claiming the first one crapped out, when all that was wrong with it was a dead battery. But hell, you can't afford to buy a new battery! You've got to buy all those cigarettes!

The Smoker Wed 10:25
ssshhhh!!! Don't let that leak out, I'm acutally even getting a third one to keep in the Escalade

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:26
But what I really don't understand, Evvy, is why all your previous husbands were so mean to you. They must have been real bastards! Don't they understand that they must wait hand and foot on a disabled person like you?

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:27
And the same goes for your kids. Why the hell won't they move right in with you and take care of your every need? They must be real pricks, too, if they would do that!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:27
You sure have had it rough. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I'll be there for you, whenever you ask.

The Smoker Wed 10:28
Billy, you can send me a donation via the PayPal link on hamfanz if you'd like

The Smoker Wed 10:28

The Smoker Wed 10:29
help out a poor disabled person have a better life and keep a great website online

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:29
Oh, of course! How thoughtless of me to have forgotten! I'll get out my credit card right now!

The Smoker Wed 10:29

The Smoker Wed 10:30
please make a large donation, it's tax deductable too

The Smoker Wed 10:31
When you help out a disabled smoker, you are helping yourself

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:31
Yes, well, I've got about 8 inches I would like to donate to your oral cavity.

The Smoker Wed 10:31
I'm sure I can fit you in!

The Smoker Wed 10:31

The Smoker Wed 10:32
my goodness! That's a very large donation you have there!

The Smoker Wed 10:32
let me bend over and you can insert in my donation hole

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:33
Oh, on second thought, that probably wouldn't be prudent. Knowing your personality, you probably bite. If you have any teeth left. If not, then you gum. That can hurt, too.

The Smoker Wed 10:33
Nope no teeth, had them removed and replaced with false teeth, again thanks to the TAXPAYERS!

Billy the Bill Collector Wed 10:34
I just love those taxpayers, don't you?

The Smoker Wed 10:34
nothing left but nice smooth gums....ummmm....

The Smoker Wed 10:34
yep, the TAXPAYERS have really made my life grand

The Smoker Wed 10:36
sigh....I do wish I was part indian like Timmy though, then I could get even more more money...sigh...maybe I can forge some paperwork or something...oops...pretend I didnt say that okay?

hamfanz Wed 22:07
well, I see Billy finally left!

hamfanz Wed 22:07
But I'm only gonna stay a minute.

ART Wed 22:07
well guess they cant take it when the lord of the loop signs in

hamfanz Wed 22:10
I just wanted to post a note to tell all that....

hamfanz Wed 22:10

ART Wed 22:10
yes ? yes ?

hamfanz Wed 22:10
The HamFanz Grudge Report has a new issue up!

hamfanz Wed 22:11
The Title?

hamfanz Wed 22:11
How does Steve Wingate k6txh, pay his rent???

ART Wed 22:11
havent you heard ? hes a male prostitute

hamfanz Wed 22:11
Art, u r gonna love this one!

ART Wed 22:13
well i have to little girl is crying again, so i have to make a bottle for her...

ART Wed 22:14
never should have married this kid....but she does feel good...

The Smoker Wed 22:44
anybody up for some cybersex?

The Smoker Wed 22:44
I give great gumjobs

The Smoker Wed 22:44
And I can blow smoke out of my ears

The Smoker Wed 22:50
Trish? Waddya say?

The Smoker Wed 22:51
I make great bubble sounds with my throad hole

The Smoker Wed 22:51

The Smoker Wed 22:59
bye Evvy...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How does Steve Wingate k6txh, pay his rent???

The last few nights, I’ve been listening to Steve’s rants in the wee hours of the morning. He sounds like he’s under the influence of something, or multiple somethings. This altered state of being can’t be from sleep deprivation or insomnia!

Here is a clip from 11.28.06. Sorry for the poor quality, but it’s the band conditions, not the recording...

It occurred to me, while listening to even more of the above trash that Steve considers fun, that if Steve is on air most of the night, every night, in a condition that would assume some type of massive hang-over the next day, then...just how does Steve Wingate make the money to pay his bills?

Of the several years he’s been around Short Wave Radio, he’s had an actual job (something to do with programming robotics), something where he worked for someone and talked about it on air, and got a regular paycheck, less than a year. The rest of the time, he was ‘looking for work’.

Steve doesn’t seem to be working now; he never talks about any kind of a job, he doesn’t talk about a job search anymore. He’s on the Radio, under the influence all night, most every night. He has to sleep sometime, so what time does that leave for work?

So how does Steve manage to support that house he recently purchased in Eureka, CA (not a cheap real estate area!)? The utilities? The property tax? The upkeep? And everything else that owning a house entails.

Obviously, he’s getting money from somewhere, regularly, and quite a bit of it, considering his self-reported lifestyle! In fact, he seems to be getting enough of it to support what many would consider an affluent lifestyle.

His expenses now including a new web site: (which will probably wither on the vine {what a pun!} as does everything else in his life.

Steve is too young to be retired. He doesn’t seem to be disabled (other than mentally from the substance abuse).

Is he a ‘trust fund’ baby? Does some woman think so highly of him (yea, right) that she supports him? Perhaps his parents send him a monthly stipend to stay away?

Perhaps he has an eBay store? Does he sell something from a web site? Is he working for some kind of temp agency for engineers? Or is he growing herbs & organic tomatoes in his back yard? Must be some super herbs and tomatoes to bring in those kinda bucks!

If someone hears that Steve Wingate’s been busted for growing super-organic herbs in his back yard, oh, please, let me know. I need a good laugh.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I told you Trish Ray k4ze would...

I didn’t know exactly HOW she would RE-ACT to the recent fued with Bill Crowell w6wbj, but I knew she would; if in doubt, go back and check out the article titled, FLIP FLOP OR THE LATEST IN THE TRISH K4ZE SAGA, dated 11.21.06.

My guess would have been that she’d return to 3.765 begging forgiveness as she seems to need a group or person to hang her personality on. And she might yet!

It didn’t actually occur to me that she’d delete her site, change her email, and ride off into the sunset. However, knowing Trish for years, I should have thought of that. Isn’t that what most Drama Queens (of either sex) do, take their toys and go home? I wonder who she thinks she’s punishing. Certainly not me!

And a Drama Queen she is (just re-read her 'notice' of closure of her site!); remember this is the person that was so obsessed at one time with Art Bell w6obb, that she spent big bucks to travel to the Pahrump compound from Tennessee. When she went home, she bought radio equipment, strung a loop, and got a license! (Remember k4obb?).

Over the years, Trish has 'floated' though all the 3.840 venues and groups: BCW List, Fantastic Forum, Midnight Hams, Jim's Tuner Chat, HamFanz & others. Though I think, Trish was pretty much accepted everywhere she went, including the 3.840, and 3.765 frequencies, none of them were HER 'cup of tea'.

I think she didn't 'fit' anywhere because her interest wasn't really in radio, (or in any part of - though I think she 'played' a good game of pretending) but in Art Bell, w6obb. A telling sign of this is that when I spoke to her on air recently (a phone patch), she didn't even want to acknowledge that she'd once been a SWL, and a founding member of HAMFANZ. She kept sidestepping the topic whenever I tried to give her in public, her rightful dues. Perhaps, she refused to talk about it, because for her, that was a different person, a different persona.

My thought is that Trish really has developed no reality based 'holding' interest in HAM or HAM activity with Art Bell gone. Perhaps a few days, or weeks, away from ‘the group’ will clue her in that she’s made acquaintances, friends, and enemies in Shortwave, and she’ll start to miss them.

So I say, like I have about artie, Trish will be back, in one personality or another!

12.3.06 ADDENDUM 1:
Trish, at the moment, has decided NOT to sell ! This morning it is 'up' with a brief 'Holiday Message' on it.
Her 'personal page' where she claims to now be a 'web designer' (a la Carl Richardson kb5fjx ?) is available at Her Blog is also still available at , though not updated lately.
Perhaps, even less than 48 hours after having her temper tantrum, hissy fit, or whatever you want to call it, she's having second thoughts. Or has come to realize that she is hurting no one but herself?!

12.3.06 ADDENDUM 2:
Trish has now added (seems she changes it every hour) an extended Diatribe on which blames everyone but herself! Never once does she mention that SHE could have handled the situation with Billy better, or that SHE could be better at administrating her site!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Pimp kb5fjx, and artie w60bb’s, Cat

In the last few months, we have seen a number of pictures in Carl Richardson’s kb5fjx slot.

(And, sorry Carl, but if you post to ‘public domain’ sites, then the material is then in the public domain; so why don’t you quit posting stuff ALL over the net and claiming that it’s under copywrite??? Look up the info, it’s easy enough to find.)

We have seen ducks:

We have seen deer:
(By the way Carl, calling yourself ESQ??? Are you ‘high European royalty’ or a practicing attorney in the US? You really should check this stuff out BEFORE putting your foot in your mouth!)

And we have seen dogs:

So the question is: Where is Dusty the cat that you so obligingly took home from Art Bells Pahrump digs? You posted ONE picture of a cat sitting on a bed months ago.

I searched the web, found out some interesting things about you, and quite a few pictures. But none of the cat you adopted.

I think we would all like an update on Dusty.

Interesting Carl kb5fjx links: His My space Blog – where he claims his income is under 30, 000 then lists thousands of $$$ worth of photography equipment! (Sure wish I could budget that well!) Did your brother-in-law Art Bell buy this stuff for you? Since you have so much photography equipment, can’t you take a picture of one little cat???

A List of mA List of my equipment is as follows:

HP 310 Digital Used for proofs
Sony Alpha 100K Digital 10.2 MP
Minolta 800SI with vertical Grip
Minolta 700SI
Minolta 5000
Minolta 7000
Minolta 3000I
Minolta 2000I Flash
Minolta D314I Flash
Minolta 20 Flash
Sony 75-300 Lens
Sony 35-70 Lens
Vivitar 100-300 Lens
Prospec 28-80 Lens
Sigma 70-300 Lens

Where he posts messages regarding what a great friend artie is, among other things! A must read...

But back to Dusty; will someone tell Carl to take a picture and post it on Or to tell us how Dusty is doing on his web site

(Why is he on anyway, I’ve only heard him on air ONCE, and that was the night he was parked in arties driveway!)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flip Flop Or the Latest in the Trish k4ze, Saga

Admittedly, Trish k4ze has a long history of changing sides dramatically and often. She has a tendency to change allegiance more often than some of those grungy old HAMS change socks. And mostly, even knowing of this ‘womanly’ habit, we don’t usually see it coming. But I wonder, if this time, Trish is giving us some signs of still one more change of allegiance?

The other night, she spent some time on 3.765 with some of the ‘Little People’. She even recorded this and for a couple of days this recording was available on her web site,

It has since been taken down, as she adds and subtracts content to her site almost daily. A small audio clip of this exchange can now be found at:

Now this is really a complicated and multi-sided issue as:

1) Some are truly tired of Trish ‘switching’ sides at the drop of a hat.
2) Some don’t understand WHY she’d even want to visit, even for a few minutes on 3.765.
3) Some are unaware of her history (hell, sometimes SHE is unaware of her history!)
4) Some are expecting another ‘switch’, whatever that might entail.
5) Some could care less.

But, this time, I do have an opinion and observations on this (surprise, surprise) to that goal, let me recap:

Trish k4ze left ‘the little people’ on all their various frequencies to escape the ‘little dictators’, and there are many among that former Lord of the Loop (Art Bell w60bb) group.

At first, being newly licensed, Trish accepted being told by the ‘Little People’ what to do; which frequencies, and ‘approved’ HAMS, she could ‘associate’ with, both on and off the radio. Soon however, she balked at being bossed around as a condition of her acceptance in the group. Lastly, she tried to diplomatically instill some sense of ‘freedom of choice’ into the ‘little dictators’, without any luck.

Then came the day when the ‘little dictators’ chastised her publicly and privately, for content she had put ON HER PRIVAT WEB SITE! There was some thought that she should have first gotten ‘permission’ to post whatever it was!

That was it for Trish; she told all the ‘little dictators’ off and left in a huff to re-join what was left of the 3.840 group. She was welcomed with open arms, though she had to listen to many an ‘I told you so’. Trish settled into the 3.840 group whole-heartedly. And she tried; she truly tried, to be open-minded and accept the craziness that is now rampant on 3.840.

It didn’t take long though, before the honeymoon was over. In the first place, Trish likes to interact with other HAMS (aduh!); and these days it’s hard to find anyone on 3.840. And what HAMS are there are almost never there before 12AM PT, whereas in prior years, there were often people on air from 9 – 10 PM. Now, poor Trish often found herself with no one to talk too, a terrible thing to do to ANY woman!

The honeymoon was barely over, and Trish hadn’t even been kissed, before one of the HAMS that frequent 3.840, Bill Crowell w6wbj, fucked her up but good.

Bill Crowell w6wbj, deliberately put her in a lose-lose situation by posting socially unacceptable material on her . Material she was OBLIGED, just by current standards of common decency, to remove (I have seen the images-I can’t believe he did that).

When she removed the material, in typical Bill Crowell w6wbj fashion, he claimed that if he couldn’t do exactly what he wanted to do ON HER WEB SITE, then he wanted to be totally removed. What else could she do? She honored his request and removed him.

This leaves Trish in an uncomfortable situation on 3.840, there aren’t many there to talk to anyway. Is it any wonder she wandered down the band, before midnight, and had a pleasant conversation with the ‘little people’ there?

Oh My! What IS a girl to do??? Well, we will all have to wait to see what Trish is going to do next. But no doubt, it will be both interesting and entertaining...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

O.J. Simpson and Art Bell w6obb?

Today’s news is that O. J. Simpson has a new book out "If I Did It," published by ReganBooks, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. In this book, he apparently tells how he WOULD have murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, in Los Angeles, over a decade ago, in 1994.

Check out these current news page links for the full story.
CNN story
Yahoo story

As if that isn’t outrageous enough, there is a two-part television interview, titled "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened," which will air Nov. 27 and Nov. 29 on Fox. (Yes, I’ll probably be watching!)

What I’m wondering is if we will see a similar book from Art Bell w6obb, in about 10 years or so? He has books ghost written, he likes to be in the lime-light, and he likes to make oodles and oodles of money.

Such a book is not as far fetched as might be thought. Perhaps he will title it: How I set my Wife up for a Fatal Asthma Attack or I like very young Asian women!

The difference being that O. J. Simpson stood trial and was found ‘not guilty’. No charges have been brought against Art Bell. Though of course, we have no idea of what the Nevada District Attorney’s office might like to discuss, if anything, with artie.

After all, the Unites States DOES have an extradition treaty with the Philippines. So if the state of Nevada, really wanted him, they could get him. Though I do not think there is any ‘time limit’ on murder charges and they may just be ‘biding their time’.

However, they may be time limitations on civil litigation, should Ramona’s family wish to pursue a ‘negligent death’ lawsuit. And they should...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Around and ‘round they go on 3.840

Last night was what SWL is really all about, a bunch of people showing us their all! All the silliness, accusations, paranoia, personality defects, unrealistic expectations, and disappointments in each other ad nauseam! Far better than years worth of ‘Days of our Lives’!

Bill Crowell w6wbj apparently posted a pic to that Trish k4ze, (the owner of the site), felt was inappropriate to post. She not only removed the pic, but blocked his slot.

Billy took unsubtle umbrage and requested to either have his ‘slot’ removed from the page, or to leave the current pic Trish posted of him at about age 16 up forever. At the time, she honored his request to remove his slot. Then she demanded an apology from Billy w6wbj. (For what, I’m not quiet sure; I never got that straight in my head. Because he posted a pic many would find offensive but there were no rules against?)

After this, emails (to which I’m not privy as Billy, for whatever reason, dropped me from his private email list a few weeks ago) and phone calls went back and forth; the usual drill.

And it got worse from there with Billy w6wbj citing artistic license, and Trish claiming she needed to protect her website. And by the way, I was unaware that HAD any RULES. Wasn’t that why it was started in the first place, to escape the repression and censorship of ?

Trish k4ze might find it in her best interest to MAKE & POST some basic ‘rules’. I know I eventually had too, (though I disliked doing so – but kids will be kids, spoiling the fun for everyone else.) with all the HamFanz endeavors. Yes, some raged for awhile, but eventually...

On the other hand, it’s a known fact that Billy w6wbj, does NOT play well with the other kids. Many of the Hams have legitimately come to hate him (or so they say) such as Art Bell w6obb, and Big Ben kd7bcw. I don’t have enough fingers to count the numbers of groups, sites, he’s been kicked from. And when he isn’t tossed (like from HamFanz), he left the group quietly, whimpering that there were too many contentious and or just plain stupid folks there! (In other words, people that might disagree with him.)

Without much enthusiasm, having both been there and done that in many like situations, both the Rev n7js, and Gu ki6gu, got involved in the ‘critique’ of the situation – which went on to include Billy’s personality and life-style.

Gu ki6gu, and the Rev n7js, went on and on about how everyone would make a big deal out of this latest 3.840 disagreement for weeks or even months, that people were listening and recording. You know what? I don’t think so; someone else will do something stupid far sooner than that!

Late in the game Bill wb6bnq, entered, perhaps the only participant with a sense of humor (albeit a supercilious one) about it all.

The game closer was when Billy w6wbj, got back on air after listening to all of the above, and accused ki6gu and the others of picking on him. Oh my!

So, there was still one more big hassle on 3.840 last night. If you didn’t listen and want to, a recording can be found, titled “2006_11_13_W6WBJ_Im_Not_Going_To_Apologize” at: . Scroll to bottom of page; right click to download to your computer. Warning, contains ADULT language and stupidity!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Picture Proof of

The Brother-in-laws in moral decay; Carl Richardson kb5fjx, and Art Bell w6obb, unwittingly left tell-tale records of exactly when their involvement with the Philippine internet ordered brides began.

From Wikipedia
The amount of facial hair on a man's face varies from individual to individual, and also between ethnic groups. For example, men from many East Asian, West African or Native American backgrounds typically have much less facial hair than those of European, Middle Eastern or South Asian descent, with Native Americans typically having little to none at all.

According to the above links, one might ASSUME that women born and raised in the Philippines would insist their men be clean shaven. So the future brother-in-laws to be, shaved off facial hair that, in my opinion, greatly improved their looks. See the before and after pics below.


Here is the earliest published picture of Art Bell, sans mustache (and black shirt!). Note the date: 2.4.06, less than one month after Ramona died. Airyn must have let him know in video conferences that facial hair was unacceptable to her.

If anyone wanted circumstantial evidence of WHEN artie started getting serious about Airyn, well, the proof is in the pictures! (And dang! Why would anyone walk around looking uglier than they had too?)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yahoo Groups that may (or may not) interest you

Artie related groups:

1) artandairyn – is a new group started 4.06 in response to all the ‘congrats art’ callers to Coast to Coast AM and posters to various forums. This is a small group of mostly former artie fans that now aren’t! They don’t think art’s recent behavior is all that great. Sometimes days go by without messages, then a few will appear, usually in response to a Coast to Coast AM broadcast, or to something someone found on the net. You can find them at:

2) Disciples_of_JC – was started in August of 2005. So it’s not new, but not old. It has about three times the members that artandairyn has. Not many messages, but the files contain many JC audio clips and are worth grabbing.

3) IUFONEWS - An old group, founded in July 2001. Small membership, not many current messages. Notable in that you can find old messages from our very own WingNut, Steve Wingate k6txh, going back all those years.

4) artbelltalk – A ‘really’ old group, started in May of 1998. A ‘tightly moderated’ group, it was and remains one of the foremost artie ‘fan’ sites with over 600 artie fans. In recent years the group has focused more and more on the Coast to Coast AM broadcast, sliding easily into including Ian Punnitt, and George Noory, Coast to Coast AM guests, and subjects. It now claims to be based on the SHOW. Seldom an unkind word heard here!

Do a YahooGroups search on Art Bell and you will get 35 hits! Amazing.

Radio related groups:

1) Ham-Radio-History – Another old group, founded in 1998. Not many current messages (though it boasts a membership of over 600); approximately 100 per month, but the emails you receive are almost always of interest, if you’re a radio history/trivia buff. Files contain some great pics and texts.

2) Kent Nyberg’s list – a new list, started May 2004, with only a few members, and it would seem, currently inactive. But you never know when it will pop up.

3) It has been rumored that Steve Wingate k6txh, has a YahooGroup focused on UFO’s, but I haven’t been invited, nor have I found it!

Do a YahooGroups search on Ham Radio, and you will get 992 hits!
Do a YahooGroups search on HAMS, and you will get 2 -3 groups about breeding/raising hamsters!

And do you have any fav Yahoo Groups to add to the list?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Art Bell w6obb, is at it again

I actually get tired of reporting on arties antics, when there are so very many other HAMS saying and doing idiotic things to report on, but artie does such stupid stuff (very publicly). And The HamFanz Grudge Report readers want to know, so here he goes, again...

On , scroll down to the post of 10.23.06, where you will see the title: Art Bell Threatens Lawsuit Over Weblog Comments.

Apparently, Art Bell is now threatening Cadenhead with his ‘atty’ because of comments various posters left on the blog. Seems artie doesn’t like being called a murderer. (ahh, what’s that saying about protesting too much?)

While you’re there, be sure to read the entire series of emails between artie and Cadenhead:, well worth the read! Note that artie, though currently living in the Philippines is still using his KNYE email addie. The man just has NO class.

Wonder when artie’s going to turn his attention, and his ‘atty’ to The HamFanz Grudge Report?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Steve Wingate’s k6txh, Rants

By now I’ve heard hundreds of them, one too many in fact. Usually when it becomes apparent that he is again drunk (and yes, he is a drunk), I try to find another frequency to listen to, or just go to bed.

Sometimes, there IS no other ‘game’ on frequency, and I’m not sleepy. So I listen, as do any other HAMS on the band, till one by one, they give up and leave; or till Steve finally runs out of steam (or passes out), whichever comes first.

As most know, I believe in free speech, and freedom of expression. But Steve Wingate’s sexist, profane diatribe when he’s under the influence (which is most of the time) is neither. He continues even in the face of his peers asking him to ‘lighten up’, or trying to remind him that vulgarities (and that in no way describes what Steve says, especially about women) are not appreciated.

This is a ‘sick’ man; a 40 something, single male who is in deep denial about his ‘substance abuse’; a drunk in other words. And not even a common drunk, but a mean drunk, who needs to hurt others (with words anyway) with far flung, reaching brush.

He also seems to have a deep and abiding contempt for everyone (including himself) and everything. Even when ‘sober’, he does not play well with the other children...

I’m no teetotaler. I have nothing against Steve, or anyone else recreating with their drug of choice. But I do object to folks that inflict their illness on others (the keyword here is ‘others’) by spewing forth insults, sexist statements, profanity, delusions, typical drunk repetitions, loudness, rudeness, and demanding the total attention of those present.

Now I’ve certainly heard Steve on air when sober (which is all too seldom), and at those times he can hold up his side of the conversation, contribute, and even be witty. But always he remains in denial.

I think it is a tribute to those HAMS that stay on frequency, try to steer any current ‘Steve’ situation into an ‘un-explosion’. I think it’s a wonder that any of them still acknowledge, talk to Steve at all. Perhaps this goes to show how committed (pun not intended) some HAMS are to their hobby.

It’s obvious to all by now, that the FCC and Riley Hollingsworth are impotent; they have all the reality of Santa, or the Easter Bunny.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Richard Hoagland Does It!

And he charges 3.95 per month for entry into his ‘Enterprise Mission’ Discussion. Check it out at: Enterprise Mission

The HamFanz Grudge Report certainly has far more interesting things to say about REAL PEOPLE, folks that you actually know, than all that fanciful Hoagland BS about ‘faces’ on Mars and Cover-ups at NASA (which is not to say it’s NOT true; I just naturally question these kinds of things.)

The HamFanz Grudge Report is not even setting a minimum fee; you may pay what you can afford! Although I think Hoagland’s 3.95 per month is probably reasonable, considering what he is ‘reporting’.

Richard Hoagland is not the only one. All around the ‘net, folks are starting to charge for their various products and ‘services’. Sometimes direct sales pays for what you’re used to getting for ‘free’. But for most sites, advertising no longer carries the day.

I certainly ‘pay’ for things that even 5 years ago were free: AVG anti-virus, web-site hosting, and comprehensive stats being some of them.

So, get real, and get over it. Get used to it, and ante up! And if you really can NOT afford even one buck a month to read The HamFanz Grudge Report, please email and we’ll see what we can do...

Personally, I’ve given this ‘fee for service’ a great deal of thought over the past year or two. I’ve even consulted with others about it. I finally came to the conclusion that I’d rather ‘report’ and write for 3 people who felt it was worth paying for, than 300 that didn’t.

The HamFanz Grudge Report will continue, as long as there are 3 people out there who subscribe!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

HamFanz Grudge will be off and on line!

While setting up to be a 'subscription only' blog, there will be times when 'The HamFanz Grudge Report' will be unavailable as settings are being changed and tested. These periods could last several hours.

On 11.1.06 only paid subscribers will be able to read/post/participate. Please consider subscribing during this time. (There have already been 3 subscribers.)

More information on subscribing to 'The HamFanz Grudge Report' is available at

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Major Change in ‘The HamFanz Grudge Report’

Effective 11.1.06:
You will need to ‘subscribe’, on a monthly basis, to Read and/or Post to the HamFanz Grudge Report.

This can easily be done by using the PayPal Button on THIS page only! ANY amount of donation will get you ONE full calendar month of The HamFanz Grudge Report.

When I receive notice of your ‘subscription’, I will then put your email addie (that you used on PayPal-so use the one you want to ‘post/log in with!) on the ALLOWED list for one month. Unless you re-subscribe’ one month later, you will be removed until you ‘subscribe’ again.

You can subscribe on one month, and not another, your choice! If no one subscribes, The HamFanz Grudge Report will close, and that will be that!

All Original Materials on The HamFanz Grudge Report are the property of evvy garrett, and may NOT be reproduced, copied, emailed, forwarded, etc without my permission.

Comments by subscribers are the sole property of the poster and may NOT be reproduced, copied, emailed, forwarded, etc without their permission.

Those found ignoring basic copywrite laws will be banned from ALL HamFanz venues. Further copywrite infringements could lead to legal action.

Why the change to a subscription service?
• The HamFanz Grudge Report has been in existence for 21 months
• 127 articles have been written and posted
• Averaging 6 articles per month = approximately 6 hours per month
• Plus another 4 hours per month spent in administration activities
• The HamFanz Grudge Report gets about 1,500 hits per month = 250 reads per Article
• I am a professional writer, why should I not get paid for my work
• If people aren’t interested enough to subscribe, then it’s a waste of time

I may change my mind on this, but I doubt it! Comments are welcome!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Last Saturday night, on the Coast to Coast AM show, when Art Bell announced Airyn’s pregnancy, another of his statements caught my attention.

Art Bell said, (referring to his current wife Airyn Bell) and I quote “and she actually had a little bit of a problem. I rushed her over to the (unintelligible) Medical Center. They did an ultrasound. And she’s been taking it easy since then.”

Now, you can check an audio clip of this yourself. But that is what he said, word for word, on broadcast radio on October 7, 2006.

So apparently Art Bell IS capable of recognizing an emergency. He is 61 and has those years of adult experience. He was once a trained Medic in the Air Force. He worked as a 911 dispatcher at one time.

So the question is: Why didn’t Art Bell rush RAMONA to an Emergency Room when she was dying?? Just hours before Ramona’s death, they’d driven through Las Vegas; he could have sought help for her from any number of hospitals there. Or at least found an RV camp close to Vegas, knowing she was ill, rather than driving on to an isolated camp in a small community.

Art Bell taking his new wife, who was experiencing a non-life threatening emergency, to a hospital, and ignoring his first wife, Ramona, who was having a life threatening emergency, and indeed died, smacks to me of choice, perhaps even conscious choice.

Art Bell wants young, child like, Philippine’s born, and probably servile, Airyn to live (and retain her pregnancy).

He obviously didn’t want Ramona to continue to live, or he would have ‘rushed her’ to a hospital (as he did Airyn). Had he wanted Ramona to live, he would have sought immediate medical attention for her. He wouldn’t have had an asthmatic out roving around dusty desert roads in an RV while she was having symptoms of her disease in the first place.

I would hope to see criminal charges filed by the state of Nevada brought against Art Bell, the moment he steps foot back in this country, (and he will), at least negligent homicide. (Do we have ‘extradition’ agreements with the Philippines?) At the very least, I would like to see Ramona’s remaining family file civil suit for wrongful death, and I would think they could do that no matter in what country he was hiding.

I admit, I've held these views since the day Ramona died, have shared them privately only with a few others. I have been waiting for Art Bell to 'make a mistake, a slip' before I said anything publically; I think last week end, he did just that...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Art w6obb, and Airyn Bell Expecting

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, the very first thing Art Bell did was to announce the pregnancy of Airyn. He filled us in on all the gory details, more than most of us wanted to know:

-She’d gotten pregnant on September 13, 2006 during their three day trip to Hong Kong.
-That they were “hoping” she was pregnant, but the first home test (the totally out of touch with the ‘real’ world man seemed to think this modern test was only available in the Philippines) came back negative.
-But a week later, (last week) since ‘nothing had happened’, as he was broadcasting Coast to Coast AM, Airyn went to the drugstore and purchased another test, came home and ‘took’ it. (The idiot even told us HOW, by putting a little urine on the test strip. He must be the ONLY male who calls himself American who does not know this. And he must think WE are really stupid.)
-As soon as the broadcast of Coast to Coast AM was over, she showed him the test results (“two lines” had appeared) and they ‘jumped up and down’ with happiness.
-That if it was a girl, (and he wants a girl) they will name her ‘Asia’ because she was truly made in China.

If you haven’t already heard this ‘announcement’ I’m sure you will find an audio clip available through various HAMS and Ham Sites (Like HamFanz Yahoo Group).

The most immediately interesting thing about this news is that it proves artie a liar once again. Around the time of his marriage, he informed his ‘former’ friends that he had taken Airyn to a doctor and ‘got her on the pill’.

Some of the conversations going on in the email groups (posted mostly by women), were openly derisive, along the lines of:

-It is a wonder he didn't tell us what hotel they were in, and the hour... Smug old...
-I don't think he ever put much into being a father the first time.
-In a few years, Airyn could have two or three in diapers, including the father.

I did catch some of the HAMS on 3.765 shortly after Artie’s announcement, and the comments were short, and on the negative side. Similar in content to ‘there’s no fool like an old fool’, but it’s his life.

During the wee hours of the morning, the Real Folks of 3.840 (who had to move to 3.846 due to contesters), had some discussion of artie’s announcement, and a LOT of laughs. But the discussions encompassed many non-artie topics. There was a phone patch, compliments of Jim Watkins ki6gu. I called in, (more $$$ out of my pocket!) and I don’t remember for sure, but I think I pointed out that I made the ‘call’ on this ‘baby’ months ago...which I did, to many.

Now if all this isn’t enough to make you puke, or laugh, or both, do ‘stay tuned’ dear readers, and check back often, as the HamFanz Grudge Report has sooo much more to report regarding this latest Art Bell folly!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Melba Mac w7lw may no Longer be Melba Mac

Heard last night, on an unknown frequency as I was listening through smeter, and frequently changing receivers.

Melba Mac and wife are moving back to Boise, ID. They are going to rent, not buy.

Now, I just heard the last few minutes of his transmission, and he was not loud, and sounded ‘tinny’, unlike his former transmissions on 3.840 and 3.765. In fact, I did not even recognize his voice, but did ‘tune in’ to his ‘content’. So I’m probably missing info.

Seems like there are some health issues now, and they want to live ‘closer in’ to civilization. (My assumption from what I did hear.) I do not know if this move is just for the coming winter, or a permanent move. I do not know if he’s going to sell his Melba digs. So if anyone has further info on this item, please post...

It was absolutely great hearing him again (no matter how poor the audio)! And getting caught up on his life, his wife, his grandsons (he has them for the next 4 days), and his dogs!

Melba Mac w7lw, was always one of my favorite HAMS, since the first day (night?) of his arrival on 3.840. And he still is. He is an interesting person, has and does lead an interesting life. (Perhaps one I even envy: family, basic good health, financial stability, one long-term spouse, morality that he’s not afraid of discussing and living.)

My complaint about Melba Mac? Perhaps he’s too rigid. He tends to judge others too harshly, eliminating them from his life (radio that is), painting all with the same brush. He doesn’t seem to tolerate differences, ie play well with ALL the other kids, and obviously, takes his toys and goes to play elsewhere. Even his web site is gone, gone, gone. When he could be part of the ‘solution’, be a stabilizing factor, on ANY frequency. Not only our loss, but his (some of these nuts could help expand Mac’s personal ‘growth’.) And my guess is Melba Mac would be welcome on any frequency...

I am curious though, if Melba Mac now regrets his decisions to follow artie’s w6obb insistent suggestions to move ‘into the wilderness’. He spent all that time, energy and money on property, a pre-fab, digging wells, putting in drives, and trying to put up a loop. For what? And why – to emulate arties life style? Jeeze, if he’d have just waited, perhaps he could have purchased the Pahrump Compound at a bottom-line price...

(Hey Mac! We’re all still here! We like ya! And we didn’t go running off to Manila to remarry! Well, most of us didn’t!).

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

World’s Biggest Jammer w6wbj May be in a Jam

Hot off the wire! In an FCC Enforcement letter dated 9.20.06, copy to be found at the ARRL enforcement page, Bill Crowell is notified of intended action.

Bill Crowell w6wbj is, informed that because of complaints against his station, (n6ayj), alleging deliberate interference, the renewal of his license will be reviewed in a hearing to be held before an Administrative Law Judge in Washington, DC.

So perhaps old Billie was NOT out getting buff on his bicycle, as he’s claimed, but spending all his extra time preparing legal briefs and arguments? We’ve all seen how good he is at doing that, legendary even.

Wonder if he will actually have to go to Washington, DC, or if it will all be done via phone or video conferencing. Sure hope he’s going to seek permission to audio/video record that hearing so that we can all share. Though, as with any hearing, a personal appearance makes more of an impression.

On the other hand, knowing how SLOW the feds are to get anything done, we may all be over 80 before such a hearing takes place, or before there is a decision resulting from that hearing. Not to mention appeals, which I’m sure Billie is preparing as I write this Grudge Report. Anyone looking for Billie to lose his license anytime soon, is probably day dreaming...

However, March 12, 2007 looms closer every day though (the date n6ayj’s license expires), hearing or no hearing. And if his license isn’t renewed, will Bill Crowell walk away from shortwave radio as he claims he will do? (To the cheering from many a HAM, no doubt.)

I have heard Billie state on air, that all he has to do is go back to n6ayj, that it’s the vanity call w6wbj that is in question. This enforcement letter doesn’t ‘read’ that way to me; but then I’m not a lawyer.

This may be an interesting ‘game’ to watch. It was good when it was Crowell vs Hollingsworth. Surely it will be even better when it is Crowell vs the Feds.

Monday, October 02, 2006

HamFanz Site is Being Downsized!

There are several reasons for this. The main one being I am starting on a new book-length project (yes!), and doing booklet content for two other sites. I just don’t have the time to maintain the way it’s set up.

Other reasons are:
• No one is making donations and I just don’t have the funds to carry it myself.
• Participation and interest are down (that’s a whole Grudge Report in itself!)

I am (perhaps temporarily) removing the sections that are my largest time ‘eaters’. They are all items that are fairly easily to reinstate, if/when my ‘other’ projects allow me the time or get completed earlier than anticipated.

Knowing for two months that this was coming, in a final push of time expenditure, (I spent hours and hours and hours sorting, naming, etc) I posted all HamFanz Pics in a new Yahoo Photo Site Format You may go add comments (I may delete!) or tags to your pictures. Knock yourselves out!

HamFanz Yahoo Group remains as is, as does the HamFanz Grudge Report!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Real People Network, 3.840

is supposed to be seeing some live HAM action tonight as early as 10PM! But in caution, I must tell you that I’ve heard this story before. Still, it’s a rumor that only takes turning that dial to check out.

Or so I heard from a buff Billie w6wbj. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not personally KNOW that Billie is ‘buff’; I’ve never met the HAM, nor has he sent out recent pics!

(Could it be some HAMS like to see me jump through hoops to put out news on the HamFanz Grudge Report? If that IS the case, then I apologize dear readers, and promise to never believe anything this person tells me again!)

And yes, I’ve dubbed the 3.840 HAMS, the ‘Real People Network’ in face of the cutie names: The Little People Network 3.765 and 1.957, and even The Short Attention Span Network. 3.815. If you don’t like the moniker, post your alternatives!

But again, I digress!

I DO know that waiting to get on 3.840 till Jim ‘GU’ ki6ku gets home from work (as much as I like hearing GU), is just plain silly!

I realize that grandpa artie was a night person, therefore he drew other night people (of which I’m one myself), but I also know some HAMS are willing and available at an earlier hour and would enjoy the company of known pals.

Perhaps if some REAL PEOPLE were available on air to chat with, message, email oh, say, from 10PM on, to slide into the ‘night folks’ when, and if, they do show, then 3.840 would be revitalized (and without grandpa artie).

You don’t want to hear 3.840 transmitting nothing but band sounds? You don’t want to upgrade your license just to catch up with someone you know on the lower bands?

Then HAMS need to be on 3.840 when others HAMS drop in to listen and chat on a ‘routine and predictable’ basis. Once word get around that 3.840 is an ‘active frequency’ again, why, Real Peoples, anything could happen.

But I do believe it will take a concerted, planned, effort...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Is the World’s Biggest Jammer w6wbj back?

There have been ‘hints’ from various sources all week end that Billie ‘the Bill Collector’, Crowell, w6wbj, will back on 3.840 starting tonight.

But this unexplained ‘hiatus’ only goes to prove what an unreliable ‘show’ he is!

Apparently, he doesn’t think twice about leaving everyone ‘hanging’, HAMS & SWL’s alike. He doesn’t even say ‘goodbye’, or where he’s going, or why. In fact, I think he likes doing this, maybe it’s even planed? Perhaps such manipulation it gives him feelings of ‘control’.

Well, it remains to be seen, of course, if he’ll return or not. It also remains to be seen if he’s ‘lost his game’ or not...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

‘Little Mascot’

On air, on some ham blogs, in some emails, and on the talk is ALL about a ‘mascot’ for the LITTLE PEOPLE of 3.765 or 1.957, depending on the time of the evening you listen.

There are many items as well as real live pets entered in the good natured competition. Here I submit my entry: A ‘little brain’ that has been sitting atop my computer for many a year. And if those HAMS have any brains at all (little or big), they’ll chose THIS lovely item as their mascot!

By so doing, they can then claim that they have been given a brain, and therefore don’t have to continue on with only half a brain. The LITTLE PEOPLE will have their own ‘LITTLE BRAIN’ that surely will be more useful than the ones they are currently using!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

HAMFANZ PRESENTS: The 'Tard Section!

If you haven't noticed it yet, there's a new section at called 'Tards. Just follow the links, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Airyn Bell a Coincidence???

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Two old pics of young asian girls provided by Steve Williamson ki6bgi.

As George Noory on Coast-to-Coast AM says almost nightly, ‘There are no coincidences’. And I, for one, do not believe that Art Bell, finding Airyn on the internet was in any way a coincidence.

1) No matter what Carl Richardson kb5fjx, or HIS Philippine internet bride-to-be said, why would Airyn initiate contact with artie, a man whose wife had just died? Other than the fact of course, that Airyn was advertising herself as available as a potential Bride in ‘Foreign Brides eZine’ ID# 44726 where she had listed herself as a ‘saleslady’.

2) Why would Carl Richardson kb5fjx, give out arties ‘private’ email address without asking? Not likely as in spite of persistent protestations from both, they were NOT good buddies prior to Carl becoming arties pimp. At least there has been NO evidence of such. (Apparently, they are not now either. Nor were they on the flight there, as artie insisted that Carl not sit beside him!)

3) Then there is the not so small matter of the pics that artie w6obb posted to in the months preceding Ramona’s premature death. Another coincidence?

It is amazing that he thinks we are all so stupid that we would not remember him posting these pictures, or his on air comments regarding them. These are just two of the several pictures he posted. There are others, but these are the ones of the very young ‘Asian’ type girls he admits he prefers, the others are Caucasian women, and perhaps a little older.
4) So just months later, poor 40 something Ramona conveniently dies under more than strange circumstances. Within days, artie starts coincidentally, getting and replying to (that’s another thing, why would a newly bereaved man even open an email from someone he didn’t know when deluged by such, let alone reply?) from a young Asian woman, Airyn.

5) Why didn’t artie mention this perfectly timed coincidental email relationship with a girl who had been running an ad for a man on the internet, to ANY of his friends? (Friends at one time, though perhaps they are not now.) Or the subsequent video chats with Airyn which he must have been excited about. (And who paid for those, how did Airyn access a computer several hours a day, and where, and what about her ‘job’ as a ‘saleslady?) Still another coincidence, apparently she thought him great and wonderful!
These friends who were really worried about him and turned their own lives upside down by driving back and forth to Pahrump, or being constantly available to him in other ways, people who were in and out of his life trying to console and help him in any way they could? Would you feel the need to keep such a secret from those closest to you – unless it was a ‘dirty little secret’?

Quite a list of coincidences, huh? No, I believe, as George Noory does, that there are no coincidences, or at least that there is nothing at all coincidental about any of this!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

WARFA Fall 2006 Retreat

The WARFA Fall 2006 Retreat might be having some unexpected HAMS visiting for an afternoon; like Billie w6wbj, Jim ki6gu, Steve w6txh, Craig n7uqa, Jim n7js, and others. (Too bad artie w6oob, can’t fly in!)

HAMS were heard in the very ‘wee’ hours of the morn on 3.840, 8.27.06, making plans to attend the annual event ‘en mass’.

They might carpool to the gathering, then return to have a sleepover at Jim’s ki6gu Burbank apartment. (Now that's a retreat! Oh, to be a little mouse at THAT gathering, both of them. Hope everyone takes a camera!)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Airyn Bell: Marriage or Adoption?

Just when the behind the scenes snickering was starting to slow down (though not the revulsion most normal folks feel about this situation), a new thought appeared amongst the ‘chatter’.

I actually try to avoid supposition and conjecture, preferring to have at least two independent sources of information for each ‘fact’ I present here. But I consider rumors to reside smack in the middle of my bailiwick, and this one is a doozy. And funny at that.

The rumor that is going around? Did Art Bell marry or adopt Airyn? It is an absurd idea but perhaps one that must be considered, as we do not actually know Airyn’s age, we only know what artie told us, and we all KNOW how truthful he is! (Witness him stating on last week’s Coast to Coast AM broadcast that he did not meet Airyn on the internet. Does the man think none of us has ears, memories, or recordings?)

We do not know the legal age for marriage in the Philippines – it could be legal for a 12 year old to marry. (Yes, I know, I could spend hours of research and find the correct answer, but its moot isn’t it.?)

Art Bell ‘said’ he attended Airyn’s graduation during his first visit there, was it her grade school, high school, or college graduation? We have seen no pictures of this event. It is difficult to imagine a college graduate (of any country) being so intensely involved in playing the game of ‘Checkers’. It is not so difficult to imagine a dirty old man catering to a child’s interests.

Perhaps artie listened to the ‘jamming’ recording of ‘Babs & Dad’ one to many times over the years. (Want the url? Email Bill Crowell w6wbj.) Maybe Airyn is really just a teen! We SAW the pics of young Asian women he posted to well over a year ago or perhaps artie thinks we have forgotten that also.

I have also wondered, if Airyn’s family is so ‘rural’ and ‘poor’ as artie has claimed, how Airyn managed to pay for a higher education? How did Airyn have access to that computer that they supposedly used to video-chat for hours on end daily?

Even though a little time has passed, and artie is back to hosting Coast to Coast on weekends, (with VERY few female callers!) there are still a million unanswered questions. Those that pray, will pray for Airyn, and perhaps for the redemption of artie’s soul, if he has one. Ahh, but the witches, those sisters in spirit with Ramona; who knows what they are doing – perhaps promoting rumors among other things?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Seems I made HamCams again!

But I have to take issue with Mark k6fej! I HATE the snow, would never live where there was snow! I have the feeling that my power chair would not do well in snow and ice.

And I'm in no way a 'fan' as was depicted in 'Misery', would never do anyone any harm. I also do not look like Kathy Bates, she’s probably better looking as she has big bucks on hand for surgery!

In fact, I am not a HamFanz at all! I am merely an astute observer of the sublimely ridiculous personal lives some people put out over the public-domain short wave radio, with a predictable certainty.

The Fanz are all of you (you know who you are!) who STILL worship at the alter of the loop. Those that think it is perfectly fine for artie to go half way around the world to marry an almost-child (btw, we do not know how old Airyn REALLY is; we just have arties word for her age. And we all know how truthful artie is!).

Just the fact that most of you did not fall away from your radios in outright laughter when finding out that a 60 year old male 'icon' didn't know how to do his own laundry is further proof of the Fanz status of many of you. So, the quote on the Photoshopped collage should read "You Dirty Hams!"

And where it says "Send money or else!" It should read, "Send LOTS of money or else HamFanz will be gone!

Having said the above, that old adage is true: Even bad publicity is better than NO publicity! So a big ‘thanks’ to Mark Burnham k6fej, and Paul Bowman w7mag.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Karen w6so to Charles R. Larimore, Again!

Yep. It is so! Just go to and see for yourself.

I received this email today:

Effective 08-03-2006:
Karen E Larimore W6SO is now Charles R. Larimore W6SO
Please update your E-Mail Addresses.
Thanks 73,
Chuck - W6SO

This is the same person who just a couple of months ago requested that the call w6so be removed from HAMFAZ, as s/he just didn’t want to be involved with all that 3.840 stuff anymore, it just wasn’t his/her cup of tea!

Stupid me, I complied with the request. Usually I don't. But hadn't heard her/him on air much lately, so I deleted the entry. Guess now I will have to go put it back! If he/she is sending out this kind of email to the HAMS, then he/she is STILL a PLAYER.

I admit I am flummoxed. I was not aware that legally and physically one could just go back and forth between the sexes. Which is apparently what ‘Chuck’/‘Karen’ is doing.

It was only a couple of years ago that ‘Karen’ was really ticked off because someone (not me!) told artie that she used to be a he. This was after she had visited him at Pahrump, spent the night, etc. Artie was left with egg on his face because he had not known, though it is not his business.

The subject was all over everywhere, on air, on HAMFANZ (we STILL have net links in our files where ‘Karen’ posted to various news groups (and it was archived) about the surgery that made her a female from a male). Was this all a lie? A wishful fabrication?

btw, does anyone have any of those Karen as a 'blonde bombshell' pics she was posting, sending all over a few years ago? I would love to have them!

All I know is that Karen/Chuck definitely has balls (of one sort or another!), as it must be extremely difficult to go through these kind of changes. Especially in the ‘public’ eye of the HAMS, who tend to be extremely conservative, judgmental, and closed minded.

Though it also is none of my business, I would love to know the story behind this story!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Art Bell is back, again.

Art Bell is back, hosting Coast-to-Coast AM (again, again, and again)

Has ANYONE kept track of how many times he has ‘retired’ or ‘left’ the Coast-to-Coast AM radio show? It would be interesting to know the ‘exact’ number.

Even as my busy little fingers tap on the keyboard to write this, I am listening to Coast-to-Coast AM, with Art Bell w6obb, hosting. I listened last night also.

This, his first weekend back, Art Bell is doing an adequate job. His voice is in top form (if nothing else is). And, lordee, lordee, I have to admit, I am glad to hear him.

Does this somewhat minor event in the scheme of world happenings mean that ‘Art can have it all’? It would seem so. Art Bell SEEMS to have it all, except the ability to be his own person, have his own identity, and possess the normal, innate capability to take care of himself. In other words, it is obvious by now that this grown, 61 year old man, ‘needs a mommy’.

These all too public revelations of a personal and private void have been a sad, sad situation that we have all watched, (some on a much closer basis than others) so to speak. About as much fun as witnessing a bloody car wreck on the corner.

Of interest to me was what was NOT being said on this weekend’s edition of Coast-to-Coast AM! There are no more ‘personal statements’ ie “I’m so in love,” “I’m so happy,” “the people here are so great,” “Ramona is watching over me,” “I was so alone”, etc.

I wonder if Premier Radio and his close friend, Craig Kitchen, sat him down and read him the riot act, gave the jerk some basic rules to follow on air, in the hopes of saving face and career. It would be my guess.

In fact, there was NO mention this weekend by Art of Ramona, or Pahrump NV, or HAM radio that I noted. Though I didn’t listen closely the last hour of the program. Except in reference to his current effort to stop smoking when he said, “at home I was a chain smoker.” Does that mean he does not feel at home in Manila? Of course it does.

He also went through the routine again of only being allowed to smoke in the bathrooms in the new digs in Manila in a proud, bragging sort of way. Is Airyn Bell his wife or his mother (my guess), or his keeper? If I had spent as much money on my condo as Art Bell has, I’d damn well smoke anywhere I chose. He also mentioned the high cost of American ciggies there. What, he is no longer in control of his money (was he ever?), and can’t afford to buy a pack of ciggies now? (He must have dropped a bundle in past months.)

He also spoke of Typhoon Glenda in a nervous manner. Hey Art! There are no Typhoons in Nevada!

There was also no mention of his ‘good friend and brother-in-law’ Carl Richardson kb5fjx. The man that instigated this new marriage; got a free trip to Manila, and his own marriage paid for, out of it. Art has been mentioning him when on air.

Also of note is that Art no longer states that his calls are NOT pre-screened by a third party (as is every call to the other hosts on the show), something he used to take pride in. Proof of this is that of the 4-6 callers in the first hour of last night’s show; all were male, and there was NO mention of mail order (or email order) child brides. Were these calls shills?

Tonight, after the first hour of the show, there were 6 – 8 callers, all male. If this is not a set-up, then that ought to tell everyone something...

His guest on last night’s show was ‘iffy’ to say the least, certainly not a ‘name’ for his first night back. Art handled the guy as deftly as he usually does; he obviously has not lost his ‘host’ skills.

One can’t help but wonder how much of Art’s ‘status’ has gone down the drain, and how many ‘name’ guests will no longer be promoting their books and cd’s on Coast-to-Coast AM until Art either gets his act together, or perhaps they are so ‘turned off’ by his recent actions that they will never return.

Personally, for me, I know that a lot of the Art Bell mystique, flushed right down the toilet when he left the desert, the night, and stopped, pretending at least, to walk the talk. (I wonder what Art does for his own water well, solar collectors, food storage, and other ‘emergency equipment’ on the 19th floor of a condominium?) Though, in reality, I never did buy it, but it was a fun part of the show’s fantasy for many years.

Art Bell should just give up, he has made his bed, and he is obviously sleeping in it with his foreign almost child bride! Retire and let George Noory take over Coast-to-Coast AM fully (he does an admirable job).

Even if he returns to the desert with his new bride when she can get a visa, (There are many of us that believe he will do just that. We should get a ‘pool’ going; everyone picking a date.) it will not work. Art Bell has lost most people’s respect, on every level.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Rose by any Other Name

Except we are not talking sweet smelling blossoms here; we’re talking thorns! Imagine my glee when I noticed that one of the thorniest Ham/SWL groups around, the Midnight Hams have renamed themselves to ‘Ham Friends-Amateur Radio Community’.

Friends? To whom? Only themselves no doubt, as they as exclusive and reclusive as Ben’s BCW List. Obviously they still feel that they must keep out the people who have minds of their own! And by congregating in one spot like they do, the Thorny Hens unwittingly protect the rest of us from THEM.

Community? How can you be an ‘Amateur Radio Community if you do not accept new members? I did go to their site; it was the same old story, ‘only a moderator can set up new accounts’.

So why bother with the name change? As usual, my guess would be to prop up their self-image of themselves now that they do not have Art Bell w6obb, either on AM, or 3.840 to focus on. (Did it ever occur to them that artie might be back or that there are other reasons to listen to HAM radio at Midnight?) So is that ALL they were about, artie? Of course...

Instead of re-naming themselves though, they should have gotten together with Big Ben kd7bcw, and merged the BCW list and the Midnight Hams. That way they could call themselves something like, The Moral Hams! They could preach to each other, leave the rest of us who do not need ‘leaders’ to our own cogitation and decisions!

And they would have more members. Is having 10 posting members a community?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Is 3.840 Dead

Stan's group, usually on 3.815 is listened to most evenings in Jim's Tuner. Steve was on this freq before midnight last night. And conducted himself well I may add! Mostly because they are 'the only game in town other than...the Pahrump receiver permanently streaming 3.947

So basically, for online listeners, there are ONLY the two choices between 9p-midnight.

I would think that the 3.840 people, IF they wish to retain/regain listeners, are going to have to provide before midnight content, even if that means 'recruiting' more HAMS. (Hey, even artie often showed up briefly earlier in the night; he does know how to 'capture' an audience, HAMS or listeners!)

People who are listening to online tuners are INTO a group, it's conversation and dynamics, well before midnight. And often aren't likely to change freq. just to hear 2-3 HAMS, or someone tuning up, or jamming with music, on 3.840 maybe! Or listening to a lot of dead air, and hearing one HAM ID every once in awhile, in the hopes of a 'phone patch, that has been unprompted, and is therefore, an unknown.

And unlike earlier times, 3.815 often has HAMS on air well after the witching hour now.

If the 3.840 Hams wish to slip into anonymity, (and we are only talking about a handful of prominent HAMS here) they are going about it the correct way! If they do not, some leadership and planning is needed; inncluding paying attention to 'other' HAMS and listeners...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another HAM Hits the 'net with a Whimper

This one is a ‘log’ authored by Glen Thurman kn6z titled: The Little People Log.

It made its ‘little’ debut on 6.20.06. You can find it at:, or just go to HamCams and click on his picture, which is how I found the new log.

Though I enjoyed reading ‘The Little People Log’, there is much ambiguity and confusion here.

First, Glen states: “Only Little People make my list.” Well, what the hell does that mean at the top of a log? And what list? And aren’t ‘little people’ folks with small bodies, like Billy Barty? Or is this a misnomer and Glen really means ‘small minds’?

Then, I was surprised that Glen opened his ‘Little People Log’ with a famous poem of T.S. Elliot. What does this mean? It is confusing. Is Glen calling T.S. Elliot ‘a little person’? Is he suggesting that the ‘Little People’ actually will understand this much studied and complex verse? Does he think the ‘Little People’ will even recognize the famous bard’s name, let alone understand the multi-syllabic words without a dictionary in hand. Or the thoughtful meaning and symbolism of the poem? Is he challenging them to do so? Is his ‘teacher’ status coming to the fore?

Thankfully, here the ambiguity ends. Glen makes no bones about it, the new entity is a log, not a blog, which is fine by me as I enjoy reading all of ‘em. In fact, the straight reporting style of on air happenings (and Glen’s daily life), sans verbose meanderings, multi-links, flashing ads, and contentious replies, is refreshing.

But then, how can you object to a simple list of QSO’s and static reports? Though I am sure someone will, given time...

Glen also states that the ‘Little People Log’ is an experimental project and that he will probably tire of it. I hope not. Besides, it already has 266 hits. So go read it, fast! Before it’s gone.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

KNYE: Whisper Campaign

IMMEDIATELY after the posting on the HamFanz Grudge Report of the story, ‘KNYE Gets Needed Help’ on 6.1.06 (see the archives), a sneaky, underhanded, surreptitious, whisper campaign was started.

A few ‘key’ people were handpicked and fed a ‘rebuttal’ that was the total fabrication of one person. These ‘key’ people, trusting a fellow HAM, were then USED (and directed?) without their knowledge to ‘spread the lies’.

In this purposely derogatory and slanderous ‘whisper campaign’ Jim Watkins KI6GU, and Greg Sousa W6EZV, were made out to be deliberate and total liars. The documentation they provided, it was claimed, was just ‘Photoshopped’.

I was slammed, from all directions, as being a fool. I cannot begin to tell you how many emails, messenger messages, phone calls, and over the air comments, I received claiming that Greg Sousa, and Jim Watkins had duped me. That ‘they’ had ‘got me’ good.

***New pics of work at KNYE featuring Karen Jackson:

I knew better than that, and so I told everyone that contacted me, though I could not reply to the on air slander.

Neither Jim Watkins nor Greg Sousa had ever lied to me that I am aware of, even when we have disagreed on stuff (and that has been often!). Not only that, but over the years, both these HAMS seems to have had a penchant for ‘supporting’ the truth, whatever that may be. But mostly, I knew better because both of them have backed (in general, if not on specifics) the activities of the HamFanz conglomerate. So why would they want to ‘get me’? What would be the 'motive'?

Paul Bowman W7MAG, on the other hand, is a charter member of nothing but the Art Bell kiss ass society. Paul Bowman had (still has) a vested, monetary interest in the activities of Art Bell, W6OBB, (and probably lost a lot of business income when artie escaped the country). Paul Bowman has been arties Pahrump flunky for years. (As Big Ben Gardner KD7BCW, has been on the air and the internet.)

Indeed one can’t help but wonder what kind of ‘cut’ Paul is getting for selling arties’ stuff. And it’s been on my mind, ever since it occurred, just what artie might have said to Paul when Paul went to Laughlin, picked up artie after Ramona’s death, and drove him home... (Anyone have a recording of THAT long trip?)

Anyway, it was not surprising that I was able to track the ‘whisper campaign’ back to Paul Bowman, and it only took me a few days to do it. Now, it is quite possible that Paul was taking directions or ideas from artie about this slander campaign – this I have no way of knowing, unless Paul decides to do the right thing and tells us.

That Paul seemed to be at the bottom of this mess did surprise me somewhat, as Paul Bowman has for years represented himself as a ‘family man’, and has talked of going to mass on Sunday. If that is the case, I think he needs to put in an appearance at church more often!

Paul also had other options, rather than to try to smear the reputations of two fellow HAMS, and myself. He could just as easily have posted a rebuttal here on the HamFanz Grudge Report. Or joined the HamFanz list, ditto there, etc. He could have called or emailed me (I do not know if he was in contact with either Greg or Jim).

Paul Bowman could have told us all WHY it was so important for him that he’d lie, and set up a whisper campaign maligning several people that were only telling the truth as they knew it, or set up others to carry out his fraud. Or why this relatively innocuous information be kept silent. Want to tell us why, Paul???


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