Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Major Change in ‘The HamFanz Grudge Report’

Effective 11.1.06:
You will need to ‘subscribe’, on a monthly basis, to Read and/or Post to the HamFanz Grudge Report.

This can easily be done by using the PayPal Button on THIS page only! ANY amount of donation will get you ONE full calendar month of The HamFanz Grudge Report.

When I receive notice of your ‘subscription’, I will then put your email addie (that you used on PayPal-so use the one you want to ‘post/log in with!) on the ALLOWED list for one month. Unless you re-subscribe’ one month later, you will be removed until you ‘subscribe’ again.

You can subscribe on one month, and not another, your choice! If no one subscribes, The HamFanz Grudge Report will close, and that will be that!

All Original Materials on The HamFanz Grudge Report are the property of evvy garrett, and may NOT be reproduced, copied, emailed, forwarded, etc without my permission.

Comments by subscribers are the sole property of the poster and may NOT be reproduced, copied, emailed, forwarded, etc without their permission.

Those found ignoring basic copywrite laws will be banned from ALL HamFanz venues. Further copywrite infringements could lead to legal action.

Why the change to a subscription service?
• The HamFanz Grudge Report has been in existence for 21 months
• 127 articles have been written and posted
• Averaging 6 articles per month = approximately 6 hours per month
• Plus another 4 hours per month spent in administration activities
• The HamFanz Grudge Report gets about 1,500 hits per month = 250 reads per Article
• I am a professional writer, why should I not get paid for my work
• If people aren’t interested enough to subscribe, then it’s a waste of time

I may change my mind on this, but I doubt it! Comments are welcome!


Legal fine print:

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